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Badho Bahu 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chotto Bua says no decision has been made. Komal will stay in Ahlawat House as Ahlawat Family’s DIL. Raghubir ji nods at her. Chotto bua says I too want to see who is strong enough to throw you out of the house now. Komal thanks Lord for sending Bua ji at this point of time. Why is she supporting me though? Chotto Bua thinks to send everyone (vendors) away so no private affairs come before them. She sends everyone inside with Bharpayi.

Chotto bua turns to Komal. You must be wondering who I am. I am Chotto Bua. What if I dint come in your wedding? I know everything that happened at every point of time. I was away from you but Raghubir Bhai kept me up to date. I know everything about everyone. Malti Bhabhi always thought me as a stranger so she never told me anything. She would be spending all her time pointing faults in Komal. Komal thinks she knows too much. Chotto Bua tells Komal not to worry. You will get to know and understand me with time. It is time to remind certain things to Kamla Bhabhi. I have to remind her what she had done. Kamla ji gets tensed.

Kamla ji says Badho has insulted entire family and has hurt me badly. She should be punished for that. You have no right to speak in between. Chotto Bua brings a stool and stands on it. I should remind you that Badho is the DIL of this house. She joins Lucky and Komal’s hands. She has as much right on this family as much as you have. It is not just about you and Badho but is applicable on all the girls everywhere. Both the homes are of a girl only. I should remind you that the right with which I stopped you from being thrown out of the house! Kailash ji asks her what she is saying. Chotto Bua agrees to tell him everything.

Shankar is relieved that he got his job back. I regret it that our relations with badho and her family have become bitter. We cannot see our own sister. Jamuna ji too feels the same way. We should visit them and apologize. Shankar agrees. Payal thinks what’s happening. I had only Lattu and my husband in my control but now my husband is on an entirely different track. Jamuna ji asks Payal what she is thinking. Payal mumbles something about Shankar’s salary.

Chotto Bua says no one here knows what Kamla Bhabhi had done years ago. Kailash ji tells her to speak clearly. Chotto Bua says it is about the time when Kamla Bhabhi had just come in our house. She got Raghubir Bhai married so she can be free. She thought Ma will make Malti Bhabhi do everything but it dint happen the way she wanted. Bhabhi realised that she should do something so Ma is advised bed rest. She cleaned the floor with oily cloth because of which Ma slipped and couldn’t move then! Kailash ji questions his wife. Chotto Bua affirms it. Ma knew it well that you will beat Bhabhi so she lied to you. After that day, everyone used to gossip about Kamla Bhabhi. Ma decided to throw her out of the house. She begged not to be thrown out of the house. I came forward and explained it to Ma that Bhabhi is not just the DIL of this house. She is also the daughter of this house! I asked Ma how she will feel if I will be in a similar situation. Ma understood and told everyone not to talk about Kamla Bhabhi like this. Kailash ji gets upset with his wife. Chotto Bua requests him not to be upset or angry with Bhabhi. She turns to Kamla ji next. I am sorry. I dint intend to bring up old memories but your words pinched me real bad. They reminded me of what had happened in the past. I wont let Komal go from the house. If I let her go today then you too will have to leave the house! Kamla ji gives up. Do whatever you wish to but I am warning you that you all are just inviting problems by keeping her here. She walks away in a huff. Komal requests Bua not to do all this for her but Chotto Bua suggests her to bid adieu to her brother and SIL. Vardaan thanks Chotto Bua for what she just did. Chotto Bua blesses him. You have the responsibility of your wife now. Take her home and protect her. He nods. Chotto Bua advises Pragya to seek everyone’s blessings too. Go to your home with your husband. Pragya complies but does not seek Komal’s blessings.

Pragya and Vardaan leave from Ahlawat House. Komal hopes that they get accepted in that house. Be with them please. Everyone else also leaves one by one. Raghubir ji thanks Chotto for coming and for doing what she did. She says the same. don’t worry everything will be fine. Raghubir ji says there is nothing to worry. We all know how Kamla Bhabhi is but I dint expect it from Bhaisahab. Anyways, stay here for some time now that you are here. She nods. He goes inside. Malti ji asks Chotto the reason for coming here. It seems special. Chotto Bua nods. We will talk about that later though. Let’s eat something first. Malti ji is about to get it but Chotto Bua tells her to rest. DIL’s are there in the house. Malti ji nods. Chotto bua tells Komal to take her stuff to her room. The suitcase opens when Komal is lifting it up. Chotto Bua tells Lucky to help his wife. He does as told. Chotto Bua tells Pinki to make minimum 80 samosas for her and everyone. Pinki is taken aback. Lucky and Komal exchange a glance while collecting the things. She wonders how to make him happy.


Badho Bahu 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal says I know you are upset but. Lucky says you have always done what you wanted to. I don’t want to see your face. Chotto Bua tells Lucky and Rana to cut Komal and Pinki’s favourite mangoes and feeds them. Rana happily does so but Lucky and Komal sit quietly. Chotto Bua again tells Lucky to do it.