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Badho Bahu 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Komal And Malti Lay Trap For Kamla And Pinki!


Badho Bahu 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 25th December 2017 Episode Start With Payal says I always doubted there is something. How can Raghubir ji lose when he is so popular amongst everyone! I was wondering how he can have such fewer votes! Now I know that Kamla ji is behind it. So much has happened and that lady is having German biscuits here! Why are you sitting here quietly? I expected you to blast by now. Let’s show this video to everyone. Komal tells her against it. I know Tai ji well. She will turn it around. We have to think well before doing anything. We have to expose her. She has done so much wrong. All her lies will be exposed now.

We will have to think before taking any step. You only said we have to think like our enemies to defeat our enemy. We will have to think like Tai ji only. Payal nods. What should we do? Komal suggests creating an atmosphere where all the villagers and Panch’s are. All those who think that Tai ji is great should find her truth themselves. I want her well wishers to speak it out. Payal calls it difficult but Komal replies that they anyways don’t like doing simple things.

Komal tells her MIL that they have got the chance to fix everything now. Malti ji agrees. Cowards stay quiet. Your Babu ji never wanted his DIL’s or daughters to be quiet and bear everything. Every MIL wants her DIL to be her shadow. I got such a great DIL that I want to be your shadow today. I will do whatever you will ask me to. We will do it together (tod ke rakh denge)! Komal promises her she will bring Babu ji home at any cost. Just do as I say. Malti ji asks her what they should do. Komal suggests her that they will have to make the arrogant people so blind in their arrogance that they will be shattered completely by the time they will realise it! Malti ji agrees to do whatever she will say. They share a hug.

Komal and Malti ji are sitting. They see Pinki and Kamla ji coming there and start sharing the things in gift pack. Pinki and her MIL look on. Pinki says I told you that Badho wont be able to stop herself. We must keep it away from her reach. Komal and Malti ji excitedly talk about muffins. Malti ji agrees to make more for her. Komal suggests her to make it for entire village. They w ill call you number 1. This irks Kamla ji. I did so much to become number 1. I will see how they will be able to do it. They join Komal and Malti ji. Kamla ji asks Komal why Malti will work when I am here. Let her rest. I will do everything. I am the eldest person in this house. I will make preps for Christmas. Malti ji and Komal agree. Komal calls Kamla ji Sarpanchni. You only deserve to do it. Kamla ji’s gets over confident. Malti ji gives them 2 things. They go. Komal whispers to her MIL that she has boosted Kamla ji’s pride now. See what will happen when that bubble will burst. They smile.

Komal and Lucky keep Christmas tree on a table. She says it is done but he tells her it needs to be decorated. She smiles. He explains that they have to decorate it with different decorations, lights, etc. He also explains the significance of Christmas to her. This tree pushes all the bad things out of the house. She agrees to decorate it so much that every bad thing will go out of their house. How do you know so much about Christmas? He says internet can help you find any information. I will tell you about it later. They get busy decorating the tree.

Pinki praise Badho. She kneaded dough in one minute. Kamla ji says it is normal. She suggests Badho to take responsibility for Christmas. I have decided to call 4 villages and their Panch’s too. Pinki likes her idea. We would need to cook for lot many people like around 500-600 people. Badho will only have to cook for these many people. Komal agrees. I would have done it myself if it was usual village stuff. I don’t even know how to pronounce their names. Pinki calls her illiterate. Komal says Pinki knows everything. Only she can make all these things. I don’t know how to make them. Pinki points out that they would need oven to make all this. You wont be able to make it. I can do it easily. Komal says Pinki will make it in oven. Kamla ji agrees that no one can beat Pinki in cooking. She can easily cook for 500-600 people. She will also make a big cake. Pinki looks at her in shock. Kamla ji tells her it isn’t a small celebration but Kamla Singh Ahlawat’s celebration. People will praise it! Get busy. Pinki goes after her.

Malt ji enters. She praises Komal for her tactic. You trapped Kamla ji and Pinki in their trap only. Komal calls it just the beginning. Those Sarpanch’s threw Babu ji out. Everything will come clear before their own eyes now!

Kamla ji has brought oven home already for Pinki. She tells Pinki to start working now. I want everyone to praise me and my family only. Komal looks at all the sides. How to open it? Kamla ji warns her not to touch it. You will break it. Stay away from it. Malti ji also tells her to keep out of it. You wont be able to do it. Leave baking for Pinki. She is smart. she will do it. Pinki ends up nodding her head reluctantly.

Kamla ji sits wondering when Pinki’s work will be done and when she will come to massage my legs. Komal starts doing it. Kamla ji praises her thinking her to be Pinki. You haven’t done it so nicely before. I never knew you do it so well after working or I would have made you work daily. She is startled to see Komal. Komal says I knew you are tired and want someone to massage your legs which is why I came here. Kamla ji asks her what the reason for showing this love is. Komal calls it her duty to look after her. You are a part of our family only. I couldn’t understand one thing earlier but I have understood it now. Kamla ji asks her about it. Komal shares that people say that Tau ji couldn’t have become Sarpanch without her. Kamla ji recalls forging votes for her husband. What do you mean? Komal says you are really lucky for him. You have done do much for our village. She thinks Kamla ji will get the biggest shock of her life this Christmas. Be ready.


Badho Bahu 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal clicks a photo of Kamla. Pinki is shoved behind. Malti ji fills Pinki’s ears against her MIL. Bharpayi brings 2 glasses of milk for Kamla ji. Pinki takes one but Kamla ji tells her she got it for herself and Badho.

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