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Badho Bahu 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal and Pinki are doing preps for Navratre. Malti ji asks about Lucky. Komal shares that she sent him to doctor for X-ray as his swelling had reduced. Kamla ji makes fuss about it. Komal says pardon me but it isn’t too crowded in the morning so I suggested him to go. Malti ji asks her if she will make all the decisions of the house now. He could have gone later. Raghubir ji reasons that he can do aarti with Komal some other day too. mata ji is here for 9 days. You must also listen to the whole situation first. Kamla ji shares that a Sarpanch of nearby village is also going to join them. They all agree to wait. Raghubir ji says it is great. It will be great if all Sarpanch’s will work together. Kailash ji nods.

Komal’s ex-fiancé (Viren) comes with his wife (Priya). Kamla ji happily welcomes them. Komal recalls what he had done to her. Raghubir ji is also glaring at him. Kamla ji recognises Priya. You are Sarpanch Sangwan’s daughter. She notices everyone’s shocked faces. Don’t be surprised. We are lucky to have her here. Where is your father? Priya says he will join them soon. Viren asks Raghubir ji if he minds that he is here. Kamla ji declines. Everyone is welcome in Mata Rani’s puja. Viren notices Komal hiding her ring. Kamla ji sends the couple with Bharpayi to seek Mata’s blessings.

Viren whispers in Priya’s ears. She is the same girl. Priya says she doesn’t even have a gold ring in her finger. It means her husband and his family still hasn’t accepted her. She still hasn’t gotten lucky. He says I am lucky to be saved from her and have found you. Kamla ji suggests couples to do aarti. Priya asks for Lucky. Komal cannot do aarti alone. She is still wearing a metal ring till now which means her family or husband hasn’t accepted her still. How will she do aarti then? Kamla ji says she can atleast sing aarti. Komal agrees and sings aarti. The puja ends. Kamla ji asks Viren to join them for the other rituals too. viren agrees. I had to speak with Kailash ji anyways. Kailash ji invites him in his room. Viren agrees to join him soon. Everyone leaves from there one by one. Viren says we will teach her a nice lesson in Dandiya tonight. She is too arrogant. Priya smirks.

Pinki, Priya, Kamla ji and Malti ji are making laddoos. Priya asks Malti ji if she is happy with her DIL. Komal is listening everything. Priya says I mean is Lucky ji happy with her. She still hasn’t gotten a gold ring in her finger which means she hasn’t been accepted by someone till date. Malti ji recalls Komal’s promising words before her wedding. Kamla ji tells Priya not to hurt Malti by asking such questions. What do you mean? Priya says you know that Babu ji wanted me to marry Lucky ji but he dint stretch the matter when he found out about Lucky and Badho’s alliance. Kamla ji says Malti could have gotten such a nice DIL. Komal brings tea for everyone. Priya tells her to not take her words to her heart. Everyone knows and agrees that you and Lucky ji are no match. We cannot do anything in that matter after all. Viren ji loves me so much. He does whatever he says. Komal says its good but why are you telling me all this.

Payal gives tea to Vimla ji. Payal advises her to look at the donation box too. Vimla ji is about to keep Rs. 11 in this but Payal asks for Rs. 101. Jamuna ji reprimands her but Payal insists that no one can even buy a garland in Rs. 11 now. We have to pay GST atleast. Jamuna ji goes inside to bring something. Vimla ji puts Rs. 101 in the box. Payal has dressed Lattu as Mata Rani. Do her puja first. Vimla ji looks at Payal.

Bharpayi says the girls look lovely. Pinki taunts her and sends her inside for some work. Komal notices the girls staring at her and makes faces. Viren and Priya do their aarti one by one. One girl first takes laddoo from the plate and then tells the couple to do their aarti. Komal smiles. Viren, Priya and Pinki leave from there. The girls stop Komal from doing their puja. We want to play first. Komal says we should complete the puja first but they stay put. Komal asks the girls which game they would like to play. The girls challenge her for wrestling. She recalls her promise to Lucky and declines. They says you can atleast teach us. She gives in.

Vimla ji does Lattu’s aarti. Lattu tells her mother she does not wish to be a Devi but Payal tells her to let it be. Lattu asks her if she will dress him up as Ravan in Dusshehra. Payal denies. I will make you Ram. Pragya asks Payal why she dressed her son as a girl. Payal tells her not to talk about discrimination. Aamir Khan said a famous line in Dangal. Is my son less than a daughter? Lattu requests Pragya to help him.

Komal comes to Akhada. All the past memories flash before her eyes. The girls tell her to take Mata Rani’s name and start. Mata Rani also wants this. Come please. Komal says Jai Bajrang Bali emotionally, touches the dirt of Akhada on her forehead and steps inside. She starts teaching them the tactics. The girl gets tired. Komal also speaks of Dangal Movie to them so as to inspire them. Someone calls out to Komal. Everyone stops in their tracks.

