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Badho Bahu 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Malti And Komal Take Their Plan Forward!


Badho Bahu 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 26th December 2017 Episode Start With Komal is still taking care of Kamla ji. Touch over and mark a good start for us. Kamla ji falls for it.

Pinki is watching videos online and starts making preps accordingly. God, send someone to help. How will I do it alone? She gets tired. She thinks her work will be finished soon. She finds Komal holding the tray of cookies. Don’t do anything wrong or my hard will go down the drain. Kamla ji tells her to move aside first. Komal shares that Tai ji wants to do inauguration of oven. She clicks a photo of Kamla ji. I will show it to villagers. They should know how much you take care of them. You got these machines from city for them after all. Pinki also asks her to click the photo but Komal gives her no importance.

Kamal ji also shoves her aside. Kamla ji acts to be doing everything forthe photos. Kamla ji’s back gets twisted. Komal gives the tray to Pinki. I will apply oil on Tai ji’s back. Pinki makes faces. Komal again asks Kamla ji for a photo. Kamla ji immediately stands. How can I say no? I am the second famous person after Jatta. People act crazy to get a photo clicked with me. Komal nods. She hands over her phone to Pinki angering her all the more. After photo, Komal tells her to finish everything. It is about Tai ji’s and family’s respect. I will take care of Tai ji. Kamla ji also tells Pinki to cook everything well. They leave. Pinki wonders what happened to her MIL. Did she forget me?

Malti ji is waiting for Komal’s hint. When should I go to Pinki? Don’t know if Bhabhi trusted Komal or not. Bhabhi and Pinki’s Jodi is strange / tough. It is very difficult to break them. Lucky says it is difficult but not impossible. He shows the photo to Malti ji. We got the sign. You just have to add fuel to the fire. She is hesitant that she has never done something like this before. I am alone. What if I get caught? I am unlike Badho who can twist things around. He assures her he is Badho’s MIL. Payal Bhabhi and I cannot do anything in this matter. This is the only way to bring Babu ji back home. You will have to do it. She agrees to do it for her husband’s sake. I am Badho’s MIL. I am not like her but I am also not less than her. He nods.

Pinki prepares everything for the celebration herself. Ma ji is too much. Why did she have to make me do all this! She also invited all the Panch’s! I will be dead by the end. It would have been great if Badho was here. She would have done whatever I would have told her to but I have ended up with this now! Malti ji asks her why she is mumbling to herself. Pinki murmurs a sarcastic answer. Malti ji says the fragrance is nice but aren’t you done yet. Pinki denies. Will you send Badho here? It will be a big help if she will knead dough. Malti ji shares that she is looking after Kamla Bhabhi. Pinki is taken aback. Malti ji fills Pinki’s ears against her MIL. Badho is only pretending to massage Bhabhi’s legs. She does not want to come out of the room. You are so smart but you so innocent. You don’t understand the game? Can you not see how the situation turned around? Badho was in your place earlier and you used to sit peacefully in Bhabhi’s room but look at what just happened. Badho left my side. She is my DIL but she is spending time with Bhabhi. It has gone against us only. Pinki is shocked but acts composed before her. Badho might do anything but I was, I am and will always be Ma ji’s beloved DIL. Malti ji says I hope things happen the way you wish / say they are but the world is only with you till everything is fine. Finish your work. I will take water and leave. She sings a sad song. Pinki is boggled by her words.

Komal and Kamla ji are happily watching tv. Kamla ji praises her strength. We are done for today. She sits normally. They talk about the old film. Komal thinks laugh as much as you want to today. You have made people shed tears of blood. This smile isn’t going to last long.

Bharpayi enters in kitchen and looks at the mess. Looking at it, anyone would tell what Pinki Bhabhi is up to! Pinki asks her to help her but Bharpayi goes to prepare badam milk. Pinki thinks it would be for Rana ji. Bharpayi shares that Tai ji has asked me to bring 2 glasses of milk for her and Komal Bhabhi. They are talking to each other. It would just add to the fun. Pinki is irked to know they are still together. She goes out to check herself. Bharpayi wonders what happened to her. She is working after so long. It has gotten to her head.

Pinki calls out to Kamla ji who reprimands her for interrupting such an interesting scene. Pinki tells her she wants to speak to her alone. Kamla ji fusses that she has to do everything. You don’t leave me any free time. Komal thinks to eavesdrop.

Kamla ji asks Pinki what has happened to her. Pinki asks her if she is fine. you are watching films with Badho and chatting with her. Don’t you know she is Badho? Kamla ji says I remember everything. Badho has understood my position in this village well. She will have to praise me if she wishes to stay here which is why she is buttering me. Let her fall in my trap once. I will show her then. I am thinking well before taking any step. Bharpayi brings milk for them. Pinki reaches out for a glass but Kamla ji stops her. This is for me and Badho. Finish your work first. Komal thinks her work will become easier


Badho Bahu 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rana blames Pinki for giving stupid ideas to his mother. Now Ma wants me to become Santa Claus. Pinki cries. Now neither Ma ji nor Rana ji has time to listen to me. Payal is about to add salt to the cake but someone walks in the kitchen just then. Komal takes permission from Tai ji to invite everyone for the function. She proudly tells Pinki about it.

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