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Badho Bahu 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky reads the rest of the article silently. Kamla ji tells Malti ji see how their name was maligned today because of her DIL. Forget about family, entire village would be speaking against Raghubir! We wont be able to face anyone now. Malti ji seconds her. She insults us in home but now she has insulted her us before the entire world. Lucky tells her not to say so. We must find out who is behind this. She reminds him that she is his mother and not vice versa. Kailash ji says someone tried to malign our respect but why would someone do that! Raghubir ji too cannot understand how someone can stoop so low just for elections. Chotto Bua points out that both the parties are present here. Only your opponent will make use of this news. Raghubir ji asks her if she is pointing finger at his elder brother. She denies. There are just not one but many people standing against you right now. Kamla ji acts to get emotional / upset at this. Do you think I am behind this? Say it once and we will withdraw our name from the elections. We wont let anyone malign the name of our DIL. Think 100 times before saying anything Chotto.

Komal tells them not to stretch the matter. Lucky insists someone is trying to separate them. We have to find out who is behind this. Komal says this is of no use right now. We have to think what to do next. Kamla ji seconds her. Drop this matter. Let bygones be bygones. Som asks Badho to come to put poster. Malti ji tells him to tear them as they have Badho’s photo. We have been already insulted enough. Such posters are of no use. Tear them and burn them. Komal agrees with her. Only Tau ji’s poster will be distributed in the village. Lucky asks her if she has lost her mind. Raghubir ji also tells her not to let any obstacle hinder their path. Malti ji tells him not to add fuel to the fire. Is this article not enough? Kamla ji requests Raghubir ji not to say anything to Ma ji. I don’t want the poster to be distributed. She thanks Lucky for considering her good enough for this but I don’t want anyone to point fingers at you or Babu ji because of me. These posters wont be distributed anywhere. She takes posters from Som and sets them afire even though Lucky and Raghubir ji keep telling her against it.

Lucky calls her mad but she reasons she did the right thing. I don’t want you or Babu ji to be insulted because of me. pardon me. Kamla ji acts to sympathise with her. Pinki also praises her. This is the only way to stop the problem that was about to break us. You did well. Kamla ji tells Komal she kept their respect intact today. Bravo! Pinki adds that she set an example before everyone by doing this. Komal tells Som and Bharpayi to distribute Tau ji’s posters in the village. Kamla ji asks her to help in this. Komal readily agrees. Lucky sarcastically tells her to go ahead.

Payal acts to be upset the moment Pragya and Jamuna ji enter. Jamuna ji asks her why she seems so upset. Payal lies that people were gossiping that we brought DIL who dint even do pagphere. Pragya is still not related to us. It will happen after pagphere. They also said that a bride isn’t a bride till that ritual happens. I cannot understand if we should call Pragya our DIL or guest. I somehow bore it but will you be able to bear this insult? If I could do it then I would have gone ahead to complete the ritual but they wont allow me there. You should take responsibility of the same. I cannot listen to such taunts all my life. Who all will we give an answer to? Pragya looks down. Jamuna ji also gets silent.

Komal tells Lucky she thought well before making that decision. Try to understand me once. He says don’t you know it was all well planned yet you supported them. She tells him to calm down. We have to be patient in such situation as it is very critical. It is our responsibility to maintain calm. He refuses to stay calm. I feel like beating everyone. She says we are known by our deeds. We would be known if our deeds are good. If we aren’t good then one day our truth will come out. He tells her to become Badho Devi but he isn’t that great. Leave me alone. I am not like you. She nods and leaves. He thinks she is indeed very innocent. God help you. You are helping those who are backstabbing you!

Rinki comes to meet Pragya. Payal shares that she has gone to Bakriawal with her MIL. Stop playing games and attack now. Bring your brother from any corner of the world to Sirsa. Pragya would be going there soon for pagphere ritual. I want her to meet him there so they can elope from them. Rinki is confused. Why in Sirsa? Payal advises her not to use her brain or she will show the photo to everyone. Rinki agrees.

Komal and Pinki are pasting posters in village. Pinki is only guiding her as to what should be done. Komal keeps thinking of the video and of Rana’s challenge while pasting them. A few ladies taunt Badho on how she is helping opposition party. Badho is anyways famous after that article. Som is helping Bharpayi. Pinki sends the ladies away. Komal requests Pinki to step back from the challenge. It wont do anyone any good. It would only create distance between both the brothers. Pinki lies that he wont listen to her or anyone this time. Komal loses her cool and raises her hand a little while helplessly telling her to do as told. Pinki asks her what she would do then. Komal says nothing and resumes putting the posters. Pinki goes to Bharpayi. Komal thinks I never thought you will stoop so low. You have broken my trust. I am only quiet for the sake of my family.

A guy comes to Ahlawat House. He has been sent by Sarpanch ji. he shares that they have surveyed the entire village. We would put name plates in all the houses where it is required. We want to start from your home. Kailash ji agrees. The guy gives them a form. Fill all the names which are to be put on the name plate and give to me. Lucky hears everything. You (Komal) removed your name from the poster. See what I will do to get your name printed now.


Badho Bahu 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky falls from the stool and hurts himself on his shoulder. Pinki overhears them talking about his wound. Later, Malti ji hands Lucky a name place to check. He shares that it doesn’t have his but Komal’s name. Komal is surprised.

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