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Badho Bahu 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Vardhan was leaving home and informs his mother he is going to inform Raghubir that institute is closed today. His mummy tells him Komal fall off on Holi, she is also going to inquire about her health. He was worried about Komal at once and says no one informed him. He was ready to go with Maa and Payal. Payal comes ready to leave but was hopeful she will not return empty handed from there.

At home, Kamla and Malti discussing they were relaxed watching Lucky in the morning. Malti says she pulled Lucky’s ears. Kamla asks if Raghubir has forgiven Lucky, Malti says on Komal’s insistence. Komal comes there with tea and appreciates the jewelry. Kamla tells Komal she would gift them to Pragya as dowry, it’s a full 100 tola. Pragya comes there saying she doesn’t want to marry now. Komal agrees to Pragya that she isn’t as old and must be let to study. Kamla was curt over Komal and Pragya both.

There was a knock at the door, Komal cheers watching Jamuna, Vardhan and Payal. Payal was left in shock watching all the gold, her eyes wide open. Kamla questions why would they rob somewhere, they have collected every bit of it. Payal wonders how many years did it take to collect such gold. Kamla boasts this all belongs to Pragya. Payal wonders what she would do with this much of gold. Raghubir comes there and asks Jamuna how she came. Jamuna says she came because Komal was injured. Komal assures Jamuna she is fine completely. Raghubir asks Komal to bring Prasad along with tea.

Kareena walks into Lucky’s room and asks why he is burning his body so much because of Komal. She suggests he must push her out of the house. Lucky was afraid of Raghubir’s reaction. Kareena says men never understand what politics women play at home. Lucky says they must bring her true face to everyone and show them she isn’t as innocent as she appears. Kareena assures Lucky she would do something about her. Lucky shares with Kareena that Komal was about to marry another guy before him. There, Komal thinks about calling Lucky outside. In the room, Lucky tells Kareena her fiancé lost a case in court and denied marrying her. She cried and Raghubir fall pity over her. Kareena tells Lucky that Payal and Jamuna were staring at Kamla’s jewelry today, as if she was about to eat them. She instigates Lucky about what Komal’s family has been doing here. Lucky was sure to unveil her true colors in front of family now. Komal had reached the room and calls Lucky downstairs as Raghubir is calling him and inquires him about tea.

Komal serves tea to everyone. She asks Vardhan if he didn’t go to class, Vardhan says there was no electricity so he cancelled the class. Komal suggests he must hold his class here, Raghubir also allows them. After Vardhan had gone inside, Raghubir asks Jamuna what she has thought about his future. Jamuna hopes Vardhan completes his CA. Payal was also hopeful about Vardhan’s future and points towards finding a proposal for him. Jamuna was concerned about Vardhan’s poverty and the size of their house. The elders assure Jamuna Vardhan would turn into a huge man one day.

Komal and Kareena hear Pragya asking some guy if he loves her or not. They wonder whom is she talking to. The guy tells her to speak low. Pragya says her mother always speak about her marriage, the guy leaves Pragya crying. Vardhan enters the room from one door, Pragya leaves from the other. Vardhan follows Pragya outside, both Komal and Kareena were shocked to see him appear from the room.

PRECAP: Komal asks Vardhan if he likes Pragya, did he celebrate valentines with her? Kareena hears Komal ask Jamuna to reach home with Vardhan and Pragya’s birth chart. Kareena comes to tell Lucky about Komal’s plan to get Pragya married to disabled Vardhan.

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