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Badho Bahu 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky walks up to Komal and holds her hand in front of everyone. He kisses her on her hand. Chotto Bua smiles whereas everyone else looks shocked. He thanks her for doing all this for all of them. Pinki asks Lucky if this was the only time he could kiss Komal. Malti ji also asks him if he isn’t ashamed. Your elders are here only. Don’t you care? She asks her husband to speak up but Raghubir ji keeps mum. Kamla ji and Kailash ji also reprimand them. Chotto Bua asks them what Lucky has done. He isn’t teasing a random girl on the road. She is his wife and this is his home. I am impressed with the way he said thank you to Komal.

Raghubir ji gets Sarpanch ji’s call. He is shocked to know something. They are right in front of me. Kamla ji wonders if she will get caught. He ends the call. Raghubir ji shares that one of the guys from election committee passed away. The results will be announced tomorrow. Kamla ji heaves a sigh of relief.

Komal decorates Chotto Bua’s room with candles and flowers. Chotto Bua is surprised. What’s all this? Komal says it is your first night after all. Bua says I married 15 years earlier. Komal says so much good has happened in my life, our lives because of you. She counts them all. Chotto Bua teases Komal on the kiss today but Komal covers her face feeling shy. She thanks Chotto Bua and takes her leave. Sanjay enters just then.

Komal gets Vardaan’s call. He shares that he is now a CA. She is overjoyed. Really? How can I thank you on phone? I will come to meet you personally. He tells her to come later as it is too late. She agrees. I pray that you succeed in everything. He ends the call. Say my hello to Lucky ji. She agrees.

Komal comes to her room and finds Lucky worried. He tells her he is worried for the elections. I feel something is wrong. She tells him not to worry. I am certain Babu ji will win. If not, we must remember what he has taught us. We must not forget what all we have. We don’t need anything else. He nods. Unity is strength. She shares that Vardaan is now a CA. He too is joyous. He gives her a gift to give to Vardaan. She is surprised to see it. He says I know it is very important for me but I am really happy for Vardaan. Give it to him on my behalf. She agrees. She also kisses him on his hand to thank him for what he did in front of everyone today. He smiles shyly.

Komal comes to her Bakriawal Home. She meets everyone happily and hands him the gift Lucky gave for him. He politely refuses it but she insists. This seems too expensive. Komal tells him to be quiet. This watch is really special for Lucky ji. He bought it with the money he got from his first Dangal. You have now become a CA. Everyone will address you as Sir. He accepts the gift. Please thank Jija ji from my side. She blesses him. She exchanges pleasantries with Pragya. Jamuna ji goes to bring sweets. Vardaan asks Pragya to keep the watch safely inside. She takes it. Payal goes to talk to Komal. I heard that Rana won the Iron Man Championship this time. Pinki must be flying. Komal asks her why she is so concerned about it. Payal tells her to call her if Pinki does anything wrong. KOmal assures her it wont be needed. Jamuna ji gives her sweets. Komal leaves.

Ahlawat Family waits anxiously for the election results. Sarpanch ji comes just then with the committee members. Sangram Singh nods at Kamla ji. Pinki whispers in her MIL’s ears. Hold your breath. It is time to announce the decision. I don’t know if you have played your last card or not. Kamla ji recalls her last convo with Sangram Singh. She had stealthily left from her home last night. Committee member calls it a historical election. Raghubir ji got 35,499 votes. Flashback shows Kamla ji and Sangram Singh putting nominations stealthily at night. A guy advises them to leave asap as some of the committee members are coming for a surprise inspection. They leave from there in haste. Kamla ji thinks I did every possible thing to make my husband. Let’s see what happens. Komal smiles thinking of how many efforts they put for Raghubir ji. Malti ji is sure her husband will win. Committee members announces that Kailash ji got 35,502 votes. Kailash ji has won by 3 votes.

Everyone claps for Kailash ji. He is announced the new Sarpanch of Sirsa village. Komal and Lucky are in complete shock. Kamla ji’s family is thrilled. Everyone congratulates Kailash ji. Komal notices Lucky’s unhappy face.


Badho Bahu 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji taunts Raghubir ji. She demands that Raghubir ji should give his turban to Kailash ji. Lucky opposes it. I don’t find it right. Komal explains that a turban cannot decide his merit. The tree, which is laden with fruits, can never go empty. Raghubir ji makes his brother wear the red turban.

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