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Badho Bahu 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update

Lucky Misses Komal


Badho Bahu 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 22nd March 2018 Episode Start With Lucky and Titli reach home. They stop in their tracks noticing police at their door. They hide out of fear. Titli wonders how she will face her father and begins to blabber. He tells her to be quiet. Police will anyways doubt us if you will appear so scared. No one knows anything. This is the house of Sarpanch. Police keeps coming here. She asks him to come along as she is very much afraid. He agrees and leaves the hockey sticks outside only.

Payal and Vardaan are in market. She tells Vardaan she thinks he is right. If you feel Pragya is happy with Teji and you don’t have a problem with it then who am I to say anything. He tells her he dint wish to hurt her. You can say whatever you wish to. Payal says you both are happy being friends. Gift her yellow rose for friendship. He is hesitant but she forces him to buy it for Pragya. Payal thinks rose is rose, be it of any colour.

Raghubir ji tells Inspector he can understand it well as to why he came here. We know Titli well. We agree that she stepped in between Pradhan’s family matter but no one in our family can stoop so low. We respect and trust law. Constable feels Titli is too smart. Maybe she only is behind it. Inspector shushes him and turns to Raghubir ji. I only came to inform you. They were 2 guys. One had covered his face while the other one was wearing monkey cap. No one could recognize them. They had hockey sticks in their hands. Villagers have seen them but it isn’t much to identify them. Let us know if you find any clue.

Teji waits for Pragya to enter in his room and starts clicking photos of his stuff when she does. She asks him why he is doing so. Do you think it can be stolen? He denies. I will tell you in a while. She again asks him what he is doing. I would have become a heroine if you had taken my audition like this. I should leave if you don’t care about me. He tells her he is doing it for her only. You are so innocent. That’s what I like about you. I can sell all this to for you if I have to. There are many sites where people buy second hand stuff. I will sell all this and get money for you. She asks him to tell her if he wants money. He tells her not to say so. You have to bear so many taunts because of me already. I couldn’t get even one gift for you till now but I will get one for you even if that means I will have to sell my stuff online. She tells him he need not buy anything or prove himself for her.

Police officer and constable look outside Ahlawat House for clues. Inspector gets a call and is distracted by it. Constable also does not find the hockey sticks. They leave hurriedly.

Teji gives Pragya a pen and paper to write down all that she knows about him, feels for him and what he deserves. She agrees to write it. I can keep writing about you. I will start with how much I love you. Teji denies. I want you to write what I asked you. They will read it on a website as to what I am worth. That is when I will be able to sell myself for you. Write it and then click a photo too. I can bring a gift for you then. She gets emotional. I don’t want anything but you. You are my gift. She hugs him. He smirks and says I love you to her. She says I love you too in reply.

Vardaan wonders why he is so afraid. This is just a yellow rose. Give it to Pragya ji. She will be happy. He meets Teji and Pragya in the corridor and gives the rose to Pragya. Teji leaves from there citing an excuse. Pragya realises that he felt bad. Everyone keeps comparing Teji ji with Vardaan ji which is why he was thinking of selling himself today. Vardaan tells Pragya it is for their friendship. She tells him she cannot accept it and leaves making an excuse. teji and Payal see it too. Payal rues that Pragya dint accept even a yellow rose from Vardaan.

Kamla ji tells Titli that she assured her father they will marry her off to a nice guy. Malti ji is a little lost. Pinki tells Titli to get ready. We will bid you adieu real soon. Malti ji asks Titli what she is thinking. Titli dismisses it. raghubir ji asks her why she is disturbed. Lucky jokes that worry will become worried seeing her. Raghubir ji assures Titli they will get Pradhan and his son punished. Kailash ji is happy that they were beaten up. Don’t know who those 2 guys were but they did a great job.

Titli gulps and Malti ji sees it. Raghubir ji says they were 2 guys but Malti ji tells everyone that it wasn’t two guys. There was one girl too. It was no one else but our Titli. She looks at Titli. I have proof. I am not just saying this for the sake of it. She brings the cloth that Lucky and Titli used to cover their mouth. She next asks Lucky if he will say something or should she say everything. Lucky accepts that he was the second guy. Titli and I beat Pradhan Singh and his son. Rana is taken aback. Kamla ji asks Malti ji how she found out about it. Malti ji asks Jitesh to come out. Jitesh comes there. Lucky and Titli glare at him.

Flashback shows Malti ji giving Jitesh her swear to find out where Lucky is. Jitesh apologizes and tells her everything.

Kailash ji asks Lucky why he did this. malti ji too asks him if he isn’t ashamed. Badho was working so hard to train Titli while you were diverting Titli’s attention with your ideas. You ruined her hard work! Is it otherwise possible that she is unable to complete the task at hand? Everyone nods. Pinki whispers to her MIL that badho isn’t here yet she is getting all the praises. I feel if she was here then she would have gotten Lucky arrested and got more compliments. Titli gets her father’s call. Mati ji shouts at her to go and tell him the truth now. She scolds Lucky next. Raghubir ji says Lucky too is training Titli. She has changed so much. It is because of his training only. I was the one who asked him that Titli needs to be trained differently. Kamla ji seconds him. she is indeed changing.

She needs to be taught the other way round. Kailash ji says all is well that ends well. Raghubir ji points out that beating someone wont change things for good. He seeks promise from Lucky that he wont do anything like this again. Lucky glares at Jitesh and nods. Kamla ji asks Malti ji how she trapped Jitesh. Malti ji shares that she met him outside and asked about Lucky and Titli. He ended up smiling. I realised something is wrong. I wondered what Badho would have done in my place and did what she would have done. He could not lie for too long. He ended up telling me everything. Kamla ji remarks that she took Badho’s place. Malti ji denies. She is different. No one can take her place. I just hope she comes back soon.

Titli ends her phone call. Lucky tells her that they have been forgiven and let off with a warning. She is pleased. It gave me a lot of peace. I am so happy that I will offer ladoos to myself. God is in all of us so it will reach him anyways. He calls her mad (sweetly) and goes.

Lucky looks at his wedding photo. I did what you (Badho) wanted to do. I changed Titli for good but I messed up with your training. Forgive me for that. I am ready to hold my ears or do sit ups to seek your apology. You need to be here to witness it. It is enough. Come back soon. I will then apologize to you.

Scene shifts to Komal who is all tied up. Screen freezes on Lucky and Komal’s face.


Badho Bahu 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Ram ji tells Ahlawat Family about a new alliance for Titli. It is a guy called Avinash Singh. Zalim Singh greets everyone. Raghubir ji tells him to stop. I wont let you come inside my house!

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