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Badho Bahu 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Badho Bahu 24th May 2017 on

Komal tells Kamla ji what Raghubir ji said. Komal heads to kitchen to make dinner. Payal’s mother (Lakshmi) gets to go but Kamla ji stops her. You used to look so beautiful earlier but you do so much fashion nowadays. Lakshmi ji complains that no one looks at her these days, not even her husband.

Komal calls Lucky ji and tells her Babu ji will be home by evening. Did you find out about that corrupt guy? Lucky denies. I met someone who offered to tell me how to buy the shop stealthily. I will meet him in evening and get info from him. She hopes he succeeds. Keep in touch. He agrees.

Lakshmi ji shares all that she used to do earlier. I used to glow. Now who do I dress up for? Kamla ji says it is all destiny. laksmi ji leaves. Kamla ji thinks she is old but wants to do fashion!

Teji holds Pragya’s hand in gallery. She tells him not to do so. What if someone sees us? He says no one is watching. Just give me a kiss. She calls him mad. Don’t you feel shy ever? He flirts with her. She asks him to leave. He asks for a flying kiss. She runs off noticing Lakshmi ji coming there. Pragya is right behind Lakshmi ji when Teji gives a flying kiss in Pragya’s direction. Lakshmi ji mistakes it to be for her. Teji shakes her head but she looks at with love. Romantic song plays in the background. He tries to leave but she blocks his way. He manages to escape somehow. Lakshmi ji books a parlour appointment for herself.

Payal covers her face with her dupatta and comes to meet the so called government office. She meets the same corrupt guy. They walk in a corner when she stops him showing him her face. She shares that she in a problem now. I came to clear your misunderstanding. I dint get any of the watermelons that you gave to me. Raghubir ji took all of them. We are poor people. I know how I manage the expenses. My husband works at Raghubir ji’s place. I cannot ask for my share. He falls in her words. She tells him that all villagers are going to gather in Ahlawat House to question him. How would I and my family live if my name comes out? Only poor people can understand each other’s pain. He tells her not to cry. You called me brother. I cannot let my sister cry. Real culprit is Raghubir ji. I will bring out his truth before everyone in evening. Be assured. I am with you. She thanks him. Payal thinks I dint want to malign Raghubir Babu ji’s name but I had to do it for my family. Save me this time Bholenath. I wont do anything wrong next time.

Rana is missing Pinki. I am unable to do anything when you aren’t there. Pinki comes in stealthily and surprises him. He takes a step in her direction but stops himself. I have gone mad. I imagine Pinki ji everywhere. She tells him she is here for real. He still doesn’t believe her so she ends up pinching her. Rana hugs her tight. You were going to come after 2 days. She nods. I thought to surprise you so I am here. Dint you like it? He picks her up in his arms. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Kamla ji enters just then and coughs. She advises Pinki to meet everyone first. You came here directly. Pinki lies that pundit ji told her to see husband the moment I come home. I was told to give him Prasad. Kamla ji asks for Prasad. Rana also extends his hand. Pinki gives him Prasad and then seeks her MIL’s blessings. Kamla ji falls for her words. Come in my room and massage my legs and hands. She notices her son’s sad face. I was kidding. Don’t worry. She leaves from there. Rana hugs Pinki yet again.

Lucky is waiting for the guy at an isolated place. Hope he comes or Babu ji will be in trouble. A kid comes running to him and gives him a watermelon. The kid tells Lucky his Chacha couldn’t come today. He gave this for him. Lucky asks him to take him to his chacha but the kid points out he isn’t his relative. He just told me to give this watermelon to you. He runs away. Lucky sits down in his jeep irked.

Everyone has gathered in Ahlawat House. Payal hopes to be saved. Pinki asks Komal if something happened in her absence. Ahlawat ji greets everyone. How come everyone is here today? Sarpanch ji apologizes to them for coming uninvited. The matter was important. Villagers had something to say so we are here. Ahlawat ji tells him to speak up. Sarpanch ji suggests waiting for Raghubir ji. His presence is important. We will wait for him. Komal wonders where Lucky ji is. Ma Babu ji would come anytime. What will happen now! Raghubir ji and Malti ji come just then.

Komal panics. Where is Lucky ji? Malti ji greets everyone. Raghubir ji asks his brother about people coming here. Sarpanch ji points out that everyone wants to talk to him. Komal stops him mid sentence. We should wait for Lucky ji. It would be right to talk when he is here. Teji is sure something is wrong. The corrupt guy refuses to wait for anyone. Let’s come clear now. Other people agree with him. A guy speaks of the branded expensive bike that Lucky was riding. You got it from our money. Aren’t you ashamed to use our money to buy that bike for your son? You took bribe from us and backstabbed us? Everyone looks puzzled. We trusted you so much yet you cheated us!


Badho Bahu 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky asks people to take the name of the culprit if they are so sure. Everyone blames Raghubir ji. Komal comes in kitchen to get water. Bharpayi notices that the watermelon is hollow from inside. Komal hears this and stops.

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