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Badho Bahu 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Payal refuses to accept this wedding. It is a sham. This girl cannot become the DIL of this house! Pragya says I too don’t want to be the DIL of this house. Forget about spending my life here, I wont even spend another second here. I am already feeling suffocated. Payal gets angry. You are a runaway bride yet you are taunting us! She raises a hand to slap Pragya but Vardaan moves his face forward thereby getting slapped. He warns her not to think of that ever again. She is my responsibility from now onwards and it is my duty to look after her. He turns to his mother. I know it isn’t as per your wish. It was too sudden. We were helpless and couldn’t do anything better than this. I can only request you to accept it. Jamuna ji takes a step forward but Payal blocks her way.

Chotto Bua tells Malti ji to buy bangles for herself. Where is Kamla Bhabhi? Pinki shares that she is sleeping. Malti ji chooses bangles for Kamla ji. Bua tells her to take guarantee of Bhabhi’s choice. Hope she wont say anything else later. Malti ji is sure it wont happen. Bua buys some for Kamla Bhabhi. Komal comes there. Bua tells her to select a saree for herself. It should be such that Lucky cannot take his eyes off you. Pinki likes a saree adding that Rana ji loves that colour. Bua lets her buy two sarees of her choice. Komal looks lost. Bua again reminds her to select a saree for herself. Komal chooses a basic one so Bua chooses a bright pink colour saree for her. Komal points out that she has never worn one. I don’t even go out. Bua assures her she will get the chance to wear it. Just wait and watch. Bua thinks to do something to change the atmosphere of the house or she wont be able to do what she has come here for. I will have to do it today itself!

Payal threatens to kill herself if anyone accepts Pragya. Don’t raise your (Jamuna ji) hands to bless her or I will kill myself! Jamuna ji stops her.

Komal notices Lucky practising boxing.

Payal stays put. I will finish myself if you accept this girl. She has insulted us so much and you wish to accept her? I will kill myself if you do so! Pragya offers to kill herself. Vardaan tells her to calm down. I am talking. She warns him not to try to boss over her. I can speak for myself. Payal points at her way of talking. Jamuna ji tries to calm Payal. I know you don’t like whatever has happened but we must think of future. Pragya continues blaming Komal and Vardaan for ruining her life. Payal lights a matchstick. Shankar finally pours water over it relieving everyone. She tells him to do whatever he has to but she wont live anymore! Vardaan requests her to calm down. My sister’s house was saved with much difficulty. I don’t want this house to break apart so I will leave the house. Jamuna ji is shocked. Don’t do this son. You both just got married. Where will you go with her? Jamuna ji requests Shankar to explain. Shankar reasons that he cannot see his wife dying. Vardaan is no kid. It is now his decision and his responsibility to manage his and Pragya’s life.

Komal prays that the sadness and anger goes away from everyone’s hearts. Hope Payal Bhabhi understands and accepts things. Lucky ji too will calm down if that happens. She offers aarti to Lucky. He accepts it reluctantly. She thinks hope you could understand the circumstances because of which I had to take that decision. He thinks I hope you had not taken this decision. You did this when I had just started understanding you. His hand gets burned. She offers to put ointment but he refuses. She refuses to leave him like that and takes him inside.

Vardaan hugs his mother as he takes leave from her. I will leave the house for good. Pragya does not take Jamuna ji’s blessings. I don’t need it. Vardaan apologises on her behalf but his mother doesn’t mind it. I hope you stay happy wherever you are. Vardaan leaves the house with Pragya. Jamuna ji cries.

Komal brings Lucky to kitchen. Stand here quietly. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays as she applies ice on the burn. He tries withdrawing his hand but she does not let him. She blows on his wound. He thinks you may have a solution for this wound but what about the wound that you have given to me. She too thinks over the same fact.

Kamla ji is sleeping peacefully. She turns and finds her husband staring at her. She sits up with a start. You must be eager to know what I would have done to your mother. I am sure Chotto would have filled your ears against me. He denies. it isn’t so. I was here I was concerned for you. I know what you would have gone through after what happened today. It is an old matter now. Why dig it? Don’t be upset now. Eat something. On the other hand, Raghubir ji too requests Malti ji to eat something. You haven’t eaten anything since morning. She declines. I wonder why Chotto is back suddenly. Kamla ji says I thought Chotto wont come back once she leaves the house. She atleast lived up to her word. Raghubir ji agrees that Chotto lived up to her word. Who can think that she would live away from us for 15 years? Both Kailash ji and Raghubir ji think that it is their turn to fulfil their promise now. We have to do the duty of a brother now.

Jamuna ji calls Komal. What happened that you had to marry Vardaan to Pragya? Komal asks her if she trusts her. Jamuna ji affirms. KOmal reasons that she had to take this decision to save her family’s dignity. Situation was such. Do you also think that I did something wrong? Jamuna ji denies. It’s all God’s plan. You did what you thought was best. Komal asks her how she is. Jamuna ji replies that she is fine. Are you alright? Is there any problem? Vardaan told me all that happened there. Komal lies that everyone takes good care of her especially Lucky ji and Babu ji. How are Pragya and Vardaan? Jamuna ji shares that Payal has thrown them out of the house. Komal is shocked. Chotto Bua notices her tensed face. Komal agrees to find a solution to the problem. She ends the call. Chotto Bua is pleased with Komal. She knows the duties of a daughter and DIL well. She knows how to balance both. Bua asks her why she is upset now. Komal tries to hide it but Bua knows she is hiding something from her. I am more experience than you. Komal tells her everything. I am thinking to bring them here. Bua calls her Devi. So much happened at home. You were almost thrown out of the house and you want to call them here? I wont be able to save you this time if you do that!


Badho Bahu 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : One of the BIL’s has brought a newlywed couple home. They had nowhere to go. Kamla ji allows them in their home (without seeing their faces). Chotto Bua tells her BIL to go ahead and call the couple. Entire family is taken aback to see Pragya and Vardaan.

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