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Badho Bahu 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Zalim Singh Is Smitten By Titli


Badho Bahu 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 20th March 2018 Episode Start With Lucky comes home and gets to know about Komal’s absence. He gets upset.Zalim Singh watches Titli argue with a shopkeeper and stops to just stare at her. A broad smile appears on his face. He walks up to her. By mistake, the shopkeeper make Titli wear the garland and holds his ears in an apologetic manner. She tells him to be careful. She is surprised to see Zalim Singh. Zalim Singh says nothing can happen to you till I am here. She takes his leave.

Titli apologizes to God. You know I am super hungry. I know you are happy seeing your kids happy. I will eat the Prasad after offering it to you. The lady standing in front of her steps back and collides with Titli because of which her puja thaal falls on the ground. Titli tells her to be careful and begins to argue.

That lady tells Titli to dress like a girl atleast. Titli tells her to leave instead. I am already fed up. Don’t bother me anymore. She gives Prasad to Pundit ji. She folds her hands in reverence and tells God that she has become too short tempered. I am missing my friend Lucky. Just send him back. It will be fun then.

Lucky is upset that Komal dint call him once before leaving. I told you that I want to see you the moment I am back yet you left! He calls her but the goons pick the phone. They don’t pick it. Lucky throws the phone away irked. Pinki smiles seeing him thus.

Zalim Singh asks that same lady if she did puja. She nods. I am upset. The girls these days talk non stop and rubbish. I am going downstairs. Come down once you finish your puja. He wonders what happened to her. Zalim Singh notices Titli and smiles.

Pundit ji says this girl looks different than the rest. Kamla ji says this isn’t anything new. Pinki ends up praising herself. Kamla ji asks Pundit ji to find a groom for Titli. Pundit ji gives them some photos but no one likes any of them. They tell Pundit ji they are in no rush. Take your time. Pundit ji agrees and takes their leave. Kamla ji thinks they are not able to find any good guy for Titli. Don’t know till when I will have to hide Badho just to become number 1.

Teji comes to Pragya. She asks him why he seems all tired. He tells her that he went to buy pakodas for her. I got tired. She says Vardaan ji gets his work done by standing in sun all day yet he does not get tired. He asks her to bring chutney but she tells him she does not like aloo pakodas. He also asks her to bring a cup of tea along with a plate. She nods. Teji mimics Pragya.

Pinki collides with her MIL. Kamla ji scolds her. Pinki diverts her attention to Komal. Lucky was so eager to meet Komal but I made the goons send a message so that Lucky wont go looking for her. Kamla ji is pleased.

Lucky tells Jitesh he enjoyed the training very much. Jitesh says I got bored. Titli says the same. Titli and Lucky shake hands and talk about his training. She tells him she wont sit peacefully till she teaches a lesson to Pradhan and her son. Jitesh says we should have named her tigress instead. Lucky too wants to do the same but he is afraid that it might create a problem. Titli assures them they will plan it well. Lucky thinks Komal wouldn’t have let him do any of this. She isn’t here so I will do what I feel is right.

Malti ji finds Komal’s kit in the cupboard and checks it. She holds the tracksuit. Komal had to go through so much since she came in the house but she never retorted to anything. You wanted to wrestle but I was against it! I fought with your Babu ji but you dint say / do anything in reply. Don’t know what stopped me from seeing the good inside you. You always increased our respect. I could not get a better DIL than you. Don’t know when you became my daughter from DIL. She wipes her tears and keeps the bag back in its place. She looks at Komal and Lucky’s marriage photo. I am upset with you Badho. Who leaves her home for so many days? You know I don’t like staying here without you! Come soon. this house is so empty without you. She is keeping the photo back when it falls down and the glass breaks. She panics.

Lucky asks Titli what she wants to do. Jitesh gets excited too but Titli tells him to keep himself safe. He asks Lucky to say that he will come along but Lucky seconds Titli. Stay here and keep guard. Jitesh agrees. Tell me the plan atleast. They discuss the plan in mute. Lucky decides to implement the plan. Badho can come and stop me if she wants.


Badho Bahu 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Titli and Lucky cover their mouths and attack Pradhan and her son. Pradhan is in Lucky’s grip but Pradhan’s son catches hold of Titli. Payal tells Vardaan not to hide it from her. I know you like Pragya and still love her very much. He looks at her in surprise.

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