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Badho Bahu 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rana and Raghubir ji bring the kids to the Akhada. They train them in a similar manner like everyone at their home does. Rana does push-ups with Lattu sitting on his back. Kids enjoy practising. They come back in the home hungry. They are pepped up by the practise and decide not to play indoor games. Kareena looks upset. She asks kids to have cold drinks and chips. Attack! Komal comes just then with milk for everyone. Kareena says kids deserve some prize as they practised so hard. Komal nods. this is why I brought milk for them. Kareena tells her to ask the kids if she things these modern kids would prefer milk over cold drinks. Kids vouch for cold drinks. Rana and Raghubir ji have heard everything. They all drink a glass of milk each to teach a valuable lesson to kids. Raghubir ji sweetly explains the side effects of cold drinks to kids. Milk gives you strength. These chips will make you weak and frail. Do you want to become like Lucky Hero or not? Kids keep mum. Raghubir ji tells Komal to give milk to him. We will drink milk and become strong like Lucky Hero. We will also become Iron Man. Kids shout at him to stop and finish a glass each. Komal asks Rana if he got what she had asked him to. He assures her it is almost done. Komal tells 3 important things to kids which Lucky does. One, he wakes up really early and practises. Two, he drinks milk. Kids say we have done this already. She says for that you will have to rest for a while as it is important. Kids agree. Rana asks them to come with him then.

At night, the house is all set for party. Everyone appreciates Komal on the preps. Malti ji stands with a sad face. Kamla ji says why have you done so much decorations when Lucky isn’t here. Raghubir ji says we too miss him but kids wanted to celebrate. We are just celebrating for them. Kareena asks for the kids. Komal points at them. Kids come wearing the t-shirts with Lucky’s photo on it surprising everyone. Malti ji’s face lights up. Kareena asks them what this is. Kids give credit to Komal for arranging the special t-shirts. They thank her for giving them the best gift on their Hero’s birthday. Kamla ji also compliments Komal on the t-shirts. Get one for Ahlawat ji too. Get my photo on it so he never forgets me even I am dead. Komal shares that Rana has got them. I only told them and he arranged for them. Ahlawat ji praises him.

Lattu walks up to MAlti ji. You dint eat anything since morning. She asks him who told him. He says I know it. You dint eat anything while waiting for Lucky Hero. She lies to him. he reasons that she is only going to upset Lucky Hero by staying hungry. He is Hero. Nothing will happen to him. Don’t worry. Please eat some. Tear falls down her cheek. She takes a bite from his hand and also makes him eat. Everyone smiles seeing her eating finally. Komal and Lattu do thumbs up at each other which Kareena notices.

A kid walks up to Kamla ji. You have to make Lucky Hero’s favourite kheer now. We too want to eat it. She happily agrees. She takes Pinki and Pragya with her.

Kareena sits down near Malti ji. You can see how much she (Komal) is acting. Malti ji calls Komal an actor. Don’t know why my husband does not understand!

Kids relish the kheer made by Kamla ji. They ask her how she made it so soon. She smiles. I made it in the morning itself but dint tell anyone. Kids finish the kheer. Komal has something else planned as well. You will find out in a minute. She asks Ajay, Jitesh to hit it (in English). Ajay and Jitesh play music. Kids dance with all the youngsters. Pinki sees Teji dancing with Pragya and comes in between. Teji switches place with Rana. Komal misses Lucky and goes to stand next to his cut out in between.

Everyone wishes the cut out a happy birthday as they cut the cake. Komal offers the first bite to Malti ji who accepts it only for her husband’s sake. She gives it to Raghubir ji and then touches it to the cut out.

Kids tell Komal they enjoyed a lot today. We couldn’t meet Lucky Hero but had fun living his way. Raghubir ji makes him repeat what Komal had asked them to. Kids give correct answer. Raghubir ji adds that they must also study well. Kids nod cheerily. Rana and Teji go to drop the kids back home.

Komal is missing Lucky. You (Lucky) were not with me today. I waited entire day for you. Kids came to celebrate your birthday. They were really happy. They left happily. Come back now please. I am missing you a lot. She gets emotional recalling their first meeting, their wedding and of his dislike towards her. She lies down to sleep.

Precap: Pragya asks someone if he loves her or not. Komal and Kareena hear them. They go closely to check but find Vardaan coming out of the room. Kareena instigates Lucky to do something now. She gets shocked seeing Komal at the door.

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