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Badho Bahu 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Komal asks Vardaan what was happening inside. Vardaan says nothing. I was just talking. Komal tells him not to lie. How do you find Pragya? Vardaan replies that she is very sweet and nice. She asks him if he likes her. You spent Valentine’s Day with her too. He answers her question with a shy smile on his face.

Kareena tells Lucky that Komal is trying to fix Vardaan with Pragya. Lucky calls it a misunderstanding but Kareena stays put. Truth is Badho has her eyes fixed on our money. This is why she has fixed Pragya and Vardaan together. Lucky gets irked. Her truth should be out. Kareena continues to fill his ears against Komal. Lucky decides to talk to Pragya before doing anything. Kareena nods. I have instigated him enough but what will he do now?

Lucky comes to Pragya’s room. He tells her happiness means the world to him. Tell me everything honestly. Don’t lie. Do you love Vardaan? She denies. He assures her he will handle everything. I wont let anyone mess with your happiness. Pragya stands confused.

Komal paces in her room. Lucky asks her if she is planning to dig a tunnel. What happened? She fumbles. He thinks I know what you have done. I wanted to see if you will tell yourself or not. He cajoles her in talking. She shares that she feels Pragya and Vardaan like each other. I heard them talking and also asked Vardaan. They surely like each other. We can talk to Babu ji. He will show the right path. He decides to stop her from talking to father. We should not tell him anything till this is final. Is your family ready? She does not know. Pragya and Vardaan are happy with it. He suggests her to talk to her mother. Ask her to speak to Babu ji. Boy’s family takes the first step. She smiles. You are so thoughtful. He leaves. She thinks Lucky cares so much about her family and Pragya. He loves Pragya and I love him. I will talk to mother.

Lucky calls Pundit ji. He asks him about an alliance for Pragya. Kareena tries to say something but he does not let her. Pundit ji suggests a match for Pragya (with a guy in Ambala). Lucky suggests him to tell Tai ji. Don’t take my name as I am younger. Pundit ji readily agrees. Kareena asks him what he is up to. Lucky shares that he is securing his sister’s life so no random person can destroy her life. Once her life is set then no one can do anything. Kareena says what if Vardaan eloped with Pragya. Lucky proudly says she is the daughter of Ahlawat House. She wont do such thing. She likes the plan. He tells her to keep Pragya away from Badho at any cost.

Komal calls her mother and tells her everything. Jamuna ji is taken aback. What do you mean by liking? Komal replies that it is like a boy likes a girl. Her mother says how it means Vardaan likes Pragya. Komal shares that she directly asked him. He got shy. Jamuna ji vows to teach him a lesson. Komal tells her against it. Think once. It will be so nice. Both Lucky ji and I felt it would be nice. Jamuna ji reminds her of their status. You think I will bring alliance to the family where my daughter is already staying? Do their guna’s match? There is some problem with the connection. Komal decides to match the kundli’s of both of them. She calls Pundit ji and asks him to come to her home in Bakriawal with the kundli’s.

Kareena tells everything to Lucky. Stay careful.

Payal likes the idea of Vardaan and Pragya’s marriage. Jamuna ji angrily tells her Komal has gone mad. She thinks it to be true. Payal does not mind it but Jamuna ji vows to teach a lesson to Vardaan. Payal calmly tells her there is no harm. Think about Vardaan’s feelings too if they both love each other. Jamuna ji understands it well that Payal will be happy with Pragya coming in their home. She imagines a future when Vardaan and Pragya marry and come home. Jamuna ji has also passed away. Kamla ji consoles her well. She tells Pragya to seek blessings of Payal. She is your MIL. Give her your jewellery. She will take care of them. Jamuna ji shakes her out of her reverie. I see everything going great. Ahlawat Family is so nice. Our family’s respect and name will increase if we join another relation with that home. Jamuna ji speaks of traditions which do not allow another alliance to be fixed with the home where her daughter already is. Payal tells her to think again but Jamuna ji warns her not to repeat this again or she will throw her out of the house. Payal very smartly reminds her of her late husband’s and Raghubir ji’s words. The house where Vardaan will marry will be really lucky.

Ahlawat ji and Kamla ji comes to Raghubir ji’s room. Kamla ji excitedly shares that an alliance has come for Pragya. Malti ji asks about details. Ahlawat ji tells her everything. The boy lives in Ambala. He is the only child. They see the photo of the boy. They all like the boy. Plus, he is well qualified. They have invited the family to their home. I will be in Delhi for some urgent work. You (Raghubir ji) should handle everything. Raghubir ji agrees for their sake.

Kareena meets pundit ji. She bribes him to make their kundli’s match with each other perfectly. She advises him not to tell anything anyone or he wont be able to unite anyone ever. Tell this at her home now. Pundit ji leaves.


Badho Bahu 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Payal asks Pundit ji about Vardaan and Pragya. Pundit ji shares that their kundli’s are a perfect match. Komal tells Lucky that her mother is happy with the alliance. Lucky tells her to call her mother at their house at 10. Later, Lucky tells Kareena that both families will come at the same time. See what happens then! Kareena smirks.

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