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Badho Bahu 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 21st February 2017 video watch online on 

Prem gives last award to the couple who are made for each other. They have helped me a lot. I will always be indebted to them. It goes to Iron Man of Haryana i.e. Lucky and Komal. Komal excitedly claps her hands. Her handcuff gets revealed. Everyone is shocked to see the same. They begin to gossip about it. Lucky asks Komal if she doesn’t have brains. She apologizes to him. I went with the flow. She still takes the award from Prem because of which Lucky gets pulled with her. Komal tells Prem she really enjoyed the party. They turn to go when Inspector comes there. Everyone looks at them worriedly. Inspector says they are not criminals. Haryana police wanted the Iron man of Haryana to spend some quality time with his wife. There is nothing else. Another Inspector says we came here directly after knowing you are here. Did you get into any trouble? Lucky sarcastically asks him if there should be any problem with her (Komal). Komal says it was minor. Inspector apologizes for the delay. He frees them. Komal makes a sad face. Inspector drops the key. Komal says even Dinkar (Constable) isn’t here. Lucky tells him to be careful or someone will get in trouble again. Komal says or in love. Lucky insists. Inspector leaves.

Prem asks Rana about the handcuff incident. Rana relates everything. Prem says this is why I wondered why they were wearing dupatta in hands and are walking so close. They deserve applause. Everyone claps for them.

Vardaan isn’t sleepy. He smiles thinking about Pragya. He writes her a text but then deletes it.

Komal thinks to call her mother but it is too late. I will call her tomorrow. she looks at the award. Lucky tells her to keep it aside. You are looking at it since you came back. She nods. he tells her to sleep as they will be leaving early morning. I don’t want any problem. Leave this trophy here only. Don’t take it with you. she nods but then looks at him through the trophy.

Next morning, Teji is headed out when Raghubir ji calls out to him. Teji greets him. Raghubir ji asks him why he is in such a rush. Teji says Mata ji told me to drop Pragya and Bharpayi to class. Raghubir ji says I still don’t know where you stay. Teji says I stay here only. Raghubir ji asks him if he thinks him to be a fool. I have taken a decision. You will work with me from today. you will accompany me wherever I go and will observe whatever I do. You wont say anything. You will only listen. Teji agrees. Shall I drop Bharpayi and Pragya? I will be back soon. I will then do whatever you say. Raghubir ji allows him. Teji thinks to do something.

Lucky and Rana thank the organizer for calling them here. He thanks them back as they are the inspiration of kids. Lucky says they are very talented at such a young age. Kids aspire to be like Rana and Lucky. Rana says you are already strong. You will beat us. They take their leave. Rana and Lucky think to go to market.

Teji asks Vardaan if he can attend his class today. I was waiting outside. There is no limit to education. Vardaan allows him. Bharpayi and Pragya smile. Vardaan’s senior (owner of the tuition class) asks about Teji. Vardaan says he is my friend. The owner says he cannot sit here like this. Vardaan says he will leave after the class. he wont come back. Owner says he dint pay the fees. Pragya speaks in Teji’s favour. It is just the matter of today. Owner stays put. I started this coaching class to earn money. I am going out for some work. He shouldn’t be here when I return. Teji wonders what to do now. I am stuck from every corner.

Kamla ji looks at the newspaper and is shocked (she does not know how to read it though). She calls out to everyone and shows them the news article. Ahlawat ji looks at the article.

Payal reads out the article to Jamuna ji. Jamuna ji is thrilled.

Ahlawat ji laughs reading the article. Kamla ji asks him to explain the article. I want to know what’s in it. He tells her about the Valentine’s Day Party in Hisar. We got two awards that were given in party. Lucky and Komal won an award for best couple in the party. Rana and Pinki got the best dressed couple award. Malti ji looks upset. Kamla ji notices her thus.

Payal and Jamuna ji discuss the article. Payal goes to make kheer to celebrate the day. Jamuna ji is very pleased to see the article. She prays to God to keep Lucky and Komal together like this only. Thank you very much.

Kamla ji excitedly welcomes Pinki. I am so happy to know you carried yourself so well and won the award. Pinki gets tensed but Ahlawat ji says we found out from the article. Kamla ji notices the new bangles in Pinki’s hands. When did you buy these? Pinki shares that she bought them with the money Babu ji gave for their trip. Kamla ji notices bags in Komal’s hands. You too did some shopping for yourself. Komal denies. I brought gift for everyone. They are not for me. Ahlawat ji says I gave you money to buy something for yourself. She nods. I thought to buy something for everyone so everyone is happy. Ahlawat ji praises her on her thinking. She thinks about everyone. Pinki tells her MIL that she bought these bangles for her only. Wear them. Kamla ji tells her to wear them. They look good on you. She asks Komal to give her gifts to everyone. They see the gifts. Komal gives a packet to Malti ji as well who accepts it unwillingly. Ahlawat ji thanks Komal for the gift. It will suit me really well. Kamla ji nods. It is beautiful. Right Malti? Malti nods unhappily. Ahlawat ji tells Lucky he did good by taking their wives with them. Entire Haryana now knows there cannot be a better couplet than you. Pinki makes faces while Komal smiles.


Badho Bahu 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal is getting ready for wrestling. Ladies remind her that it is Mahashivratri. Wont you keep fast today? She says she will do both the things. She leaves for the practise. Everyone returns from the practise except Komal. Raghubir ji goes to look for her. He finds her sleeping and says I will punish her following the rules of Akhada now!

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