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Badho Bahu 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Loveena Gets Exposed!


Badho Bahu 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 21st December 2017 Episode Start With Malti ji telling Komal that they have seen really bad days because of her and her wrestling. Listen to one thing. You must stop practising stealthily after today! Malti ji tells Komal to wrestle that to before everyone. You will also win the medal. It is not just mine but your Babu ji’s dream too. You will practise and win. Komal agrees to fulfil this wish. Babu ji taught me that time tests us. I should focus harder this time. I will work hard and bring the medal home. They share a hug. Kamla ji and Pinki look at each other angrily.

Payal decides to bring Raghubir ji back home. It is still not too late!

Kamla ji says it will be too late if we don’t do anything right now. Pinki is clueless as to what they should do. Kamla ji suggests her to use it sometimes so it does not rust. I am unable to understand how I will tell my husband everything. He will be super angry!

Payal decides to tell Kailash ji everything. He should be angry on his wife for how Raghubir ji was thrown out of the house! He would see everyone’s faces and understand that something is wrong. He would then not spare his wife as she was the Sarpanchni on his behalf while he was away! He will bring his brother home at any cost!

Kamla ji thinks of a plan to divert her husband – our lives! We both will have to sacrifice ourselves. Pinki asks her what she means.

Kailash ji and Rana enter. He shouts everyone’s name. Payal sees them. She prays to God to help her and greets him. She walks up to him teary eyed. Raghubir ji asks about everyone and his brother. She starts crying. He asks her what happened. She tells him that Raghubir ji has left the house. He does not stay here anymore. Rana and Kailash ji look at her in disbelief. Payal shares that he was banished from the village by Panch’s. Kailash ji gets angry. What rubbish are you saying? She relates everything. He demands to know why no one stopped his brother. Where was Kamla at that point of time? She dint do anything? She was Sarpanchni in my absence! Payal points out that she only was the main culprit. She brought Bakriawal’s Sarpanch to our house. Sangram Singh told him everything about the ban on his coaching. Matter aggravated. Knowing Raghubir ji, he accepted his punishment and left the house! He got punished for doing that he loves so dearly. We don’t know if he will ever return or not! Kailash ji gets angry with his wife. Why wasn’t I informed when so much happened in the house in my absence? I told Kamla to think well before making any decision. She took such a big decision against my brother and dint even bother asking me! He shouts Kamla and heads to his room.

Pinki ji and Kamla are acting. Kamla ji has tied a noose on the fan using her dupatta. Rana holds her. Come down. She acts before her husband that she could not save Raghubir ji. I don’t want to live anymore. Pinki says she isn’t listening to me. Kailash ji asks her if she has gone mad. Kamla ji says I fell so weak as a Sarpanchni. I couldn’t do anything to stop Raghubir ji from leaving the house. I should die. Poison Pinki the moment I die. How would she live without me? Both of us are at fault here. Pinki holds her head in shock / despair. Kamla ji says I became a Sarpanchni for a day and so much happened! I got to die! Kailash ji tells his son to get his mother down. Tell her to stop this drama. She asks him if he forgave her. He replies that he hasn’t. I am going to look for my brother who you threw out of the house! She continues to act before Rana.

Loveena is practising. Balwinder asks her if she got tired so early. she denies. I am fed up training Badho incorrectly. She is not ready to give up. Can you believe that she was continuing her training in Bakriawal? He tells her to relax. Continue training her incorrectly. She might get some injury during that. She is confused. he explains that some injuries happen normally while some are created. You know the rest. Injure Komal in such a way that she will be on bed rest for the next 2-3 months. You just have to use your brain a little. She smiles. There is a reason behind why I like you after all!

Loveena and Komal start their practise. Kamla ji, Pinki and Malti ji look on. Malti ji encourages Komal. Loveena decides to send Komal on a long holiday. She is about to implement her plan when a guy calls out her name angrily. Everyone looks at him in surprise as he walks up to them with Lucky. It is her father. He asks her if she got scared seeing him here. I came at the wrong time right or you would have broken her leg? She tries saying something when he scolds her for misguiding Badho. I dint teach you wrestling for this! You became her Guru but couldn’t fulfil your responsibility as a Guru. I will never forgive you for this! Komal says we are quiet since many days but I want to bring the truth before everyone. Loveena ji is training me wrongly since the beginning. Lucky ji and Babu ji have already noticed what her father saw today. I was blind that time. She never wanted me to win. She wanted to see me lose. I realised it the day I fought with Babita ji. After the match, she walked up to me and told me that I am being trained wrongly. I dint have proof though so I asked Lucky ji to bring her Guru ji here. I wanted truth to come out in open. Loveena’s father is hurt by Loveena’s act. You have given me great Guru Dakshina! I felt so proud after training you but you broke my trust! You will be punished for this. I will never see your face again. Your Babu is dead for you! She calls him babu ji but he tells her to be quiet. He apologizes to Komal on Loveena’s behalf. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t trained her. komal tells him against it. you only did you duty. You dint know that your disciple will misuse your training. Loveena’s father appreciates on her upbringing. It will take you way ahead in life. It is important to be a good human being along with a good player. My blessings are with you. May you be successful. He leaves without paying heed to Loveena. Loveena looks at Komal pointedly.

Malti ji advises Loveena to leave the house if she is even a bit ashamed of what she did! Don’t dare to look at my house or kids ever again! Loveena again stares at komal. Lucky nods at Komal.

Loveena is all set to leave. Balwinder tries stopping her but she tells him she will come back to take revenge from this Badho. She separated me from my father. She got saved today but not even God will be able to save her next time. I wont let her dream come true. I will also participate in District Level. He asks her if she is alright. You are a National Level Player. She insists upon snatching her Babu ji from her. Everything is fair in love and war. I will make sure I succeed. He says this is what I like about you. You are not alone in this. I am with you. This is my promise.


Badho Bahu 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kailash ji asks his brother to come with him but Raghubir ji refuses. He tells this at home. Komal says he might not be here but his blessings are with me. I promise to fix everything very soon. I wont spare all those who will come in my way! Kamla ji gulps.

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