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Badho Bahu 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal reprimands herself for not knowing how to make anyone agree to what she wants. Lucky comes there. She tries speaking to him but he explains that he cannot forget or forgive Pradhan Singh for all that he did to my father. I would have taken a step back if they had done it to me. I cannot sit quietly when it comes to father. She reasons that law should handle this situation. They will be punished right. He knows she is right. I won’t be at peace then. Don’t try to change my mind. Don’t say anything which will make me change my plan of action. She nods.

Jamuna ji instructs Payal to grind 2 sacks of grains. Payal is taken aback but her MIL stays put. I don’t know how you will do it but only you have to do it. You will stay hungry till the time you finish your task. Payal gives in reluctantly.

Vardaan brings Bharpayi to a snack shop. She requests him not to call her Bharpayi ji. He says I feel comfortable in that. She speaks in English asking him what he would like to order. She gives him choices. They settle for samosas (as he likes them). She orders for 2 samosas in one plate. They sit down on a bench.

Payal keeps staring at her MIL as she grinds the grains. Turn the fan towards me for a while. I am working so hard. Jamuna ji suggests calling police for the same. Payal gives up. Shankar leaves for Hisar to give an interview. Payal tries to seek his sympathy but he tells her to do whatever Ma says. I won’t say anything to her now onwards. He leaves. Jamuna ji advises Payal to hurry up if she wants to eat.

Vardaan picks up samosa but Bharpayi expresses a wish to feed him. He is not comfortable but she feeds him nonetheless. Kamla ji and Kailash ji are passing by from there in a car and fumes noticing them thus. She insists upon him to feed her also. Kamla ji decides to teach Bharpayi a lesson after fixing Pragya’s alliance asap. She might distract my daughter otherwise. Kamla ji asks Driver to drive.

Pragya complains to Teji about Vardaan. He failed me intentionally. I feel like insulting him the way we insulted Bhabhi. He offers her water but she scolds him instead. He too shouts at her not to drink then. She apologizes to him. I took my anger on you by mistake. I am actually worried about you. Did you speak to my parents about us? He lies that he tried but they were not at home. He smiles thinking they have already gone to fix her alliance. You don’t even know it! She asks him where he is lost. He lies to her that he is eagerly waiting for them to come home. She falls in his words and hugs him.

Bharpayi excitedly tells Komal that she came first in English class. They feed sweets to each other. I always wanted to study but I never thought I will come first. It is all because of Master ji. you also handed everything so well back at home. I will help you now onwards. Komal suggests her to continue her studies. Sit for 12th class. Bharpayi is hesitant but Komal reasons studies are important for people to become confident. I will speak to Vardaan about it. He will help you. Bharpayi thanks her. You are really nice. Komal asks about Pragya’s result. Bharpayi replies that she failed in her exams. Komal says it is ok. We all fail sometimes. Bharpayi again gives credit to Master ji for her success.

Lattu tells his mother how people have been taunting him. Payal asks him if he will keep his head in his mother’s lap and sleep. He nods. She sends him to her MIL to request for the same. Lattu approaches his Dadi who talks to him sweetly. we will be hungry if there is no grain. Will you stay hungry? Lattu denies. I cannot stay hungry. Jamuna ji suggests him to keep his head in her lap and sleep. Lattu nods excitedly. Payal thinks her son does not understand anything.

Komal gives lemon water to Lucky. He asks about Kamla ji and Tau ji. Komal shares that they went to see a guy for Pragya. Lucky calls Pragya a kid. Komal smiles. Our siblings will always remain kids for us. Ma is thinking about Vardaans marriage whereas he is still a kid for me. Lucky gets emotional. He shows a box full of Rakhi’s to her. Pragya has tied them on my hand year after year. I have kept them all safely. He relates the sweet memories to her. Once, Pragya told me about a boy who was teasing her. I beat him black and blue. Babu ji was called but I dint change. My sister is really grown up now. Last year, I promised her to tell me if anyone teases her again. I won’t spare him. I would also help her in case she likes someone. I would help him so much that no one would be able to do him any harm ever. I kept these rakhi’s safely as I love her more than my life.


Badho Bahu 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Kamla ji tells her family that she has finalised Pragya’s alliance. Pragya and Lucky seem discontent with the news but Kamla ji firmly tells Malti to tell Lucky to stay out of the matter. In his room, Lucky remarks that Tai ji and Tau ji can be wrong in their selection. What’s the guarantee that they have chosen the right person for Pragya? Komal points out that even their alliance was fixed by elders. He looks at her in surprise.