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Badho Bahu 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Badho Bahu 25th May 2017 on

Teji is excited to see some drama while Malti ji is boggled as to what’s happening. I don’t understand anything. Komal wonders where Lucky is. Come soon please. Villagers begin to speak up again when Kailash ji warns them not to say anything against his brother. He stood for all of you always and this is how you repay him? That bike was a gift from me to Lucky. I bought it with my own money. The same corrupt villager tells him to stop lying. You don’t have to support your brother always. He is wrong. Komal tells them to stop talking against her Babu ji right now. She asks Bharpayi to see if Lucky is home or not. Kamla ji warns the men to be quiet or she wont spare them. One of the villagers taunts her for her richness. This is how things happen here. Rana pulls him out of the crowd. Raghubir ji stops him. Other villagers are all the more agitated now.

Lucky reaches home. Bharpayi tells him that everyone has gathered at their home. They are falsely accusing Babu ji. Lucky rushes inside. Villagers demand for an answer. Why did you stoop so low? Raghubir ji feels dizzy. Lucky and Malti ji hold him in time. Raghubir ji tells Lucky he is very strong. I wont fall so easily. He tells people to go ahead and speak their heart out. I have seen good and bad days. Maybe I was destined to see this also. Go ahead. People question him as to why they took their money to get his son an expensive imported bike. Lucky notices the corrupt guy standing there and holds him by his collar. Cheater! You sent that watermelon with that kid. Why dint you come there? Komal hopes his anger does not worsen things. The corrupt guy recognizes him to be that old man. You came in disguise in morning. He tells everyone that Lucky was acting before them to get money out of their pockets faking that AC Shop sale. People second him. We dint know he will be so smart. Pinki asks Rana if he also did something similar. Rana denies. Payal is sure she wont fall in this trap. They dig their own grave. Kamla ji is relieved that Rana isn’t driving the bike or they would have been trouble right now. Malti ji is sad to see people misbehaving with her family. I never thought I will see this day.

Komal asks Lucky if he found some proof. He denies. I tried but failed. She wants to save Babu ji or villagers will insult him very much. Raghubir ji tells them they wont do anything now. He turns to the villagers. I have heard enough but I don’t know the reason. he asks Lucky if he did what that guy said. Lucky tells him everything from the start. The corrupt guy taunts both father-son for being cheaters. Lucky warns him to watch his tongue. People refuse to quieten now. Accept that you did wrong if you have even a bit of shame. Komal requests them not to take this matter forward. No one from our family is corrupt. We did the drama of AC Shops to catch actual culprit. Trust us. We are innocent. People demand justice. Lucky takes responsibility of organizing the fair along with Badho, Payal Bhabhi and Shankar Bhaiya. None of us are culprits here. Take a name if you are so sure that the culprit is from our family. We will punish that person ourselves! Shankar notices his wife looking tensed.

People continue to blame Raghubir ji. Lucky acted smart. You will blame everything on a poor person and the real culprit will abscond. Komal tells it the other way round but people continue pointing fingers at Raghubir ji. Malti ji falls down. Komal goes to bring water for her.

Shankar keeps looking pointedly at Payal. She asks him why he is staring at her like that. He keeps staring at her quietly / worriedly.

Bharpayi thinks to get watermelon for Malti Ma ji. She might be hungry. She notices that the watermelon is hollow from inside. Komal hears this and stops. From where did you get this? Bharpayi shares that she got it from Lucky’s car. Komal recalls Lucky’s convo earlier and how Payal was holding too many watermelons at her home when they had gone there. She connects the dots. She gives water to Bharpayi and rushes out.

The corrupt guy calls it malti ji’s drama. They will be let off this way but we wont pity them today. Sarpanch calms them down. Bharpayi brings water for Malti ji. Pinki sprinkles water on her thereby waking her up. The corrupt guy asks them till when will this family drama continue. Others also join them. Raghubir ji tells him he dint expect this from him. Till now you thought of me as your elder brother. Your thinking this about me in itself is a punishment for me. You can punish me however way you please if you think I am at fault. I will accept it. I have agreed to whatever you have said till date. I will accept this also. Kailash ji tells him against it. There is some misunderstanding. Payal hopes the matter wont aggravate. Lucky and his mother tell Raghubir ji not to say so.

Lucky requests everyone not to blame his father. he isn’t at fault. You can punish me if you still wish to. All family members speak in Raghubir ji’s favour but he refuses to hear them. He asks Sarpanch ji what punishment he has decided for them. He asks every person standing there about it too. Komal says Babu ji wont be punished. She walks in carrying a sack on her shoulder.

Payal realises what it is and is stunned. Raghubir ji tells Komal not to intervene but she tells him she has found out who the real culprit is. It is Payal Bhabhi! Everyone is shocked. Payal breaks into tears. Shankar asks his sister why he is blaming Payal. You checked the house in the morning and dint find anything. Do you have proof? She throws one watermelon. Small packets of money fall on the floor when it breaks into pieces. Everyone is stunned to see it. Komal breaks all the watermelons on the floor one by one.

Badho Bahu 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The jeweller supports Komal. I also wondered from where she got so much money to buy gold chain and watch. Lucky and Shankar are shocked to realise that it’s real gold. Komal holds Payal by her throat. Babu ji did so much for you and this is how you will pay him back? She begins to strangle her. Lucky tries to stop Komal but she refuses to stop today. I will make things even today.

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