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Badho Bahu 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Komal Fails In Escaping


Badho Bahu 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 26th March 2018 Episode Start With Ram ji says Avinash Singh goes to temple daily and is trying to change himself. I liked this about him very much. He is requesting everyone today. He isn’t forcing anyone for anything. Pinki takes Kamla ji aside. Pinki asks her why she is throwing Zalim Singh out of the house. I believe we should make use of this opportunity and get rid of Titli. We will become number 1 if their marriage happens. We will be able to also bring Badho home asap.

I want you to explain to Raghubir ji Babu and make him say yes for the alliance. Kamla ji hits her. Zalim Singh is a goon. I cannot mess up any girl’s life for what I want! Badho can stay out of the house for a few more days. I wont let Zalim Singh come here at all. Pinki makes faces.

Ram ji says you kept Titli in your house like your daughter. You too have a right to decide for her. Think about it once. Lucky suggests giving a chance to Zalim Singh to change. Babu ji only says we should give everyone a chance to change. Titli glares at him. Raghubir ji asks him what he is saying. Lucky nods. we too have looked at him from one angle only. We haven’t given him a chance to become Avinash. Let’s do this. Raghubir ji tells Ram ji he wants to speak to his family in private. Ram ji agrees. I am sure you will decide what’s best for my daughter. Raghubir ji goes inside with his family.

Pragya thinks of the times spent with Vardaan and of Teji’s words. She is walking on the road absentmindedly. She recalls her mother taunting Teji for not being worthy of gifting anything to Pragya after wedding. Teji ji would have felt so bad. Vardaan ji has nothing to do with me but Teji ji does not mind this friendship even if it hurts them. I must think of something. Payal meets her. I need your help. I have no idea about files. Vardaan wants to set up his new office. Will you not help him in setting his files like he helped you? Pragya is in a fix. Teji ji would be hurt if I agree to help Vardaan ji and Teji ji would find out. I will say no to Bhabhi. But Vardaan ji’s work will be incomplete then. Payal asks her why she is thinking so much. Pragya agrees to help Vardaan when she has time. I must go to market for now. She goes.

Kamla ji asks Lucky if he has lost his mind. Pinki seconds her MIL. You want us to push Titli to that hell? Kamla ji says we should think with a cool mind. It is about Titli’s entire life. Raghubir ji asks Lucky who he wants to give second chance to. He created so many problems for your elder brother and even tried to malign your sister’s dignity! Lucky says I too haven’t forgotten what all he has done but I can see that Ram ji wants to give him a chance. Komal told me how a girl’s family comes under pressure when her marriage is not getting fixed.

I believe we should give Zalim Singh a chance and we will monitor him in the meantime. If everything is good then it will good but if Zalim Singh hasn’t changed then his truth will come out. Trust me that nothing will go wrong. Pinki says Ma ji might not like it but Kamla ji and Malti ji support Lucky. Raghubir ji advises to keep it amongst themselves so no one gets a hint of what they are thinking. They all nod.

Chunnu and Munnu are trying to setup tv for Komal. She thinks to get out of here asap. How to find out who sent them to kidnap me? She asks them to open her hands. Mosquitoes are biting me. Chunnu is ready but Munnu reminds him that she wont spare them then. They tell her to think of which movie to see. She thinks they are smart even if they don’t appear. Keep mortein near me. She mentally thinks to teach them a lesson when they will try to come near her.

Raghubir ji tells Ram ji they are ready to give a chance to Zalim Singh. Zalim Singh thanks them for trusting him. Kamla ji says you seem too eager to marry. What do you do? Zalim Singh shares that he does not do anything as of now. Kamla ji advises him to find a job asap. Malti ji adds that he must earn 5000. That’s how we will find out if you are worth Titli or not? Kamla ji asks Ram ji if he has any objection to this. Ram ji denies. It is very logical. Zalim Singh agrees to earn 5k today itself. He takes everyone’s leave.

Kamla ji tells Pinki they will follow Zalim Singh now. I will see what he does to earn that money. I will expose him before everyone if he takes a wrong path. Pinki nods uninterested.

Komal ends up hitting Munnu using her leg. Stay quiet and answer my questions. Who are you and who told you to kidnap me? Munnu asks Chunnu to free him but Chunnu fails in pulling him out from Komal’s feet. Chunnu hits Komal on her head. She loses conscious.

Ram ji asks Titli where she is going. Titli tells him she is feeling suffocated. I don’t want to stay here. I am very angry right now. I don’t know if I am wrong or who is wrong. You fixed my alliance with Zalim Singh without asking me. I don’t like him at all! Ram ji reminds her that his name is Avinash Singh. Stop taking his name. This is my last decision. You will marry him only. Raghubir ji tells him to think with a cool mind. Decisions taken in haste aren’t right. She is your daughter and she might not like Avinash Singh. Do you want her to be upset her entire life? Ram ji insists he has thought well about it. She is just upset with me for not asking her. Titli walks out from there. Malti ji goes to talk to her.

Titli is pacing outside. Lucky and Malti ji join her. Titli hits a stone angrily. Lucky teases her for throwing a stone near him. Do you find me more handsome nowadays? You throw the stone anywhere but hit me only! She says sorry to him and he is shocked. He teases her but she warns him against it. My mind is already boiling. He keeps teasing her. Malti ji assures Titli they are with her. When everyone including Lucky is saying that Zalim Singh has changed then it might be possible. Malti ji says you call me mother right. Trust me. I wont let anyone continue in this matter unless we make sure this is truth. This is your mother’s promise. Titli nods with a smile.


Badho Bahu 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap :Zalim Singh gives 1k to Ram ji. Raghubir ji reminds him of the condition but Ram ji is satisfied with the amount. There cannot be a better guy for my daughter than him. Lucky is talking to Komal’s photo emotionally. Come and fight with me if you want to but this time I will fight with you! Just come back. Chunnu and Munnu tell komal what happened recently. Badho Didi is no more! Pinki is stunned.

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