Payal has invited more ladies to her house for the puja. They ask her if they will do Lattu’s puja. Payal says we must not differentiate between a boy and a girl. God resides in everyone. Pragya brings 3 girls there. 6 other girls would be joining soon. Lattu thanks her as he heads inside. Pragya turns to Payal. Now we have 3 girls here. You don’t differentiate between girls or boys. You can now do their puja.

Komal explains to the guy that the girls wished to wrestle so I brought her here. I don’t feel anything is wrong with it. We do their puja as Devi’s and then stop them from letting them do what they wish to. He gets angry with her. How dare you argue with me! He steps inside the Akhada and advances towards her menacingly. He stumbles in his step and falls right in Komal’s feet. Komal stands in Mata Rani’s avatar all of a sudden. Everyone has gathered outside and looks on. The girls say she looks just like Durga Ma. Dada ji you must not do anything. Let’s go inside. You should do our puja now. Viren and Priya rush to help Priya’s father. Are you alright? Komal too asks him the same question. He stares at her angrily and then goes inside with his daughter. Komal takes everyone inside. Viren decides to show Badho her place.

Lucky comes home. He gets angry seeing Viren. He asks Komal about Viren. What is he doing here? I will just throw him out of the house. She tells him not to do anything wrong. They are our guests. Kamla Tai ji called them here as Viren ji’s FIL is a Sarpanch. Lucky asks her how she can forget what he has done to her. She says I remember but let bygones be bygones. What did doctor say? He shares that it is healing but it will take around a month’s time for complete recovery. She calls it good news. Let’s go inside. We will have a Dandiya round in the evening. He is irked at the thought of playing with them (Viren and his family).

Kamla ji wants her husband to start the game. Lucky asks Badho to come. We will also play. She points out that he is wounded. He tells her not to worry about it. She agrees. Everyone is playing Dandiya except Malti ji and Raghubir ji. Priya keeps looking at Komal and Lucky. Don’t know what Lucky ji saw in her! She hurts her husband while playing Dandiya. Viren scolds her in front of everyone. What are you thinking! She is about to reply but he raises his hand so as to slap her. Komal holds his hand mid air. Everyone looks at her in shock. She finally shrugs his hand away. This is a pious place. You don’t misbehave with women here like this especially with your wife, and never before me! Viren turns to Lucky and Raghubir ji. Amazing! The girl who I left on the altar is now your DIL. Your own son couldn’t accept her till now. She is not even wearing a gold ring till now. She is wearing a metal band in her finger. You have allowed her to even insult a guest! You guys are amazing! Kamla ji and Pinki smile slyly. Lucky leaves from there.

Viren’s words haunt and anger Lucky. He thinks of the lie he had told to the girl he liked (sorry I forgot her name). He removes his waistcoat.

Viren says we heard that you (raghubir ji) made her an emblem of your thoughts. I don’t know what she has taught you and your son. You fail to do anything. She does things on her own and you guys just sit back and watch! I am so relieved that I haven’t married her or I wouldn’t have been able to face anyone! This is the result of what you did last time to me. They are hypocrites. They mocked me but they couldn’t even accept you till date. Malti ji stops Raghubir ji from reacting or retorting. Komal holds Viren by his collar. You can say anything about me but don’t you dare say anything against my Babu ji or Lucky ji! She throws him on the floor. Lucky picks him by his collar. You had a complaint that as to why I dint give Komal the status of my wife or why she is wearing a gold ring or if she hasn’t been accepted by her family or not. I will do it today right before your eyes because I want to do it. He pulls Komal before Mata Rani.

I accept you as my wife before Mata Rani and everyone today. Raghubir ji signals Komal to stay strong. Lucky kneels down before Komal. He removes the old ring and replaces it with the gold ring. Komal cries overjoyed. Everyone else is taken aback. Komal thinks of what she had promised before her wedding to everyone. Lucky smiles at her. He fills her hairline with vermilion. She folds hands before him but he signals her against it. She smiles for his sake thereby bringing a smile on his face. He announces to Viren that Badho is now the DIL of this house. I will give her all those rights now. Viren decides to take revenge for his insult real soon. He leaves from there followed by Priya.

Komal and Viren look at each other. She holds his hand. He places the ring nicely and they both smile at each other.


Badho Bahu 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kailash ji asks Raghubir ij if he will support him or not. Raghubir ji agrees for it but Komal suggests him against it. Kamla ji asks her if she cannot keep quiet. A reporter asks Raghubir ji if Komal’s outspoken behaviour is the reason why he lost the elections.

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