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Badho Bahu 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal tells Lucky to not say anyting to Malti Ma ji. Lucky tells her to be quiet instead. Malti ji angrily holds Komal’s hand. What black magic she has weaved on her son and her husband. Answer me! Raghubir ji warns her to let go of Komal’s hand. Malti ji finally relents and faces him. Raghubir ji asks his wife if she has lost her mind. Malti ji leaves the room without saying anything to anyone. Raghubir ji asks Lucky and Komal what happened.

Pinki appreciates her MIL for planning everything against Komal and her family so well that they are losing out in everything. She goes quiet when Kailash ji comes in the room. Kamla ji notices him looking tensed. Kailash ji says I am worried about one thing. I cut Raghu’s words in between and supported the other guy. Would that have hurt him? Kamla ji thinks both the brothers are like Ram and Lakshman. You can try to create a rift between them but they will always get back together!

Malti ji cries. Lucky cannot see anything beyond his wife but what has happened to you. You cannot see anything! Kailash ji made you his counsellor yet he dint listen to what you said. Raghubir ji tells her to calm down. I am not feeling bad at what happened. I am instead embarrassed that he requested me in front of everyone else. I should have done it myself. I should have offered to support him in everything. It is my mistake. I should do my duties without worrying for anything.

Kamla ji assures her husband that Raghubir ji wont be feeling bad about anything that he said or did. He gave you his own turban. Kailash ji wants to speak to his brother once but Kamla ji advises him against it. What if he might not be even thinking about this? What if this sows a seed in his mind? Kailash ji agrees.

Raghubir ji tells Malti not to worry. Time always tests us. One day situations will change. You never know. One day you will surely be proud of Komal. That day you will also stop hating her! Leave everything. Do you trust me? Malti ji affirms. He requests her to stop crying then. Smile please.

Villagers marvel at the decorated jeep standing outside Ahlawat House. Ahlawat Family comes outside. They wonder why only one car is decorated. The other lady points out that only the family which is at number 1 position gets such a car. Kamla ji nods. Komal and her family look on.

Payal makes Rinki make cow-dung cakes. Lucky comes running there dressed as a movie character. He insists upon clicking a selfie with Jatta Singh. He is in Sirsa. Payal refuses to fulfil his wish. Vardaan also joins them. he suggests taking him tomorrow but Lattu gets sad. Pragya offers to take him to meet Jatta Singh. You look no less than Jatta Singh. Lattu says you will become his fan when you will see him. I am nowhere close to him. Pragya agrees to see it for herself.

Rana and Kailash ji also come out. Everyone greets Kailash ji nicely. Raghubir ji asks Malti ji about driver. Kamla ji shares that he is on leave. I don’t think Lucky can drive. Will you be able to drive yourself? Raghubir ji agrees. Lucky tells him he will drive but Raghubir ji knows he is hurt. I will drive. They all sit in that car. Kamla ji smirks at Malti ji.

Lattu pulls Pragya to where Jatta Singh is. The girls cheer excitedly for Jatta Singh as he comes there. Pragya thinks of Teji when she hears a girl say she is crazy for Jatta.

Rana and his family enjoy everyone paying attention to them. Komal tells Lucky all these people have gathered to meet him. He declines. They have come to meet the new Iron Man of Sirsa. The sooner you accept it the better. She tells him there will still be some people who would want to meet him. She notices Suman with her friends waving at Lucky and gets happy. You might not be able to see those who look up to you but they are looking at you with hope. It wont be good if you will look away. Lucky says I know you are saying it to make me feel special but it’s all a lie.

Rana and Ajay are in the jeep. They drive through a broken road with much care. Everyone is uneasy because of the jerks. Komal wonders if these are the same potholes that the villager as talking about.

Payal’s mother collides with Pragya. She tells Pragya to be careful while walking. Pragya recognizes her. Why are you calling me Behen ji? Payal’s mother is excited to meet Jatta Singh. He winked at me today. Just wait here. I will click a selfie with him. She goes. Lattu gives Pragya a letter given by Jatta Singh. Pragya gets angry seeing it. He has written “You are Beautiful” on it. Pragya decides to teach him a lesson.

The convoy stops suddenly. Rana tells Ajay to take Jitesh carefully. Everyone tells him to call them in case he needs any help. Ajay relates that Jitesh fell because of the potholes. He leaves with Jitesh. Komal thinks of what happened in the afternoon.

Precap: Sangram Singh requests Kailash ji and Kamla ji on stage. Raghubir ji also joins them but Sangram Singh points out that the last chair on stage is for Iron Man of Haryana.


Badho Bahu 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sangram Singh requests Kailash ji and Kamla ji on stage. Raghubir ji also joins them but Sangram Singh points out that the last chair on stage is for Iron Man of Haryana.

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