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Badho Bahu 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Badho Bahu 23rd May 2017 on

Payal’s mother brings Payal to Ahlawat House. Komal stops them. She asks her Bhabhi to leave. You dint go with mother and now you are here. Leave before someone taunts you or throws you out. Payal points out that she was invited her. Komal asks her who invited her. Kamla ji says I invited her. Does anyone mind? Komal shakes her head. I don’t think Malti Ma ji will like it. Kamla ji scolds her to be quiet. This house does everything that I say including Malti. I rule the house! Who are you to taunt me taking Malti’s name? Listen carefully I will invite whosoever I want to. Komal nods. Payal’s mother whispers in Payal’s ears. I told you I will get you inside today itself. Komal tells Kamla ji not to take her wrong. I dint mean anything like that. Kamla ji sends her to make tea and snacks for them. Komal heads to kitchen while Kamla ji, Payal and her mother head to drawing room.

The test ends. Vardaan collects everyone’s sheets. Everyone leaves the classroom except Bharpayi and Pragya. Bharpayi advises Pragya to stay away from Teji. He isn’t nice. I have seen him misbehaving with you many times. You also know how many times you fell in trouble because of him. Take today for example. It was Master ji who saved you or what would have happened otherwise. Come on the right path. Pragya blames Vardaan for putting all this in her head. You will tell me what’s right and wrong? Stay in your limits! You don’t have to interfere in my personal life. She walks away in a huff. Bharpayi feels bad. She turns to go but collides with Vardaan. He ends up holding her in his arms. She smiles briefly. He asks her if she is fine. She nods. Vardaan sits down to collect the papers. Bharpayi realises how wrong she was to focus on a wrong person like Teji. I dint see Vardaan even once. He asks about her exam and she ends up praising him. She finally leaves for home. Vardaan looks confused.

Everyone is in a rush to submit application for the new shop. Jitesh and Ajay are there in disguise. Jitesh gives preference to ladies. The guy who gave watermelon to Payal is also standing in the queue. Lucky also comes there in disguise. He creates a fuss about getting a shop but not agreeing to stand in the line. I have ample money to buy it. Jitesh and Ajay firmly tell him to stand at the end of the queue. Lucky stands in the line.

Payal comes to kitchen to check on Komal. You workslowly here as I am not here. Komal tells her to sit. I will bring tea. Payal asks for biscuits and samosas also. Komal assures her she will take good care of her. Payal requests her not to be upset with her. Did you tell anyone else about the corruption thing? It will be a problem if family members find out about it. Komal denies. We have found a way out though. Payal requests her to tell her the plan. I am on your side and wish to help. You know I am not at fault. Komal ends up telling her her plan. Payal wipes the sweat off her face. Badho wont spare me if she finds out. I will have to stop her somehow. Komal gives her tea. I couldn’t make samosa in such a short time. Payal excuses herself to check on Lattu. I forgot he will be coming early.

The guy standing before Lucky asks him if he wants the shop. Only 4-5 people get the shop and you will surely lose the chance. lucky asks him if he has some way out. I need a shop anyhow. The guy promises him he will get one shop at any cost! Do as I say. Lucky asks him how he should trust him. What if you run away with my money? The guy replies that this is how it works here. Lucky asks him if he did anything similar earlier. The guy shares that he bought a shop in Sirsa fair earlier. Lucky asks more questions. The guy tells him to mind his work if he will ask so many questions. Lucky reasons that it is his hard earned money. The guy instructs him to come to the old school in evening. I will have 20% share in the deal. Lucky promises him. The guy tells him to leave or someone will doubt seeing them together. Lucky nods at Jitesh and Ajay and makes an exit. Ajay and Jitesh close the office for today.

Komal gives tea to Kamla ji and Payal’s mother. Bhabhi went hurriedly as she recalled Lattu will be home early today. Kamla ji is upset that the guest left just like that. Payal’s mother covers the situation.

Komal gets Raghubir ji’s call and gets tensed. She recalls the villagers deciding to come over to their house to sort out the matter. Raghubir ji tells her he will be home by evening with Malti. Malti wants to eat the food made by you. Please fulfil her wish. Komal agrees. They end the call. Komal hopes they are able to save Babu ji today.


Badho Bahu 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A kid gives a watermelon to Lucky. I was told to give it to you and to tell you it would help you doing what you want. Lucky calls out after the kid but he runs away. Komal calls Lucky. Babu ji called to say he will be home by evening. The same guy (who Lucky met in the fake office) blames / taunts Raghubir ji for getting his son an expensive bike using their hard earned money. Aren’t you ashamed?