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Badho Bahu 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Komal Finds Kamla’s Secret!


Badho Bahu 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 22nd December 2017  Episode start with Kailash ji meets his brother. Everyone was talking so nicely about you in Ambala. Rana and I felt so proud. How will I face them when they will find out that I couldn’t protect my brother even after being the Sarpanch of the village? Ragubir ji tells him to calm down but Kailash ji is really upset with his wife. She plotted all this with her DIL! How dare her! You must come back with me though. Raghubir ji refuses. It wasn’t just one person there but many people belonged to different villages. The people who punished me aren’t good. Hope it does not happen that they boycott our village after teaming with other villages. Hope they don’t take the wrong path. You know I wont let anyone harm my village. You will have to calm down. You must accept this decision for the sake of our village.

I cannot come with you. Kailash ji asks him how he will go back home without him. What will I do in that house without you? I have told everyone I will return with you only. He cries. Raghubir ji says I understand what you are feeling but I will have to complete my punishment. Please forgive me. Kailash ji gets sad.

Kailash ji tells everything to his family members. I feel he is right somewhere. Komal says he might not be here with me but I know that his blessings are with me. I will win the District Level Match certainly. I promise to fix before the match. Now I wont just focus on wrestling. I will fix everything. I wont spare all those who will come in my way! Kamla ji gulps.

Next morning, Lucky asks Komal to come. I will teach you a new technique which will help you win. She misses Babu ji. He used to wait for us near the Akhada after the run. Akhada is no more and I miss Babu ji! Lucky says Ma is going through worst. Komal notices her praying in the house temple. She seems sad. Malti ji wipes her tears. Komal asks Lucky to tell her what he was telling her. She lies to Malti ji that Babu ji called. he is alright. He gave a special message for you. Malti ji gets anxious. What did he say? Komal wipes her tears saying that he said you shouldn’t cry. Lucky adds that this isn’t the time to fall weak. We got to be together so we can bring Babu ji back home. She seconds him. Your Babu ji never wanted us to cry or fall weak. I wont cry anymore. Komal says I know this year was difficult for us but I promise to fix everything. Our family will celebrate New Year grandly. Malti ji feels encouraged. I wont cry again. I will be strong. I will follow your Babu ji’s words. Go back to your training. Komal and Lucky leave.

Payal’s mother has come to meet Payal. She expresses a wish to click a photo with Jatta. Payal reluctantly agrees.

Lucky has got mats for Komal to practise. We fight professionally on this only. I will tell you a special technique with which you can win for sure. He teaches the trick to her. This is Babu ji’s most special trick. I have won many times using this. They step on the mat to practise it. Komal continues to practise as she fails in first few attempts.

Jatta eagerly gets ready for a photo with Payal’s mother. Payal is getting impatient seeing him getting ready for one photo. She begins to scroll through her mom’s gallery when she finds something in her mother’s phone. Ma did great that she came to meet me today. I should tell Badho.

Pinki and Kamla ji promote Voice Kids / Tiger Zinda Hai. Kamla ji’s right eye begins to flicker. Did Badho do something? Let’s go outside and check on her.

Komal reads a card on the gift. It has come for Raghubir ji. Kamla ji asks Malti about the gift. Komal shares that it has come from Germany. Kamla ji notices Malti ji sad and adds fuel to fire. Should I tell my husband to give it to your husband? Malti ji says it comes every year. Raghubir ji distributes it amongst everyone. It is for everyone only. Pinki opens it excitedly. She says the names in English which confuses Kamla ji. Payal comes shouting Badho’s name. Kamla ji asks her what treasure she found that she is shouting like this. Payal says I wasn’t shouting. I just spoke a little loudly. Kamla ji tells her to wait to distribute the gifts first. She asks Malti ji about it. Malti ji tells her to do whatever she wants to. You are amazing in distribution anyways! She goes. Kamla ji stands there shell shocked. Pinki tells her not to pay heed to any of it. How does it matter to us! Kamla ji nods. Payal asks Komal to come with her. There is danger here. Kamla ji thinks she was speaking of the gift but Payal lies that Komal might get tempted seeing these sweets. Everything will go down the drain. Komal agrees.

Payal brings Komal to her room. Payal gives her mother’s phone to Komal. Komal thinks that she wants her to click her photo but Payal tells her to look at the video carefully. Komal’s eyes well up as she looks at the video. It is the video of the voting day when Kamla ji and Sangram Singh had stealthily added fake votes at night.


Badho Bahu 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Payal says I was sure there was something fishy. I have realised it is Kamla Singh Ahlawat’s doings. Komal tells her MIL she has to bring Babu ji home. We will have to make them so blind in their arrogance that they will be shattered completely by the time they will realise it! Malti ji agrees to do whatever she will say. We will do it together (tod ke rakh denge)! They share a hug.

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