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Badho Bahu 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

Badho asks her brother about the gold chain and watch he is wearing. Shankar looks at them too. Lucky threatens to get the truth out other way out if they wont speak up. Komal calmly shares everything with her brother. Shankar shares that Payal got them for him. You know I wont spend a single penny in such useless things. Everyone stares at Payal. She acts before them. You doubt me seeing this thin chain? I collected money over the years. The watch is also fake. Can I not do this much for my husband? I couldn’t even pay the jeweller fully and you guys doubt me! I would have bought things paying cash if I had enough money like you guys. Komal tells her to calm down. Villagers will come to question Babu ji in the evening. We wanted to find the culprit before that. Payal says I dint stop anyone.

She tells Lucky to check well if he still isn’t satisfied. Komal denies. We got our answers. Forgive us. Payal replies that it is ok. One cannot get over money if you get greedy. Lucky apologizes to them followed by Komal. Lucky and Komal leave. Payal heaves a sigh of relief. Payal’s mother tells Payal she was so freaked out seeing them here. I have to take this sack of watermelons with me. Payal requests her to help her. I have not been able to go to Ahlawat House since my MIL went back. Find out a way! Her mother assures her she will help her get inside that house today itself. She goes. Payal hopes to take the sack with her to Ahlawat House somehow when she manages to get inside. I will roam around nicely in Sirsa then.

Everyone sits down for the test. Pragya is tensed and blank. Teji notices her thus and enters in the class. Vardaan stops him. I have told you not to disturb my class. Why don’t you understand? Teji replies that Pragya forgot her pencil box. I came to give it. Pragya looks at him in confusion. Teji gives the pencil box to her. She smiles at him noticing something. Bharpayi takes an extra sheet. Vardaan tells everyone not to look around. He goes outside for a minute. Prgaya takes out the chit from pencil box. Bharpayi notices her doing it and questions her but Pragya does not pay heed. Vardaan looks at her from behind. Bharpayi tries signalling Pragya but in vain. Vardaan gestures her to stop. He snatches the chit from Pragya’s hand. I already knew something was wrong when Teji came. I wanted to catch you red handed. He takes her answer sheet and tells her to leave. She apologizes to him but he stays put. Bharpayi requests him to forgive her this time. She would be in trouble if anyone at home finds out. She just opened it. She dint note anything down. Vardaan relents. I wont forgive anyone next time. Pragya sits down relieved. She thanks Bharpayi. Bharpayi thinks to alert Pragya. Didi has fallen in Teji’s bad company.

Komal is tensed as it is afternoon. If we don’t do anything then the villagers will insult him before everyone. Lucky says even I cannot understand this. Who is this person! She thinks to get the greedy / corrupt person to them instead. She gets an idea. Jitesh and Ajay tell them about people gossiping against Babu ji. We know they are wrong but how to make everyone believe it? Komal has an idea. I would need your help though. Jitesh tells her to say it. We can even sacrifice our lives for it. Lucky warns KOmal to be careful. They will end up doing something else. Be careful. She reminds him they are his friends. He nods. This is why I am saying this. She tells them their plan. New AC shops will open near the highway. The greedy person will surely try to buy the place. It will be a small place so the odds will be less. They like her idea and get down to work.

Payal’s mother visits Kamla ji. She gives her jalebis made by Payal. She hits Kamla ji on her nerve of number 1 and 2. Malti Bhabhi is younger DIL but you cannot say anything in front of her. Payal told me. She can come in the house but what if Malti Bhabhi throws her out of the house? It will be such an insult to you actually. Kamla ji replies that Malti is Number 1 only because of Lucky but nothing can happen in the house without my wish. Payal’s mother nods. World still calls her number 1. Kamla ji tells her to send Payal to their home right away. I will see who stops her. Payal’s mother nods happily. Kamla ji is eager to show who really number 1 is!

Lucky dons a fake moustache and Komal ties a turban on his head. She compliments him. You look really handsome. He takes leave as Jitesh must be waiting for him. She wishes him good luck.


Badho Bahu 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Payal asks Komal if she told anyone else about the corruption thing. Komal denies but ends up telling her her plan. On the other hand, Lucky stands in the queue in disguise and talks to a villager. I need a shop anyhow. The guy promises him he will get one shop at any cost! Raghubir ji calls Komal. We will be home soon. She gets tensed.

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