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Badho Bahu 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

Everyone remembers how Lucky used to celebrate his birthday. Komal sadly says even his phone isn’t reachable. Raghubir ji advises her against it. Kareena says I called kids over in excitement to celebrate the day. What will we do now? Kamla ji says we wont break the heart of kids. We will celebrate. Komal says we will still celebrate as you have called the kids. I will manage everything. We will celebrate his birthday even if he isn’t here. Kareena vows to teach her a lesson. She is the one who forced Bhai to leave and wants to celebrate now! Ahlawat ji leaves the responsibility of making preps on Komal. She thinks everything will be managed but how will the kids enjoy in Lucky’s absence.

Kareena fills Malti ji’s ears against Komal. She tells her everything. Bhai saw it when you were applying lep on Bhabhi’s feet. He was super angry. I advised him not to react right now but he decided to go away for the day. Malti ji says I feel like beating life out of Badho. She forced my son to leave his home on his birthday! I will show her. Kareena stops her. Leave it on me. I will manager her.

Kareena calls Payal. Payal thinks her to be Kareena Kapoor. I dialled the number written behind soap’s wrapper. How much money did I win? Kareena gives her introduction. Payal says you wont give me any prize. I haven’t heard about you. Kareena shares that she came a few days ago from Punjab. I called you to tell that today is Lucky Bhai’s birthday. Payal gets excited thinking about party but Kareena says it is for kids. Payal talks about Lattu. Kareena invites Lattu over for which Payal readily agrees. What bag should I give him? You must have got return gifts. Kareena looks at her phone in disbelief. Send Lattu. We will send him and return gifts safely. Payal thanks her. Kareena is irked. Badho’s entire family is greedy!

Kareena asks Jitesh, Ajay and Teji if they don’t have anything to do. Komal asks her if she called her. Kareena suggests doing something interesting for the kids. Back at my place, kids like zoo. Teji points out that they will only find 2 animals here in Sirsa – Ajay and Jitesh. Kids wont get happy seeing them. We will think of something else. Jitesh agrees. We have enough cattle dung though. Teji requests him not to talk about it. He agrees. Kareena advises all 3 of them to dress up like animals. Keep kids happy. Bhabhi and I will plan something. Teji refuses to do it. Ajay emotionally blackmails him. Can you not become an animal for Lucky Bhai? Teji declines. Ajay offers to tell the story then. Teji readily gives in. Komal appreciates Kareena’s idea. Kareena advises her to cook something. I will show them around. You can surprise kids then. Kids enjoy all that. You have to behave like kids with kids. Komal agrees. She goes.

Malti ji complains to Kamla ji that Lucky is hiding on his birthday because of Badho. Kamla ji says I too understand this. Malti wonders who cast an evil eye on their happiness. What should I do? Kamla ji signals her to be quiet seeing Badho. Badho has brought food for them. Malti ji scolds her for not understanding ever. My son is hiding on his birthday. Don’t know how he is and where he is. You think I will be able to eat it? Komal tries to say something but Malti ji refuses to hear anything. She starts crying. Every year, I used to feed him his favourite food. He is running away because of you today! Go away. I don’t want to see your face. Take these plates away. Kamla ji is hungry. She will get upset if I eat anything. She too tells Komal to take the plates. How will I eat if Malti isn’t eating? I cannot even think about eating. I will have later. Malti ji looks at her. Kamla ji covers up saying I wont eat ever. Komal says I know Lucky ji isn’t here but we have to celebrate his birthday. Tai ji can make kheer. I will do the rest. Kamla ji points out that there is no point making kheer for the one who isn’t home. Komal reasons that Lucky ji will return one day! Kamla ji agrees to make kheer when he is back. Komal leaves from there.

Lattu asks his Dadi to hurry up. I am getting late to go to Lucky Hero’s house. Jamuna ji smiles. I know it all. Give these sweets to them. Payal says he is going to party. She advises Lattu to eat well and keep some in the bag too. Don’t give your gifts to anyone. If anyone asks about home then say that there is no food at home. Papa has no time to get it. Jamuna ji reprimands her for teaching wrong things to kids. Payal says no one takes the words of a kid to their heart. Jamuna ji tells her not to teach wrong thing to Payal. Payal tells her to stay out of her and her son but Jamuna ji says he is my grandson too. He advises Lattu not to tell that what his mother just said. He agrees and runs out.

Raghubir ji paces sadly in his room. Komal gives him tea. I was thinking to show the kids Akhada and tell them about its history. They may get sad as Lucky isn’t here. It will be a good idea. Raghubir ji nods. I feel sad. Lucky left all of a sudden. It is his birthday but he dint tell anything. I am hurt by this. I am proud of him but I am sure there must be a reason as to why Lucky left. Maybe I made a mistake. Komal tells him not to say so. Lucky loves and respects you and Ma ji a lot. He may not say it but he only loves you both. Raghubir ji takes a sip and then returns tea to him. I don’t feel like. Ask Rana to show Akhada to kids. She agrees. Don’t be sad. I don’t feel good seeing you like this. He smiles for his sake.

Komal is also sad that Lucky isn’t here on his birthday. I wont let anyone else get sad. In his absence, I will celebrate his birthday like no one has before. Kareena says countdown begins. Badho Bhabhi will be leaving the house and Bhai’s life very soon!


Badho Bahu 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Komal laughs seeing the men dressed as animals. Kareena thinks Badho can laugh as much as she wants but she has to cry afterwards. Kareena tells kids Lucky left because of someone. That person is present here in the house! They ask for name. Kids attack Badho and the men dressed as animals.

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