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Badho Bahu 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update

Zalim Singh Asks For Titli’s Hand In Marriage


Badho Bahu 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 23rd March 2018 Episode Start With The goons wonder what will make Komal happy. One guy decides to bring Lucky here but the other one points out that he wont spare them. The first goon shows Lucky’s photo to Komal. Komal gets emotional.

Malti ji is keeping clothes in her cupboard when Lucky keeps the rest of them inside while she is looking in the other direction. He knows she is upset but tries to pacify her. She asks him if he can pacify her so easily. Do you realise how hard Badho is working day and night to train Titli? You divert Titli’s attention with your tactics. Lucky says you couldn’t understand me. Badho would have understood me if she was here. Badho was teaching Titli how to do household chores while I was telling her about family. I have so many friend with whom I can go out but Titli has none. Don’t worry. I have apologized to Badho.

Malti ji is happy thinking that he spoke to her on phone. He denies. I apologized to her photo. You are the first MIL who is so much concerned about her DIL than her son. I know you. I know how to pacify you. He calls Titli. She walks in holding a tray of food. Lucky asks her if she isn’t upset with Titli. Malti ji says it is you at fault. She wants to learn it all but you divert her. Titli smiles. Lucky asks Titli to make his mother understand what all they did to make her happy. Titli requests Malti ji to try the dish she has made. I learnt the recipe online. Malti ji starts making excuses but Lucky feeds her. She is impressed by Titli’s cooking skills. Work a little and you will rock! Titli says this is just the beginning. You will become happier tomorrow morning. You can then tell me what is pending.

Next morning, Titli is singing aarti. Kamla ji, Pinki and Malti ji are surprised to hear her sing the aarti correctly. They stand with her for the puja. Titli offers them aarti. Malti ji praises her for learning the aarti so well. Kamla ji too is I disbelief. Titli was singing the aarti. Titli tells her to start trusting her. You just saw me doing one chore. You will soon see me doing everything.

Titli washes the clothes nicely. Pinki points out that she even cleaned the stain which wasn’t going away. kamla ji wonders how she changed overnight. Titli says I dint change. I just recalled what Komal had told me about washing clothes. You might not believe your ears but you can ask Pinki. Malti ji says Komal’s training has started to show its colour on Titli. Pinki is irked that Komal is relaxing there yet she is getting all the praises. Malti ji asks her what she is saying. Kamla ji diverts her attention to pundit ji. He would bring some alliances for Titli. They all go inside.

Kamla ji tells Pundit ji that Titli can do everything on her own. Pundit ji tells her to teach / train her for everything but it is really difficult to find a match for her. I even told all the pundit’s in Haryana but they all refused to help. Everyone knows about that incident with Pradhan Singh. Who will marry her in this condition? Malti ji reasons that she raised a voice against injustice. Pundit ji agrees she did right but openly revolting against everyone wont help her find any match. Please forgive me. He leaves. Kamla ji wonders who will marry Titli. Malti ji says maybe Badho’s tapasya will help Titli find something. She gets Ram ji’s call. He is coming to Ahlawat House. Kamla ji hopes he gives them good news. I hope he finds an alliance for his daughter. Till when will I hide Badho?

Goons request Komal to eat something but she outright refuses. They are concerned for her. She tells them to stop talking rubbish. Call my family and demand ransom. Let me go. They share that they don’t want money. Think it to be your picnic. You will have to work once you return home. Komal wonders what it is if it isn’t kidnapping.

Ram ji is surprised that Titli made such a nice tea. I am unable to believe it that she made it! I have 2 good news. Titli came here and learnt everything nicely. Secondly, a new alliance has come for Titli. He walked up to me himself. Everyone is please. Ram ji shares that a guy called Avinash Singh likes Titli. Plus he belongs to this village only. Raghubir ji asks about the guy’s family. we know everyone. Ram ji says I called him here only. I wont do anything without your consent. You should meet him yourself. Pinki whispers in her MIL’s ears. You should say yes so we can bring back Badho asap. Kamla ji agrees. Malti ji asks them if Kamla ji needs anything. Kamla ji denies.

Payal gives lunch to Vardaan who is busy with work. He asks her to help him but she lies that she has a lot to do. I will send someone to help you though. She thinks he does not know that I came to help him only. I will send Pragya to help you.

Pinki offers to do Titli’s makeup but Titli refuses to get her makeup done. Lucky points out that she started her drama already. Malti ji says girls need to dress up a little when someone pays a visit. Titli reasons that they guy would have seen her or her photo already. Plus he is from this village only. I will stay the way I am. Now I will see him and decide if I like him or not. Malti ji gives in.

Zalim Singh greets everyone. Raghubir ji tells him to stop right there. It wont be good for you if you take any further step. Ram ji is taken aback. Raghubir ji turns to him. You might not know his truth. He is a famous goon of our area. He tried to malign the dignity of my family and Lucky had sent him to jail for that very reason. I am shocked that you agreed to marry your daughter with such a goon! Titli is like my daughter. I wont let anyone do anything wrong to her. Now that we know everything about Zalim Singh, I wont let you come inside my house! Kamla ji seconds him. Zalim Singh saved Titli surely that day but his one good deed wont make up all the wrongs that he did in the past. She asks Lucky to throw him out of the house!

Zalim singh says that was my past. I have changed today. With this new outlook, I got courage to ask for Titli’s hand from you. Kamla ji tells him to leave quietly. Ram ji tells Raghubir ji to think with a cool mind. Zalim Singh’s name is Avinash Singh. It was maligned by his bad deeds. I will tell you why I chose him for my daughter. He fell for Titli the moment he saw her and came to me directly. He did penitence for his misdeeds in jail and worked hard in the jail. His punishment was decreased for that very reason. he told me everything honestly. He could have hidden the truth and had tried to gain Titli some other way but he walked up to me directly. This is what I liked about him. Rest is on you. Zalim Singh asks for a chance to prove himself.


Badho Bahu 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Ram ji says you kept Titli in your house like your daughter. You too have a right to decide for her. Lucky suggests giving a chance to Zalim Singh to change. Later, he tells his father how a girl’s family comes under pressure when her marriage is not getting fixed. Badho told me this. I believe we should give Zalim Singh a chance.

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