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Badho Bahu 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to join them tomorrow for festivities. She agrees.

Reporters take Kailash ji’s interview. Kailash ji expresses a wish to support him as his counsellor. Sangram Singh ji and Kamla ji smiles at each other. Komal and Malti ji seem unhappy. Komal thinks it is wrong. Flashback shows Kamla ji advising her husband to appoint Raghubir ji as his counsellor as no one can do this job better than him. Flashback ends. Kailash ji asks Raghubir ij if he will support him or not. Raghubir ji agrees for it. Komal tells Lucky it is all going wrong.

Two villagers come there to share their problem. Kailash ji assures them he will find a solution to it. Another guy invites him for an inauguration function. Kailash ji asks Raghubir ji what they should do first. Raghubir ji suggests taking care of potholes first as it might be causing them a problem. We can do inauguration later. Kailash ji nods but Kamla ji intervenes. We must worry more about respect rather than other problems. People can live with potholes. They are not going anywhere. We can take care of them afterwards too. Kailash ji sides with her. We will get the roads fixed in a few months from now when other construction work will be on. The villagers leave.

Komal whispers to Lucky that Babu ji said yes for the sake of it. He cannot insult his brother in front of everyone. Kamla ji tells Badho to speak openly before everyone. Why are you signalling Raghubir like this? Komal denies but Kamla ji insists upon her to speak her heart out. You helped us in elections a lot which is commendable but you must speak up.

She asks Raghubir ji to make Komal say it. Komal ends up telling Raghubir ji his decision to be Sarpanch’s counsellor isn’t right. Malti ji says it is one of the best positions. Why don’t you understand that he will be the one making decisions? Komal explains that both the men have different opinions which might end up also cause problems between them. This is why I feel this decision isn’t right. Rest is up to you. Kamla ji asks her if she means her husband dint think through it. Komal says it isn’t so.

Jamuna ji and her family are seated for the puja. Vimla ji comes there with Rinki. She shares that Rinki’s husband left her here for forever. He also said that she has an affair with someone else. He has left divorce papers too. Everyone is taken aback. Vimla ji wants to go to the guy’s house. I wont be back till he accepts her. I will give him a piece of my mind. My husband is also not here. Please let Rinki stay here till then. Payal tries avoiding it but Vardaan scolds her. We will manage it. Payal scolds him for speaking without thinking after becoming CA. Vardaan says it isn’t about me becoming CA but about friendship and duty. Payal gives up. Vimla ji thanks Jamuna ji.

Sangram Singh signals his reporter friend. He turns to Raghubir ji. Is this the reason why you lost? Lucky gets angry but Raghubir ji tells him to calm down. This is their job. Reporters begin to flood them with questions against Komal. Kamla ji whispers to Malti ji that Badho is responsible for whatever happened to your son and husband. Everyone will soon find out about it. That day isn’t far when you will lose everything. Lucky loses his cool and tells everyone about how much Badho has done for everyone. The same reporter says your anger seems to be because of you losing the Iron Man Championship. Is it bothering you so much that you are saying that the villagers were wrong to elect Kailash ji?

Komal apologizes to everyone for their words. We believe villagers and everyone did the right thing by nominating the right person. We don’t have any problem with it. Raghubir ji addresses everyone politely. Please don’t stretch the matter anymore. I have no problem with me losing the elections. I have gracefully accepted it. I am sad that it was my daughter who was the face of my outlook and elections (hinting that she too might have felt bad about it). Pinki understands it was her MILs doing. Raghubir ji points out that the Sarpanch now has to go to the inauguration function. Komal asks Lucky about going to the function. Lucky angrily retorts that he doesn’t wish to go anywhere. You can go if you wish to!

Komal keeps requesting Lucky to come but he stays put. She tells him to stay calm. We must support Tau ji at every step and stand by his side. Malti ji asks her what she is teaching her son now. You first made him lose the Championship and then you made my husband lose in the elections. Stop your tactics now. Komal tells her she is misunderstanding but Malti ji continues to scold her; blame her for everything that has gone wrong with her family. Don’t know what all we have to see. Lucky tells her to stop. You too are talking like everyone else. You are blaming her falsely. Malti ji shocked. You too? You are telling me to be quiet because of her? He reasons that he is only trying to tell her Badho isn’t at fault in this.


Badho Bahu 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Pinki appreciates her MIL for planning everything against Komal and her family so well that they are losing out in everything. Malti ji questions Komal what black magic she has weaved on her son and her husband. Answer me! Raghubir ji warns her to let go of Komal’s hand. Malti ji finally relents and faces him.

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