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Badho Bahu 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Raghubir Ji Leaves Ahlawat House!


Badho Bahu 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Lucky and his family challenge the decision but Raghubir ji claps. I want to know if Panch’s have any other alternative than punishing him? I don’t think you would have one. It is painful that whenever someone took a step against your orthodox views, he always got punished! You would know that Raghubir is one of the names of Ram ji. Thousands years ago, even he was sent on exile. Today I have been banished! Amazing! Remember that the day isn’t far when development will happen here and your orthodox views will die before it.

I am ready for my punishment. Kamla ji stops Raghubir ji and acts before everyone. I kept myself away from this decision as I am a family member but I would have to take this decision as a Sarpanchni. As Raghubir’s Bhabhi, I too have decided to leave the villagewith him and my entire family! Panch’s start talking amongst themselves. Kamla ji cries that she wont let Raghubir go alone. Raghubir ji tells her to drop it. He walks out from there. Malti ji holds her chest and falls down. Everyone gets worried. Kamla ji thinks you (Raghubir) made me beg you on my knees to stay back. See how I planned to throw you out of here!

Malti ji asks her husband to take her along too. I wont be able to stay without you. Lucky and Komal also say the same. Raghubir ji tells them to understand that he is the culprit. I should be punished. I am more pained than you. Malti ji refuses to listen to anything but he insists. He turns to Lucky. Now Komal is your responsibility. You have to make her win the District Level Match. Lucky tells him he would need him. Raghubir ji tells Malti ji to keep reminding them that they have to win this match. She shouts that she needs him for that. Why don’t you understand? He wipes her tears. Everything will be fine. He takes his bag from Lucky.

Raghubir ji steps out of the house with his family following him. He shakes his head at his wife gesturing her not to cry. She touches his feet teary eyed. Komal holds her. Raghubir ji tells Komal that there are many people here who would want them to give up on wrestling. You both don’t have to give up but to fight. He turns to Lucky. People would think bad but we will succeed one day! My blessings are with you. He takes his bag from Lucky. Take care of your mother and home. Lucky is in tears. Raghubir ji leaves. Kamla ji acts to be sad but then smiles at Pinki.

Jamuna ji thinks I told Komal that wrestling broke my family. Now the same has happened with your family! Pragya brings medicine for her but Jamuna ji refuses to take medicine. I am done. Pragya knows she is sad because Raghubir ji left the house. Jamuna ji blames Komal’s wrestling for it. Pragya tells her not to say so. It isn’t Badho Bhabhi and her wrestling which is responsible for it. Did you forget how much happiness it has brought in the house? Just support her and her decisions. Everything will be fine. Just take your medicine now. Jamuna ji holds her hand. You reminded me of my husband. He always said that we should always become each other’s support in time of trouble. We must not fight. Pragya gives her medicine. Vardaan stops noticing them together. Pragya tells her MIL to rest. Call me if you need anything. She nods. Pragya looks at Vardaan and then leaves quietly.

Lucky is unable to stop himself from thinking about what just happened. Komal tells him not to worry. Everything will be fine. He denies. So much has happened in this house before but what happened today with Babu ji cannot be overlooked. She nods. She lists down all the problems that have come their way since the beginning. But now only good things will happen. I promise you of that. I will fix everything one by one. Will you support me? He promises to support her at every step if she is sure she will be able to make it possible. I promise you. she says my training is with Loveena ji in the evening. He tells her they have done enough of that. She hasn’t done anything other than wasting your time. Komal decides to teach her a lesson first. She has cheated us. I will train with you after that. He asks her about it. she tells him it is time to pull out the first thorn out of their way. Just have faith. He keeps his hand on her shoulder. she holds it back firmly.

Vardaan looks at Pragya. Why are you acting and till when will you continue it? She asks him why he is saying so. He warns her to take his name from her mouth. You lost it long back. You should stop acting to be the ideal DIL in front of my family. Maintain distance from my family. I am capable enough to take care of my family. You don’t have to do it. You will be out of me and my family’s life soon. It would be better if you make your distance now itself. My family will find it difficult to get over you. I am sure it wont be a problem for you though as you are talented enough. He leaves. She cries. Please forgive me. You can say anything to me but please don’t point fingers at my relation with Ma ji. I really care about her. Please forgive me.

Malti ji is crying in her room. Kamla ji and Pinki sit beside her. Kamla ji acts to sympathise with her. I don’t like seeing you cry. I was helpless. Malti ji says you too were there. Kamla ji lies that she was helpless before Panch’s. I am crying from inside as I couldn’t do anything for Raghubir. Pinki adds that she would have been the only person supporting Raghubir Babu ji anyways. It wouldn’t have changed the decision of majority. Kamla ji nods. She assures Malti ji she is with her. I know what you should do. Finish the problem once and for all! Stop Komal from practising. It is costing everyone badly. Raghubir ji got thrown out of his Akhada and Lucky has to stop practising too! You are the only one left now. Komal can only be tamed by you as she does not listen to anyone. Pinki seconds her. Kamla ji again blames Komal’s wrestling for everything. Raghubir ji would not have to leave the house if she hadn’t stopped wrestling. Don’t know what all she will make us see! Malti ji agrees with her. Komal hears her.

Komal gives water to her MIL when Malti ji tells Komal they have seen really bad days because of her and her wrestling. Listen to one thing. You must stop practising stealthily after today!


Badho Bahu 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Payal tells everything to Kailash ji. He gets angry with his wife. Kamla ji acts to be remorseful and ties a noose on the fan using her dupatta. Rana holds her. She acts before her husband that she could not save Raghubir ji. Balwinder advises Loveena to injure Komal in such a way that she will be on bed rest for the next 2-3 months. Loveena is about to implement her plan when someone walks up to her angrily (maybe her Guru who Loveena was earlier telling Komal about).

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