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Badho Bahu 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky says you don’t see anything that Pinki Bhabhi does. I agree Bua said we both are good performers but no one practised like Badho. She used to practise at night to make sure she makes no mistake. She is a living example of Babu ji’s ideals. Babu ji always says the one who works hard wins. Rana is not interested in any of his logics. Kailash ji tells him to be quiet. This is happy time. We are in the midst of celebrations. Why are you trying to ruin everything? Kamla ji decides to not stop Rana. He was about to blast. She advises her husband to let Rana speak his heart out. If he keeps things to himself then it wont leave him in peace. Raghubir ji tells Rana it isn’t nice to stretch the issue. This was a ceremony and not competition. We have been taught by you only that competitions should be fair. You all are blind to whatever Badho does. You don’t care how much damage is done by her acts. What was the need for Badho to challenge Pinki ji when we all were declared winners? That was when she was proven a cheater. She had wrong intentions.

Lucky tells him it is he who has turned blind to everything. You don’t realise how you are talking to our Guru ji. Rana is about to retort when Bua ji tells him Pinki is not innocent. Do you even know what she has done? Komal gestures her not to say anything. Kamla ji tells Chotto not to intervene in this matter. We all know how much you support Badho and how much you disregard Pinki. Komal requests Rana to let bygones be bygones. I don’t want anything. You and Pinki are real winners. He refuses to accept alms. I will now show you what real victory is. My wife’s respect matters more to me than anything else. There is only one way to prove it! Pinki smirks. He is going in the right direction. Please say what I am dying to hear. Rana announces that Dangal is the only way he can prove himself! He challenges Rana for Iron Man competition. Komal tells Lucky to think before deciding anything. Lucky tells her to stay out of this matter. It is between me and my brother. It would be good if you would keep out of it. Rana explains that he challenged Lucky today as a fellow wrestler. I am sure the Guru ji who has taught us will not teach Lucky anything wrong.

Raghubir ji points out that he is challenging his younger brother for wrestling in a family ceremony. I also don’t understand why you made mountain out of a mole. There is a time, reason and motive to challenge this competition. I feel there is surely some other reason behind this challenge. Speak up whatever is in your heart. It will be good for you. Rana tells him to think whatever he wants to. I have challenged Lucky. Komal says it isn’t right. I request you to forget everything and think with a cool mind. We don’t want to win anything. You and Pinki are the winners. She asks Pinki to tell Rana but he tells her to keep her out of this matter. Tell me if you accept it or not. Komal again tells Lucky not to accept it. Lucky says it is the duty of wrestler to answer the challenge presented by other wrestler. I will surely answer this one. He accepts the challenge. Kamla ji and Pinki are thrilled whereas everyone else gets upset. Lucky adds that he too is fighting for Badho’s sake. I will prove it to you that she isn’t a cheater. I will fight this game for Badho! I accept your challenge. It doesn’t pain me that you challenged me but what pains me is that the one who influenced you. I would have done it if you would have said it anytime but I never thought I would fight with you for such a reason. I am ready to fight with you if that’s what you want! They shake hands.

Pragya sets dinner for Shankar. Payal is about to do the same but is surprised to see him already sitting with a plate of food before him. Pragya tells Payal not to do anything. Shankar and Payal look at her in confusion. Pragya covers up saying that Payal shouldn’t work when she is here. Ma ji has given me the responsibility of this house. She should retire now. I will handle everything. Payal retorts that she dint ask her anything. Shankar seconds Pragya. Pragya adds that Payal should start jogging in the morning. She has gained weight. I have read that obesity is the first symptom of any illness. Shankar advises Payal to start exercising. You need it. Payal gets conscious. I will make Pragya shed tears of blood. I wont spare her. Pragya enjoys teasing her.

In his room, Lucky is disturbed thinking about the entire incident. He thinks of all their past happy moments together and how his brother has been supportive always.

Badho comes to her room. She tells Lucky not to worry. Everything will be fine. Rana Bhaiya will realise he spoke too much and will end this challenge himself. Don’t take tension. It will affect your health only. Take rest. He denies. Nothing will be fine. I wont be able to sleep in this atmosphere.

Pinki tells Rana she is proud of how he supported her and spoke in her favour. He says I know how everyone discriminates with you. I wont let it happen after today even if it is my brother and Bhabhi who will do so.

Komal thinks of ways to make Lucky feel better but he tells her the storm wont be silenced this easily.

Pinki asks Rana if he will change his decision in case Badho and Lucky apologize to him tomorrow. I wont be able to face anyone. It will be an insult to me then. He promises her he would stick to his words at any cost, under any circumstances. I will fight and win this battle for you only. I promise I wont let a tear come in your eyes. She hugs him. I also assure you I will make you win this match.


Badho Bahu 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal tells Bua to end this competition. Lucky tells her it is too late. Pinki will do anything, stoop to any level t make sure this competition happens. Kamla ji gives prize to Pinki for doing her job well. Kailash ji hopes this would stay within the 4 walls of their house. Kamla ji vows to use this to create a rift in the house.

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