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Badho Bahu 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Someone rings the bell. Kamla ji stops Pinki from opening the door. Malti ji welcomes Jamuna ji who expresses a wish to talk to Raghubir ji. Malti ji asks her to come in. We will sit and talk. Kamla ji says God knows what’s going on in Malti’s mind. Malti ji apologizes to Jamuna ji for coming till here. Komal comes there but hides seeing them talking.

Malti ji tells Jamuna ji she is mistaken. Badho is really happy with wrestling. Jamuna ji speaks of Kamla ji but Malti ji tells her to forget what Bhabhi said. Jamuna ji says I have seen Komal saying she wasn’t interested in practising today. She was tired yet Raghubir ji asked her to come to Akhada. Malti ji explains that no one practised today. Jamuna ji is confused. I thought you dint like it that Komal wrestles. She might not be able to give time to her other duties. Malti ji speaks positively about Komal. She gives equal time to her wrestling and home. I have no problem with it. Keep faith on Lord and my husband. Don’t come between a Guru and disciple. I am sure he will do what is right for everyone including your daughter. I have seen the same willpower in your daughter. She gives her best to whatever she tries. She will go a long way. Komal smiles hearing it from far. Raghubir ji has heard their convo too and is happy / proud.

Jamuna ji gets up to go. Malti ji suggests her to let past remain past. Jamuna ji nods. Lucky joins them. He greets his MIL. Jamuna ji apologizes to him. Lucky makes her sit down. Such words don’t look good on you. What happened? Jamuna ji says I allowed Komal to wrestle but I dint think how much my decision could affect you. I want to rectify my mistake. I have decided that Komal wont wrestle now. Kamla ji smiles whereas Pinki is confused. Lucky holds Jamuna ji’s hand. Don’t think about the world. Tell me what’s bothering you? She says I know you have to go through a lot because of this. Lucky says who said so. She isn’t stealing anything. why do you think I will have any problem with Badho wrestling? She is doing hard work to learn something. If anyone has any problem with it, then bring him here. I will question him. She speaks about society but Lucky does not care. I wont stop Komal from practising. I will support her fully. Smile now. Jamuna ji smiles. Lucky says I only want to see you happy. Kamla ji and Pinki are miffed. Lucky excuses himself to do some work. Komal is overwhelmed.

Malti ji tells Jamuna ji not to think too much. Jamuna ji nods. You are right. It is better to forget the past. I feel so light after talking to Lucky. The best thing is that my daughter got such a good MIL, FIL and loving husband and a great family. I used to wonder how my daughter will be in her new home. I apologize to you for all such thoughts. Malti ji tells her not to embarrass her like this. I should apologize that you had to come all the way here. Your daughter is happy and will be happy only. We will take care of her. Jamuna ji leaves. Kamla ji thinks Malti dint do right. You will have to pay a big price for it. I will entangle you in this such that you will have to pay for a long time! I wont sit peacefully till I destroy your family. I will become No.1 by finish you!

Pinki shouts when Kamla ji mistakenly pinches her. Malti ji sees them. Pinki goes to finish some task. Malti ji asks her Bhabhi that as per her what she did just now might be cheating. I ignored whatever you taught me and went against you. I dint find it right honestly. My conscience wasn’t letting me live peacefully. I did what I felt was right. I know you are upset with me but! Kamla ji lies to her. You are mistaking me. I am not your enemy. You are my younger sister. Don’t embarrass me like this. Malti ji tells her to punish her. I am ready. Kamla ji says I made a mistake. Why should I punish you? I was doing all that for the welfare of your family. I was doing what I could. Pardon me. Malti ji says what you are saying. We are one family. This house is yours. we are yours. how are we different then? Kamla ji tells her to let bygones be bygones. Don’t make a sad face. I cannot see you like this. You are a good person. Smile now. Malti ji smiles. Kamla ji lies to her that she isn’t unhappy or upset with her. Malti ji goes to make tea for her. Kamla ji looks angry.

Payal paces worriedly. Jamuna ji enters. She notices something and asks Payal what this drama is. Payal has kept knife, kerosene and a hanging loop. Jamuna ji asks her if she has made plans to kill her. Payal says I am not mad to kill you. Even if you die, you will go and interfere in Badho’s happy life. Jamuna ji asks her if she has gone mad. Payal tells her to kill her. I cannot bear this daily. Kill me with a knife, give me poison or pour kerosene over me. Jamuna ji stops her. Keep all this inside. Payal refuses to keep them away till she tells her what happened at Ahlawat House. Will Badho continue wrestling? Jamuna ji shares that Komal will continue wrestling. Payal says why dint you tell me earlier. Jamuna ji says you dint give me a chance. Anyone would get scared seeing all this. I am no different. Payal says I too don’t want to die. Who told you Komal wont stop wrestling? Jamuna ji tells her it was Lucky who told her this. Payal gets thrilled. She dint cook dinner as she was busy make preps to die. Jamuna ji jokes that she will kill her now. Payal panics.

Kamla ji tells Pinki to do one thing. Pinki readily agrees. I can even die for you. Kamla ji advises her to become Badho’s satellite. Pinki laughs hearing her English. You mean satellite. Kamla ji nods. From now onwards, you will be Badho’s satellite and be with her at every point of time. You have to update me on every detail. Pinki assures her it will be done. Kamla ji says see what I do then. Badho’s wrestling will destroy this family! She takes tea from Pinki. Pinki stands there tensed and bangs her head upset.

Komal looks at Lucky’s photo and is emotional. She tells him she wants to say something to him. I have understood how nice you are. I want to thank you. He asks her for what she wants to thank him. She says I saw you talking to my mother. You gave her respect and spoke so nicely to her about my wrestling. I really liked it. You really are a nice guy. He nods. She vows to give her best to wrestling and make him proud. I wont sleep even. He asks her if she is done. I already know how nice I am. Can I now do what I came here to do? She nods and keeps looking at him sweetly.

Badho Bahu 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Komal asks Lucky to give her some special tips. He gives her tips on how to scare her opponent in tomorrow’s match.

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