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Badho Bahu 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sangram Singh says your son cannot do this. Championship is the only way out. Kamla ji knows her son cannot speak like Lucky. Championship is my last hope now. Sangram Singh suggests a solution to Kamla ji. Lucky wont play the game while Rana wont have to even play to win the match. Lucky will surely lose then. This way, we will be able to give a fitting reply to both Lucky and his father. Dope test will blacken Raghubir’s family once and for all. They wont be able to look at anyone ever. Are you in for this? She looks at him speechlessly.

Bua helps her husband climb up in her balcony. What are you doing here? He tells her he has been missing her. I think you don’t love me. She gets upset. He immediately apologizes to her. Why do you look so tensed? She tells him she wants to reunite the brothers and put an end to the championship. Badho had tried everything but failed. She has challenged me now. Sanjay says it wont be that difficult. They would have also fought when they were kids. Bua reasons that it was different back then. Rana used to be Lucky’s shield in the childhood. I recall there was a time when both the brothers got angry with each other and stopped talking to one another. Rana was cornered by some guys. Lucky saw it and started beating them. Rana joined him and they beat everyone together. They hugged and realised their strength. She thanks her husband for giving her a solid idea.

Malti ji has made turmeric milk for Lucky and Rana. Kamla ji distracts her for a moment and adds something in one of the glasses. She next offers to give milk to Rana herself. She picks the safe glass herself. Malti ji goes to give milk to Lucky. Kamla ji smiles.

Sanjay asks Chotto what idea he gave. Tell me. Bua decides to kidnap Rana. I will next tell Lucky about his brother getting kidnapped. Lucky will go to free him. This way the brothers will realise the importance of each other. It will be a fake kidnapping and no one would know who is behind it. He too likes the idea.

Malti ji gives turmeric milk to Lucky. He tastes it and calls it bitter. She tells him to finish it fast as it will make him strong. He drinks it reluctantly. Kamla ji watches him gulp it from outside and smiles victoriously.

Bua asks Rana if he is going somewhere. Rana shares that he was going to give blood sample for dope test. Bua lies that Pinki and Pragya’s car broke down on the way to the temple. It is stranded. You should go there. He agrees to go after giving his blood sample.

Rana and Lucky give their blood samples. Kamla ji asks doctor how much time the reports would take. Doc shares that it will come in an hour. Kamla ji is amazed at how much science has progressed. Malti ji agrees. She asks the boys if they are hungry. Rana leaves from there. Chotto Bua gets ready to implement her plan.

Kamla ji calls Sangram Singh. I think we will get to hear good news soon. Doc took samples of the boys and said that we will get the report in a few hours. Sangram Singh says the report’s decision is also the decision of elections. Raghubir’s destruction will also begin with it. Kamla ji instructs him to bring reporters with him when the report is brought to the house. This news should not just be restricted to our house or Sirsa. Everyone should know about it. They enjoy getting clicked wearing medals. I would enjoy when they would be insulted. Sangram Singh agrees to fulfil her wish.

Som and his brother put chloroform on a kerchief to make Rana unconscious. They take him with them. This should look real.

Raghubir ji asks Kamla ji why reporters came again. She says they always stay alert. They would have come to know that the report is about to come and came here! Raghubir ji asks for Rana. Bharpayi shares that he went outside for some work. Raghubir ji tells her to arrange tea and snacks for everyone. Doc gives report to Raghubir ji. Iron Man Authority rep is also present here. Raghubir ji reads Rana’s report. It is clear. Kamla ji says why open Lucky’s report. You only have trained both the boys. Everyone trusts Lucky already. I don’t think it is needed. Sports Authority rep insists upon following the rules. Please read the report. Raghubir ji’s hands begin to shake as soon as he reads Lucky’s report. Lucky rushes to his side seeing him collapsing on the sofa. Everyone else is puzzled. Kamla ji does thumbs up to Sangram Singh. Lucky checks his report. He is stunned to see his report. It states that my result is positive meaning that he has failed the test.


Badho Bahu 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky calls it wrong. Sangram Singh says Lucky crossed his limits while trying to become Iron Man. Reporters report the news right then. Decision of Sports Committee is awaited.

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