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Badho Bahu 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Badho Bahu you will watch you will watch Komal shouts in pain. Lucky helps her. Malti ji complains to Kareena that she never wished that Komal marries her son. Do something if you can but don’t let anyone find out anything. Kareena assures her she will do everything. The work will be done without bringing anyone’s notice to it! Stay tune with us for more written updates.

Malti ji gives Lassi to Lucky. He enjoys drinking it from her hands. I will massage your head. she sweetly denies. he says I know how worried you are since last few days. I see everything. She replies that she cannot see him worried. I am helpless though. She cries. If I said anything wrong in this situation then please don’t take it to your heart. He tells her not to say so. It isn’t so. He thinks a mother forgets her problems also when it comes to her kids. She loves me so much.

Raghubir ji meets Jamuna ji on the road. He gives her sweets. She says I spoke to Malti Bhabhi and came to know Komal got hurt. I thought to meet her. He is taken aback as he does not know anything about it. She tells him how she fell on the stage and got hurt. He offers her to come with him but she shares that Komal is sleeping at the moment. I will come tomorrow. He assures her they are with Komal. Don’t worry. She nods. A mother worries in any case. He nods in agreement.

Kareena has been waiting outside but runs inside hearing the sound of car’s horn. Raghubir ji sees her. Where are you off to? She shares that she is going to the well where Komal is washing clothes. He says she got hurt. Kareena nods. She fell from the stage. I asked her to give clothes to Choti Mami ji but I just came to know she is washing clothes. I am going there. He goes with her.

Komal cries in pain as she washes the clothes. Raghubir ji hears it. She tells him she is fine and will come after completing her work. He asks her why she isn’t taking rest in this condition. Kareena says even I was telling you this. You should have asked Choti Mami to do it. Raghubir ji asks Komal to be honest. Did Malti ask you to wash them? Komal declines. I came myself. He asks her when she woke up. You were sleeping, right? Komal shakes her head. Raghubir ji thinks Malti is too much. She lied to Jamuna Bhabhi. He takes Komal inside with her.

Malti ji gets up to get hot chapatti for Lucky when she notices Raghubir ji coming there with Komal. He sends Komal to her room to rest. Raghubir ji asks Malti ji what he said to her before going to Punjab. She fumbles which angers her. Lucky is stunned. Everyone gathers there hearing the commotion. Malti ji repeats what he had told her. Raghubir ji asks her how Komal got hurt then. Malti ji says she got hurt because of her own mistake. What’s my mistake in this? Lucky seconds her. It isn’t such a big issue. Ahlawat ji asks Raghubir ji what the matter is. Raghubir ji says I gave a small task to MAlti before going to Punjab but she couldn’t do it. Don’t know how she got hurt in Punjab. No one thought it was necessary to tell me! Malti ji says it is my mistake as I dint tell you. I apologize for that. He says for a minute I agree you aren’t at fault for her condition but there is no forgiveness for the way you are treating her. She is wounded yet you are making her wash Kareena’s clothes. Can you not feel her pain? You are asking her to work instead of telling her to work! You did everything to make Komal give up wrestling. I dint say anything to you back then but what you have done now makes me feel you have turned in a stone. She requests him to hear her. Ahlawat ji too tells him to listen to her but Raghubir ji is very angry. She told Jamuna Bhabhi that Komal is sleeping. She lies! Lucky interrupts him. Ma and I aren’t lying. Raghubir ji advises him to stay out of this argument. This is between your father and mother. Malti ji cries. Lucky leaves from there in anger. Kamla ji advises Raghubir ji to drop the matter. The mistake has already happened. Raghubir ji refuses. There is a limit to everything. I am ashamed of what Malti has done! Hope it doesn’t happen that you (Malti) do such a crime which cannot be accounted for. You aren’t that Malti anymore who I married 25 years ago! You cannot be that Malti as she dint know how to lie, cheat or plot! You not just broke my trust but my heart also. I dint expect it from you! Change for good. Ahlawat ji tells her not to cry. I will speak to Raghu. He tells his wife to take care of Malti. Pinki offers to get water for Malti ji but Kamla ji advises her to leave Malti alone for some time. Everyone leaves.

Kareena consoles Malti ji. I cannot see you crying like this. If you have to take the matter forward then crying wont help. Malti ji says my husband trusted me with one responsibility but I couldn’t live up to his expectations. Kareena says I have noticed Mama ji takes too much care of Badho Bhabhi. Malti ji says I told you you wont know as you are new here. You will understand everything soon. Kareena nods. Mama ji looks at everyone differently when it comes to Badho. Malti ji says it isn’t new for me. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t understand all this. I only understand my husband is upset with me for something I dint do! You know what happened there. I have to make him see the truth. Help me if I can. Tell me what I should do!

Kareena says there is a way with which you can pacify Mama ji. Malti ji is ready to do anything to pacify him. Kareena says it isn’t easy. God knows if you would be able to do it or not. Malti ji insists to know. I am ready to do anything. Kareena says only Badho Bhabhi can help you in seeking apology. Malti ji gives in. I will do that also right now even if I have to be insulted. I will do anything. Just help me pacify your Mama ji. Kareena agrees. She gives a lep to Malti ji to nurse Bhabhi’s wounds. Mama ji should also know how much you take care of his favourite. Malti ji agrees. Kareena smirks.

Lucky is taking out his anger on the punching bag. Kareena thinks it is the perfect time to strike as the iron is hot!

Badho Bahu 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kareena tells his brother to take out his anger on the punching bag if he wants to. See what’s happening in the house. Lucky sees his mother applying the lep on Komal’s wounds. He vows to bring out Komal’s true face before everyone!

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