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Badho Bahu 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Kamla ji tells everyone to eat. We have to make preps for Mahashivratri tomorrow.

Vikram comes in class. Teji goes out sadly. He stands outside to hear their convo though. vardaan asks him about his interview. Vikram says I knew answer to every question but I couldn’t utter even a word. Teji gets an idea. He takes Vardaan aside. Vikram is lacking confidence. I have a solution to this. Only two kinds of people can talk with full confidence – politicians and actors. We all can do an English play. It will be in English. It will boost everyone’s confidence. Vardaan tells Vikram to take his seat. What has happened with Vikram today can happen with anyone. I have thought of something for everyone. Owner comes there. He asks Vardaan why Teji is still here. Vardaan requests him to allow him to organize an English play with everyone. Vikram and everyone loves the idea. Vardaan tells owner to think once. Owner says it is a good idea but who will teach them. Vardaan proposes Teji’s name. Owner tells Vardaan to adjust his coaching budget. I cannot afford two teachers. Teji offers to teach without taking any money in return. Owner happily agrees. You are the acting teacher of the class from now onwards. Teji thanks him. pragya smiles at him.

Komal does puja. I was waiting for this day since year. I cannot tell you how happy I am to go pray for you in yellow temple. That is where I saved Lucky ji’s life and our alliance was finalised. Thank you for giving me a husband like him; for making me undertake wrestling and motivating me for the same. I am going for practise now. Don’t worry I have kept fast too. I will come in evening. She sits down to wear her shoes. Kamla ji and Malti ji come there. They are surprised to see her getting ready for practise. Kamla ji reminds her it is Mahashivratri. Wont you keep fast today? You may or may not wrestle but keep the fast. Komal shares that she has kept fast. I will also do practise. She leaves. Kamla ji asks Malti ji from where she got this girl. she changes colours every minute. Malti ji tells her to wait and watch. I will put an end to her every tantrum from today! I have had enough.

Everyone is jogging. It is getting difficult for Komal to run. I cannot run anymore but I have no other option. I have to fight next week for the first time. She falls asleep.

Pinki is hungry but the containers are empty. Badho doesn’t cook on time. She looks at a potato. I feel like eating aloo parathe. I will ask Badho to make them once she comes. She boils them. Kamla ji and Malti ji come there. Malti ji asks her what she is boiling. Pinki tells her that she thought to make aloo parathe for breakfast. Malti ji nods. everyone likes them. Kamla ji reminds her of Mahashivratri. Who will eat them today then? Pinki says I know it already. I too dint eat anything since morning. Kamla ji advises her not to eat anything before tomorrow morning. Pinki nods hesitantly. I am concerned for you. I will make khichdi for you only. Kamla ji tells her to rest as she is doing so much since morning. Malti ji instead tells her to do all household chores. Don’t wait for Badho. Kamla ji asks her why her DIL will do everything. You are going against me? Malti ji holds her hand. I am not going against you. there is a reason for me to say this. Kamla ji agrees with her. Both ladies tell Pinki to finish everything. Pinki gets tensed. I have never done anything till date. How will I do everything alone today?

Bharpayi asks Pragya if they should go to class. pragya scolds her. she is upset as it is a holiday today. who keeps a class on holiday? BHarpayi says he works really hard for us. Pragya is still irked. He kept a test on holiday. His name is Vardaan but he seems to be a curse. Bharpayi asks her if she dint study for the test. Pragya denies. I hope this class gets cancelled somehow!

Everyone returns from the practise except Komal. Raghubir ji goes to look for her.

Kamla ji asks Malti ji what game she is playing. You cut my words and are making my DIL work. I don’t know what you are up to. You never hide anything from me earlier. You are not telling me anything now. Malti ji says I feel like I will explode like a volcano. I am holding back my anger somehow. Kamla ji tells her to calm down and explain nicely. Malti ji says we did so much for Badho and her family but everything failed. It is time to punish her! Kamla ji asks her if she will tire Badho by making her do everything at home. Malti ji says this is all too easy for her. I am thinking of something else. Just wait and see how I punish her this time. Forget about wrestling, she wont even think about it. Today is Mahashivratri. It will be historical day for her. She wont forget it all her life.

Raghubir ji finds Komal sleeping on a cot. Lot many ladies are gathered around her. He thinks how she will prepare for her match next week this way. He takes water from the lady and sprinkles it on Komal. She thinks it to by Lucky but he tells her to open her eyes. I am not your Lucky ji. I am your Guru ji. She wakes up startled. Raghubir ji thanks the ladies. He says everyone is waiting for you while you are sleeping here. You threw water on my hard work. People used to call you lazy. I saw it myself today. I will punish her following the rules of Akhada now! She agrees to do whatever he says. He tells her to start running now. She complies.

Everyone stands in a line. Raghubir ji says I found Komal sleeping during training. As per the rules of Akhada, she will be surely punished. Rules are rules for everyone. He gives her three tasks. One, fill the drum kept far with the water in other drum. Two, shift these sacks of grains from there to here. Three, move the tractor’s tyre to the appointed place. You have only 10 minutes to finish these tasks. Shock registers on Komal’s face. Only 10 minutes? Raghubir ji nods. he tells Lucky to start timer. He does as told. Komal gets down to work while everyone looks on. She rolls the tyre but Raghubir ji tells her to lift it and then throw it and then repeat the process. She tries doing it but fails. She decides to fill the drum first. The men are keeping an eye on the watch. Komal folds her hands to apologize but Raghubir ji does not relent. Komal takes a sack with her each time she tries shifting water to the other drum. She sits down tired.


Badho Bahu 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Malti ji tells Komal not to step inside the kitchen or pray or do any work related to home. I free you from your every work from today onwards. Komal tries to do puja but Malti ji stops her. She forces Komal to stand in a corner on one leg. Komal complies. Lucky asks her mother how it will stop Komal from wrestling. Malti ji tells him not to speak between her and Komal.

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