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Badho Bahu 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Badho Bahu you will watch Kareena tells his brother to take out his anger on the punching bag if he wants to. See what’s happening in the house. Lucky sees his mother applying the lep on Komal’s wounds. He vows to bring out Komal’s true face before everyone!Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

Lucky is taking out his anger on the punching bag. Kareena smiles seeing him thus. You can take out your anger on this punching bag but you don’t care as to what’s happening in the house! You don’t know what games your wife is playing. See for yourself if you don’t trust me. Lucky goes from there.

Malti ji comes to Lucky’s room. Komal tries to get up but Malti ji advises her against it. I brought lep for you. Komal offers to apply it herself but Malti ji insists. She applies it on Komal’s hands. Komal assures her she will put it on her feet but Malti ji refuses to hear anything. She applies it unhappily. Lucky sees his mother applying the lep on Komal’s wounds. Kareena fills his ears against Komal. No one can say she is so smart. She used her innocence to get her FIL insult her MIL. Now she has forced her MIL to take care of her. Amazing! Lucky hits his hand angrily on the wall. She advises him to make his heart stronger as he will get to see his mother getting insulted daily! Lucky walks away in anger followed by Kareena.

Raghubir ji sees Malti ji taking care of Komal. Komal covers her feet. She tells him Ma ji isn’t at fault for whatever happened. Don’t say anything to her. I request you. It was entirely my fault. Don’t be upset with her. He agrees. Komal thanks him. Do you need anything? He tells her to rest. I came here looking for Malti. He tells his wife he has some work with her. Don’t cry. Come with me. Malti ji goes with him. Komal prays that they both stay happy together. I don’t like it if they fight.

Lucky comes to the temple room. Kareena asks him if he trusts her now. Badho is not going to change. She is so smart. How can she let Choti Mami apply lep on her feet? Lucky agrees. You opened my eyes. I can see how this Badho changes colour. I wont spare her now! Kareena smirks. He looks at the temple and extends his hand to take a vow before Lord. I, Lucky Singh Ahlawat, swear that I will unveil this Badho’s true face before everyone. She is trying to hurt my family repeatedly. You are right. She isn’t a good person. She has become too arrogant. I will break it and break her. I will make sure she is not capable to even look at the mirror. I will make her yearn to talk to anyone. I will show her real Dangal! It is my promise. Kareena agrees to support him in every step. I trust you. We will bring out her truth together before everyone. Lucky nods and goes.

Next morning, Komal comes downstairs looking for Lucky. Raghubir ji asks her why she is up so early. Did Lucky allow you to wrestle again? Komal shares that she had been getting up this early since a long time now. It has become a habit. He nods. You can go back to sleep. She denies. Today is such a special day. He agrees. You cannot sit quietly today. Do whatever you wish to. Komal nods.

Ajay and Jitesh tease Teji. There are so many rumours about him. He loves to play Holi. Teji remembers what had happened on Holi and warns them both not to talk about this. Rana separates them all. Raghubir ji comes there. Everyone seeks his blessings. Raghubir ji asks for Lucky. Rana shares that he isn’t here till now. Raghubir ji looks at his watch. Maybe he does not value time anymore. I will bring him. Rana requests him to let it be tonight. It is a very special day for him. Scold me or punish me on his behalf. Don’t bother him today please. Raghubir ji is pleased with his love for his younger brother. He tells everyone to start practise.

Komal comes outside to give aarti to everyone. She gets nostalgic recalling her practise. I will make you agree very soon. One day we will fight in this Akhada together. Raghubir ji calls out to her. She gives Prasad to everyone. He tells her to give it to Lucky too. She shares that he isn’t inside. I thought he must be here. Raghubir ji denies. He dint come for practise today. Rana wonders where he is then. They all go inside to check. Malti ji asks them what happened. Raghubir ji says I thought Lucky is sleeping but he is nowhere to be seen. Malti ji too wonders where he is. Ahlawat ji asks for Lucky. I have to wish him. It is his birthday. Raghubir ji replies that this is the problem. No one knows where he is. Ahlawat ji asks Komal if she knows. She shakes her head. He wasn’t there when I woke up. Malti ji says he has never done it before. Plus it is his birthday today! ahlawat ji asks Kareena.
Flashback shows Lucky and Kareena talking. He vows to teach a lesson to Badho but she reminds him it is his birthday tomorrow. What has she done to you! He blames Badho for messing his life. She says we should decide what you will do tomorrow. We cannot let her ruin your special day. I will make the cake. You will cut it but it will be she who will enjoy it. He gets an idea. She will celebrate only when I will be here. Don’t tell anyone you know. There will be no celebration if I wont be here. She wishes him Happy Birthday in advance. Flashback ends.

Kareena shares that she met Lucky last night. He said he got some call from his friend. He left for Ambala. Raghubir ji asks about the friend but Kareena lies. I don’t know much. Kamla ji asks her if she has not slept till then. Kareena cooks up a story. I came down to get water when Bhai told me he is going to Ambala. She thinks I feel like shouting and telling everyone that Bhai left because of this fattie! But it wont be the right thing to do till Mama ji opens his eyes. Malti ji still cannot understand how anyone can not be present on his birthday especially Lucky! He gets up early morning and seeks everyone’s blessings first thing in the morning. Komal also wonders what happened which prompted Lucky ji to leave home without telling anyone.


Badho Bahu 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Kareena says I called kids over in excitement to celebrate the day. What will we do now? Komal says we will still celebrate as you have called the kids. Kareena vows to teach her a lesson. Raghubir ji is sure there must be a reason as to why Lucky left.

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