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Badho Bahu 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Malti ji demands for an answer from Komal who stands there quietly. Pragya firmly tells everyone that this marriage holds no meaning for her. I don’t want to spend my life with Vardaan. I love Teji ji and want to spend my life with him. Rana asks him if she has lost her mind. Be thankful that I spared his life. You too were at fault. We would have hung his dead body on the road otherwise. He shouldn’t be seen anywhere in Haryana or I wont spare his life. Pragya insists that she does not consider this wedding a wedding. Kailash ji makes it clear to her that she is now Vardaan’s wife. You may or may not like it but this is the truth. I will kill you if you take any wrong step. Pragya asks Lucky if he can see how she has been forced in this wedding. You know I love Teji ji and wanted to marry him only. Please talk to everyone including Sarpanch ji. Tell him to get me out of this wedding. You too dint want me to marry Vardaan. Lucky supports her and requests the elders but in vain.

Chotto Bua asks a saree seller why he is selling saree’s in Haryana when no women in Haryana wears them. The seller shares that young girls love to follow fashion. She thinks to buy something for Rana and Lucky’s wives but does not know their choices. She asks him to follow her to Ahlawat Niwas along with everyone else. He complies.

Pragya walks up to her mother. Please save my life from getting ruined. Kamla ji gives her a tight slap. She is about to fall but Vardaan holds her. Kamla ji says your mother is dead for you from today onwards. Don’t call me mother after today. You lost this right today. We gave you so much love and privileges in the society where women are given no privilege. We wanted to marry you off in a wealthy family so you stay happy there but you only insulted us in return. You cheated everyone as well. You ran away with the clothes and jewellery. You still expect me to forgive you? Forget it. You thought I will marry you with that Teji? I would like you to realise your mistake. Bear the brunt of your mistake. If you think you will die after doing all this then I will make sure you will live and bear the consequence of your mistake! You will not be able to escape it. Malti ji requests her not to say so. I accept that Pragya made the biggest mistake of her life. Who will support them if we wont? They are our kids only. Raghubir ji seconds her. It would be wrong to disown your own daughter in such a situation. Komal too requests her to forgive Pragya. Kamla ji tells Pragya to stop crying. I am not going to melt seeing your tears. She keeps another condition before Malti ji and her family. you will stay out of our business or I will forget the relation we share.

She next tells Pinki to tie Pragya and Vardaan’s gathbandhan. Pinki does as told.

Chotto Bua stops once again. The vendors are worried as to what she saw now. One of her BIL’s points out that she dint buy anything for her brothers. She replies that it is time for them to give her something instead. I don’t have to give them anything. Let’s go to Ahlawat House. People wonder what she is hinting at.

Kamla ji announces that they both should be thrown out of the house. You must not show me your face or I will kill both of you. Get lost! Vardaan asks Pragya to come. Pinki makes Pragya follow Vardaan. Pragya cries looking at the house. Kamla ji tells Pragya to stop. You are not alone in this. Badho is also a part of this. She too will be punished for her misdeed. She cannot live in this house anymore! She too will have to leave the house! Vardaan folds his hand silently to seek forgiveness but she stays put. Raghubir ji reminds her that Komal is the DIL of this house. No one can take this right from her. She will stay here only. She has always been treated as the daughter of this house. Kamla ji insists that she ruined her daughter’s life and got her married to her brother yet you are supporting her. Does my daughter mean nothing to you? He explains that pragya is his daughter too. Komal got her married to Vardaan to save her life. Kamla ji doesn’t mind if Pragya had killed herself instead. Malti ji is taken aback. Kamla ji says this wouldn’t have happened if you had controlled your DIL. Entire village is gossiping about us. Raghubir ji refuses to send Badho away. Kamla ji too refuses to live under the same roof with Badho. We will leave this house today itself!

Komal requests Kamla ji not to go anywhere. This is your house. Kamla ji tells her not to act too sweet. You can stay in this house with your MIL and FIL. We are leaving the house. Pinki thinks Ma ji has ruined everything. We too will have to go with her this way. She has messed up everything! Kailash ji seconds his wife. We will leave this house for once and for all! Malti ji asks them how they can do so. Kailash ji stays put. You can stay with your Badho. We will leave right away. Rana too offers to go with his mother. Come Pinki ji. She gives in reluctantly. Kamla ji points out that it is decided now. Come. She begins walking towards the main door followed by her family members. Malti ji asks her husband to stop them. How can they leave the house? Komal and Lucky request him as well. Pinki hopes someone stops them or it will be difficult to return once they step out of the house.


Badho Bahu 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghubir ji promises Kamla ji things will happen as per her wish. Just don’t leave the house. Kamla ji keeps a condition that Komal will not stay in this house anymore. Komal accepts the condition. She looks at Lucky but he looks away.

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