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Badho Bahu 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 27th February 2017 video watch online on

Komal opens the door but someone steps forward. Sound of conch is heard. It is Lucky. She looks at him in surprise / shock. He tells her not to stare at him. Get another thaal ready for us. Everything got messed up in temple. She asks him about it but he tells her not to ask too many questions. Just prepare a thaal. She notices the thaal in his hand and gets happy. Where did you get this from? He says your mother brought it. She smiles holding it and thanks Bholenath. You gave me the chance to be a part of Mahashivratri. She goes to ready a thaal.

Meanwhile, Pundit ji tells Raghubir ji about the rudraksh and trident getting stolen. Malti ji informs Lucky. Komal does puja on the Shivlinga she has made. She keeps the trident holding the rudraksh next to Shivlinga. Lucky sees it. He informs his family about the trident. Everyone comes over to Ahlawat House. They are surprised and pleased at Komal’s devotion which brought even Shiv ji to her. This trident and rudraksh will stay on this Shivlinga only as this is what even Lord wants. Raghubir ji compliments Komal on her love towards Lord. Kamla ji says everything is fine but how0 this Shivlinga came here. Komal shares that she has made it. Pundit ji is impressed. You are a true devout person. We will do puja here only. Everyone sings aarti. Komal is happy to do puja with Lucky. They both remember how she had requested him to do puja with her but he had refused. Pundit ji continues the puja. Komal is emotional. How to tell you (Bholenath) how happy I am! You came here for me and my entire family is here with me. Keep blessing me like this only. Puja ends. Pundit ji says this Mahashivratri was very memorable. Shiv ji came to Sirsa to his devotee Komal for puja. I will keep this Shivlinga in the temple with my hands now. Raghubir ji offers to take it to his temple. Lucky and Komal seek Pundit ji’s blessing followed by Rana and Pinki. Malti ji mumbles that she cannot go this wrong path. I don’t see anything happening in future too. Kamla ji says there is nothing to understand. There is only one way left!

Pundit ji takes leave. Raghubir ji tells everyone to freshen up and meet him in Akhada including Komal. She reasons that they haven’t slept since 24 hours but he refuses to hear anything. Komal hugs her mother and leaves to change. Jamuna ji tries taking leave but Malti ji and Kamla ji refuse to let her go without having food. Payal too tells her MIL to stay back. I have to do some chores. Vardaan will take me. Vardaan agrees. He leaves with Payal

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to create rift between Komal and Raghubir ji. Malti ji denies. my husband understood my tactics earlier yet he dint say anything. He will get upset with me if I do something again and he finds out that I am behind it. I don’t want my husband to be upset with me. I don’t feel creating a difference between a DIL and FIL is right. Kamla ji says I am telling you to create a rift between Guru and his disciple. Malti ji gives up so Kamla ji also tells her to let it be. I will have to do something. The ladies join Jamuna ji. Kamla ji compliments her on her simplicity. Your daughter is getting grinded between household chores and wreslting. She is doing all this so her FIL’s respect is intact. It is alright but people mock her. Jamuna ji feels bad hearing those things.

Komal falls asleep in a second. Lucky sees her thus. He decides to wake her so Babu ji does not punish all of them because of her. He takes a step further but accidentally slips on her. She wakes startled. They both get conscious.


Badho Bahu 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji tells Jamuna ji that her daughter starts running even when the sun isn’t up. She falls asleep on the side of the road. You can ask her if you want. Jamuna ji hears Komal telling Lucky she doesn’t want to practise today. he scolds her showing extra interest for wrestling. Jamuna ji also sees Raghubir ji pointing out to Komal that it is unacceptable for Komal to yawn in the Akhada. Jamuna ji decides to speak to Raghubir ji directly on the matter.

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