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Badho Bahu 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bua calls her Devi. So much happened at home. You were almost thrown out of the house and you want to call them here? I wont be able to save you this time if you do that! Komal doesn’t mind. I wont let Pragya stay out like this at night. I will tell Ajay and Jitesh to bring them home. Bua gives up on her. You might get thrown out of the house this way. No one will be able to help you then. She leaves it on her to decide what’s to be done. Komal rushes out. Bua wonders how to explain to Komal that things are always as easy as they seem. I will have to do something now.

Vardaan advises Pragya to remove her jewellery and keep them in his kerchief. She throws it back on him. Don’t teach me! She holds his hand as she gets scared hearing the dog barking nearby. They resume walking. Vardaan notices a tea stall. He asks her what she will have. She asks for poison. He points at the tea stall. She gets upset. Do I seem like someone who eats that? He denies hinting at brain. She says I will get anything to eat if I dial one number. He tells her to go ahead. She stands quiet and defeated. He asks her to come if she is done.

Komal and Bua are thinking. Bua asks her if she dint like mangoes or saree. Komal denies. Bua asks her why she is still so upset. Komal is worried as to why no one came for dinner till now. Bua says so much happened today. You think someone will be hungry? I know everyone. Even if someone is hungry, he or she wont come out thinking about the situation. I know how to get out of this situation.

Pragya calls her friend asking her to bring food. Her friend disconnects the call. Vardaan gets tea and biscuits for her. He tries to cajole her into eating but she glares at him. He munches onto the biscuits to lure her and succeeds. She snatches it from him and gobbles everything up.

Komal finds Lucky fast asleep. He will get upset if I will not tell him. He will also get upset after knowing that I sent Ajay and Jitesh to bring Pragya and Vardaan home. I think I should leave it on God. She suddenly hears loud sounds (that of banging utensils). Komal tries covering Lucky’s ears so his sleep isn’t disturbed. He blames her for pushing it too hard so he loses his hearing aid. She explains that she was covering his ears so he could sleep peacefully. He tells her to check who it is. She falls on him as he turns. He leaves to check himself.

Malti ji and Kamla ji wonder if it is Badho but their husbands point out that it will be Chotto. Bua stops banging the utensils as everyone gathers in the dining area. Pinki is surprised to see the plates on the floor. Why is the seating arrangement on floor? Kailash ji and Raghubir ji share that Chotto used to do the same when she was a kid. She is still the same. Everyone sits down for dinner. Bua serves them dinner. Raghubir ji says maybe Komal and Pinki don’t know about Chotto. She stayed away from us for 15 years. We couldn’t find a guy for her at that time. Her husband came to our house but our Mother dint agree. Chotto insisted upon marrying him only. Ma told her to marry him in court if she wants that as she wont do it. Chotto was the first woman of Sirsa to marry in court. Bua adds that Ma Babu ji promised me that if my marriage sustains for 15 years then they will marry me off following all the rituals. who knew they wouldn’t be alive after 15 years? The atmosphere of the house is so sad that no wedding can happen here!

Kailash ji says what if parents aren’t alive. We brothers will marry you off. Raghubir ji adds that they wont let her miss them. we will fulfil the promise that they had made to you. Your wedding will happen following all rituals. I promise you that entire house will be filled with happiness till the time of your wedding. Kailash ji tells everyone to start right away. Kamla will be the first person to smile. Kamla ji keeps a straight face. Bua says it seems she wont smile. Seems like she isn’t happy with my wedding. Kailash ji requests his wife to smile. Bua says it looks like she is upset with me. She holds her ears to apologize. Kamla ji relents. Bua tells her brother to feed Kamla Bhabhi. Kamla ji eats food from her husband’s hands. Everyone else also smiles and eats dinner. Komal thanks God. Bless us like this always. Hope no evil eye falls on us. Chotto Bua’s magic should continue. If possible, please bring my and Lucky ji’s story on track too.

The brothers are happy with Chotto Bua. You made a delicious dinner. One of the BIL’s has brought a newlywed couple home. They had nowhere to go. Can I bring them inside? Bua denies. Kamla Bhabhi rules the house. Only she can make this decision. Kailash ji says you too have a right on this house. She nods. But you guys only will decide if we can allow strangers in this house or not. Bhabhi is the elder DIL of this house so she only will take this decision. Kamla ji allows them in their home (without seeing their faces). Chotto Bua tells her BIL to go ahead and call the couple. Entire family is taken aback to see Pragya and Vardaan. Malti ji asks them how they came back. Pragya shares that Payal Bhabhi threw them out of the house. Raghubir ji asks her why she dint tell them. She cries. Whatever happened with me has closed all the doors for me. I am left with no option. Kamla ji tells her to die. Why did you come here? There is no place for you in this house! Get out of this house! Malti ji pats at her shoulder to calm her down. Bua tells her Bhabhi to think what she is saying. You just agreed to let them stay here and now you are throwing them out of the house? People will gossip that the DIL of Ahlawat Family refused to live up to her word. What can we do when Bhabhi doesn’t care? She tells Pragya and Vardaan to leave. They turn to leave.


Badho Bahu 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : At night, Chotto Bua’s husband comes to her room to surprise her. She hugs him happily. Komal comes in and hurries back outside seeing them thus. Chotto Bua notices her at the door and is shocked.