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Badho Bahu 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kamla ji faints. Everyone rushes to her side. They sprinkle water on her face. She wakes up and dances merrily with her husband. I am really happy today. I would have gone mad if I hadn’t danced today. She asks Badho to bring sweets and also advises Malti ji to do her husband’s tilak. Or are you in shock? Malti ji declines. It isn’t so. She leaves to bring aarti thaali. Kamla ji shares her happiness with her DIL. Komal returns with a plate full of sweets. Malti ji does her BIL’s aarti with a heavy heart. Raghubir ji nods positively at her all along. Kailash ji wishes to feed sweet to Kamla ji but Kamla ji tells him his brother deserves it more. He is your brother and was your opponent in the elections. He supported you and fought against you honestly in the elections. He lost respectfully today.

He deserves this sweet. Kailash ji feeds sweet to Raghubir ji. Raghubir ji congratulates him on his victory. Kamla ji thinks her husband would have lost if she hadn’t gone out at night stealthily. Kamla ji tells Raghubir ji he will have to give something to his brother today. Before the wedding, Chotto said red colour is an emblem of leadership and courage. The polling results proved it otherwise though. As per the results, my husband has all those qualities. He should be made to wear this turban. Pinki asks her if she wants Raghubir ji to give his turban to Kailash ji. Kamla ji nods. Only if he has no problem with it. Malti ji denies. Our honour is in our turban. How can he do this!

Komal says don’t take me wrong but I feel Tai ji is right. Lucky asks her if she has gone nuts. Don’t you know the importance of turban? He politely refuses Kamla ji. Komal explains that Raghubir ji’s respect is because of his high ideals and thoughts. A turban cannot decide his merit. The tree, which is laden with fruits, can never go empty. Similarly, people will respect him more when he will bend down before his brother and give him his turban. This turban is a sign of responsibility. Babu ji has always and will always do them even when he wont be a Sarpanch. Tau ji should wear it with pride today. It will be good if Babu ji will make him wear it. Lucky agrees with her. Malti ji tells Komal to stop it. Can you not keep quiet? Raghubir ji says she said such a nice thing. It is humility to bend down. I accept my defeat gracefully. He turns to Kamla ji. You asked for such a small thing. I could have done a lot more. This turban would only gain more respect if it will be on my brother’s head. Lucky says it isn’t wrong. Babu ji is giving his turban to his elder brother after all.

Raghubir ji makes his brother wear the red turban. Kamla ji thinks Komal twisted this matter but she will surely take revenge for it. I wont let anyone sit peacefully.

Kamla ji has decorated her room surprising Kailash ji. She welcomes him sweetly in the room. He walks on the flower petals bare foot. She calls him a King and he addresses her as his queen. She calls herself his servant but he denies. Pinki comes there and is equally surprised at the decorations. Kailash ji tells his wife he is really lucky to have a wife like her. I succeeded today because of you and your thinking. Thank you very much. She replies that it isn’t right.

Raghubir ji asks Malti ji why she is looking at him like that. She says we have been married for years. Lucky grew up and is married now. I feel I don’t understand you. Such a big thing happened yet you sit here unaffected. You don’t feel bad about anything? He asks her what he should feel bad about. Is it because my brother won or I lost or I had to give my turban before everyone? I already told you someone will lose in this game and someone else will win. Would you have been happy if Bhai Sa lost the elections? You need a bigger heart to accept defeat. I have it. You should be proud of me for that. This is life. It is a rollercoaster ride. Winning and losing are two sides of the same coins. Elders say we must accept everything as it comes. Do you understand? She again tells him she still fails to understand his ideologies.

Kamla ji says you were bound to win. I only did my duty. Kailash ji appreciates her thoughts. Talk to your DIL. He leaves. Pinki asks Kamla ji why she did not take credit for the victory. Kamla ji explains that a wife’s respect is associated with her husband. We must think of him as our God. If you try to show that you did something greater than he did then you would be out of the house soon. You should remember that. Pinki instigates her against Komal. Kamla ji says she won today but my next will make her lose badly.


Badho Bahu 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal asks the girls which game they would like to play. The girls challenge her for wrestling. Komal plays wrestling match and wins. Komal’s ex-fiancé comes to Ahlawat House. He demeans her saying that her family has not accepted her till date. Lucky holds him by his collar. You think she has not been accepted by her husband or family? I will just show you. He kneels down before Komal and puts a ring on her hand in front of everyone.

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