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Badho Bahu 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Malti ji asks her husband to stop them. How can they leave the house? Please stop them. Komal and Lucky request him as well. Pinki hopes someone stops them or it will be difficult to return once they step out of the house. Raghubir ji gives his swear to his Bhabhi. You cannot leave this house. This house is yours. You are the pride of our house. I fold my hands before you. Please agree to what I am saying. I will do whatever you will tell me to. Things will happen as per your wish. I promise you. Just don’t leave the house. Kailash ji nods at his wife who heads back inside. Kamla ji keeps a condition that Komal will not stay in this house anymore. She has ruined my daughter’s life! She will never step foot in my house after today! Komal accepts the condition. I accept it if you feel this is just.

Sad song plays in the background. She seeks Raghubir ji’s blessings. She looks at Lucky but he simply looks away. She heads towards the main door teary eyed followed by Vardaan and Pragya. Her marriage and other memories flash before her eyes. She remembers Lucky’s promise and gets sad.

Vardaan prays to god to do something so no one has to leave the house. Whatever is happening is wrong. My Didi doesn’t deserve it.

Payal’s mother comes to meet her. Payal asks about the runaway bride. Her mother shares that Pragya married a young guy. I don’t know who he is. I only know he is a Master. He doesn’t belong to Sirsa though. Payal doesn’t mind. Pragya will be known as runaway bride all her life now. Jamuna ji joins them. Payal’s mother shares that Pragya ran away from her house. Jamuna ji asks her if she isn’t ashamed. You are a woman and you are speaking ill of another woman. I request you not to discuss such matters in my house. Ahlawat Family is our relative now. I wont hear anything against them. payal’s mother agrees and leaves. Jamuna ji tells Payal to finish the work. Payal keeps wondering who this Master would be who agreed to marry a runaway bride. Vardaan must know who it would be!

Komal is about to step out of Ahlawat house when all the vendors enter. Chotto Bua enters with her BIL’s. Komal and Vardaan look on curiously. Chotto touches everyone’s feet one by one. She notices Komal and recognises her. You are Badho Bahu, right?

Shankar comes home. He has brought sweets as he has got a job. He feeds sweets to his mother. Jamuna ji thanks Lord for the same. Payal too opens her mouth but Shankar does not feed her. Jamuna ji thinks to share the good news with Komal.

Chotto Bua asks Badho to come in. You are the younger DIL of this house, right? Come inside and bring water for me. Komal stands rooted to her place lost. Chotto Bua says I know everything about you. I am Raghubir Bhai and Kailash Bhai’s younger sister. I am your Bua. You are not ready to budge from your place! Go inside and get me water please. Why are you staring at Kamla Bhabhi? Do as told. Komal tries to say something but Chotto Bua stays put. Whatever was happening here is useless. Do as I say. Komal nods and goes inside. Chotto compliments Pragya. She has grown up but why is she dressed as a bride? She notices everyone’s expressions and understands it. She asks Lucky to explain everything to her. Lucky touches her feet. She tells him to start from the beginning. Lucky relates everything to her. Komal brings water for Chotto Bua. I have heard a lot about you but you broke your own record today. Komal tries leaving but Chotto tells her against it. you wont go anywhere. Kamla ji tells her that it is decided. Badho will have to leave this house. Why are you saying this when you know the truth now? Chotto Bua says no decision has been made. Komal is not going anywhere. She will stay here only. Epi ends on Komal’s shocked face.


Badho Bahu 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji says Badho has insulted entire family and has hurt me. You have no right to speak in between. Chotto reminds her that Badho is the DIL of this house. If I let her go today then you too will have to leave the house!

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