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Badho Bahu 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ajay, Jitesh and Teji dress up as animals. Komal laughs seeing them. Kareena thinks Badho can laugh as much as she wants but she has to cry afterwards. Komal compliments the guys. Jitesh assures her they will leave no stone unturned to keep the kids happy. Doorbell rings. Komal says it must be kids. Kareena thinks she will take their help to teach a lesson to Badho. Komal suggests her to get everything ready. Rana ji will show the kids Akhada first. Kareena agrees. Everyone goes about their work.

Teji comes to Pragya room dressed as a bear. He calls Kareena mad. Pragya asks him to go. He says I was missing you. I came to meet you. She replies that she will miss him for life if anyone sees him here. He agrees to leave only after getting a kiss. She denies. We cannot even touch each other and you are asking for a kiss. He pulls her close. She closes the doors of her room. He stand in a dance pose and come closer for a kiss when there is a knock on the door.

Kareena welcomes the kids.

On the other hand, Teji hides in a closet. It is Bharpayi. She asks her why the door was closed. Pragya lies to her that she was changing clothes. Bharpayi has brought her clothes. Pragya advises her to keep them on the bed. Bharpayi declines. I wont repeat what you asked from me last time. You told me to keep the clothes on the bed. I did that yet you taunted me 2 days later. Pragya tries to divert her but in vain. Bharpayi tries to open the door of the cupboard but Teji is holding it back from inside. She falls down when Teji finally lets go of the door. Bharpayi falls down with all the clothes. Teji escapes. Pragya tells Bharpayi to clean everything again and then set her cupboard.

Komal requests Rana to show Akhada to the kids. Rana agrees. She notices the bed sheet and pillows which has Rana’s photos all over it. It is amazing. Where did you get it from? Rana smiles shyly. I gave them as a gift to Pinki ji. I got them from Hisar. Komal asks him if he will do one thing for her. He nods.

Kareena brings the kids to Lucky’s room telling them not to touch anything. The kids are intrigued to see Lucky’s stuff. She talks about style and attitude which are also important. Kids ask for Lucky Hero. She makes a sad face and makes them sit. I have to tell you something. Your Lucky Hero is not going to come today. Plus, the person who forced him to leave is here only. They ask for the name. She talks against Badho. She is a big, scary Hunter Master (Badho) who wont spare you too. The kids feel scared but she talks about their Iron Man which gives them confidence. Kareena adds that that hunter Master has got her friends dressed as animals to scare you. Kids vow not to be afraid of them. Instead we will teach them a lesson. They all high-five!

Komal sees the kids coming downstairs with Kareena. She instructs the animals (guys) to get ready to attack. On the other hand, kids also get ready to attack. Kids overpower the guys and hit them. Komal fails in stopping them. Kareena laughs. Komal asks her to help. Kareena pretends to do so but does not make much of an effort. Avoiding Komal’s eyes, she signals them to keep going. One kid tells Komal she is really bad. Our Hero left because of you. Komal denies. It isn’t so. She notices all the guys getting hurt and being stuck with that kid. Raghubir ji sees them thus. Komal asks the kid to let go of the rolling pin. I am really strong. Raghubir ji asks Komal what’s happening. Why have you turned the house into zoo? She shares that the kids came to celebrate but we are unable to handle them. Raghubir ji smiles. Kareena tells him that the kids are very naughty. They wont sit quietly at home. komal suggests them to go to Akhada if they want to show their strength. Raghubir ji seconds her. Who wants to become Iron Man like Lucky? Every kid raises his hand. Komal says I don’t feel you will be able to become like Lucky ji. Spending a day like him is a really difficult task. A kid tells her not to take them lightly thinking them to be kids. We will do whatever our Hero does. Raghubir ji smiles seeing his packs. Let’s start the day like Lucky does. We will start with wrestling. Kids get excited.

Lattu also comes to Ahlawat House. He meets everyone. Did I miss anything? Raghubir ji denies. Kareena says it is too hot outside for the kids. He reasons that at this age, the sun rays are really good for the kids. Shall we start? Kids nod excitedly. Rana joins them. Raghubir ji advises him to train the kids also. Kareena very smartly takes out a video game from one of the drawers. Kids hold Rana’s biceps and he lifts them making them happy. Kareena gives the video game to one of the kids. He tells everyone to go for training. I will play here. All kids rush to him. Komal tells them to do what they want. You will become strong like Rana Bhai only if you will go out and play. Maybe one of you will wrestle with Lucky ji in Akhada. Lucky ji doesn’t play video games. He loves playing outside which is why he is so fit. Staying indoors might make you weak. You want to become weak or strong? Kids refuse to play video games. Raghubir ji tells them to make a train and follow him. epi ends on Komal’s happy face. Kareena leaves upset.

Precap: Raghubir ji appreciates the preps. Kids wear the t-shirts with Lucky’s photo on it surprising everyone. They give credit to Komal for arranging the t-shirts. Lattu feeds Malti ji. Lucky Hero will feel bad if you wont eat. Komal and Lattu do thumbs up at each other which Kareena notices. Everyone enjoys the party. Komal misses Lucky. We celebrated your birthday without you. Come soon. I am missing you a lot.

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