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Badho Bahu 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kamla ji asks Sangram Singh about the people. Why is no one here? He shares that a filmy super star has come in the village. You know how infatuated people are with such things? Kamla ji says that’s what I was wondering. Who is Jatta Singh though?

Producer is taking auditions of girls. The parents of one girl interrupt the auditions. You want to use her to your advantage in future! Producer denies but the family stays put. Jatta Singh intervenes in the situation and assures everyone nothing will go wrong with their girl. Everything will happen smoothly. You can head home now. You will be informed the audition date soon. The family leaves. Producer asks him to finalise the location where they can do what they have planned to. Jatta Singh suggests Ahlawat House.

Sangram Singh requests Kailash ji and Kamla ji to come on stage. Raghubir ji also follows them considering Kailash ji’s requests. Sangram Singh points out to him that the last chair on stage is for the new Iron Man of Haryana (Rana). Raghubir ji and his family are taken aback. Sangram Singh says I would have arranged a chair for you if I knew you would also come. Kamla ji and Sangram Singh exchange a smile. Raghubir ji apologizes to Sangram Singh instead. I came on stage uninvited. Komal asks Sangram Singh how he can say no to Babu ji. Sangram Singh reasons that he only got chairs for the main guests.

If we arrange a chair for him now then everyone will call it discrimination. Kailash ji finds it wrong and offers his seat to his brother. Kamla ji holds his hand. Think through before saying anything. Why are you being so great suddenly? Raghubir ji chooses to sit where he was earlier sitting. How does it matter where I will sit? Sangram Singh signals Kamla ji who asks him to instead stand on the stage. Your right place is on stage. Raghubir ji agrees (unhappily). Komal and Lucky are very much upset. Kamla ji and Kailash ji take their seats. Sangram Singh invites Rana on stage next.

Rana is hesitant to sit but Raghubir ji tells him to sit. Kamla ji asks him if he will ignore his Guru ji’s words. Rana takes his seat. Sangram Singh requests the chief guests to inaugurate the idol. Everyone stands as Kailash ji unveils the idol and offers garland. Kailash ji addresses everyone upon Sangram Singh’s request. He speaks of the contributions of the person whose idol he has just unveiled. Raghubir follows him diligently and I will also do the same. Komal understands why Babu ji could do things on himself. She asks Lucky if she can go for some important work. He allows her.

Kamla ji invites everyone over to Ahlawat House to celebrate Rana and Kailash ji’s victories. Only Pinki claps in reply. Sangram Singh walks up to Kamla ji. She demands to know what’s happening. Sangram Singh shares that Jatta Singh has a program in the evening. Everyone is wondering how they will come to your place in that case. Kamla ji decides to think of something else.

Payal looks at Jatta Singh’s photo and smiles. He does look amazing. She returns Pragya her phone. He looks nice. Keep the photo safely. Payal goes. Pragya throws her phone away irked. Where are you Teji ji! I miss you very much.

Producer compliments Jatta Singh. A guy comes to inform Jatta Singh that Kamla Ahlawat has come to meet him. Producer goes outside. Kamla ji greets Jatta Singh excitedly. He speaks to her in Punjabi. She boasts of her family’s victories. We have kept a small party in the evening. I want you to hold your program at my home only. He acts before her and says no initially. She again tells him she wont let him bear any loss. Jatta Singh asks Kamla ji if in return he will get whatever he will ask for. She nods. I told you I am the queen of Sirsa village. Just name it. He tells to make preps for her welcome then. I will meet you at evening too. She agrees. Teji removes his goggles. Don’t take me lightly like last time now. This time I will create imbalance in the entire Ahlawat family.

Komal asks everyone to come as they must be tired. Lucky questions Badho as to where she was. Everyone was waiting for you since long. You also don’t have your phone. What is all this? Kusum tells him not to say anything to Komal. She was fixing all the dangerous potholes in the road. Lucky is amazed that she did that. Kusum relates that no one dared to do anything like this but Badho Didi did this today on her own. Komal gives credit to everyone equally. Kusum says I couldn’t believe it when Lucky Bhaiya waved at me in the morning. We thought to support Badho Didi in her endeavour. You (Lucky) were already our Hero. Now Badho Didi is also our heroine. Lucky thinks of what Komal had said to him when they were in the car. Komal gives credit to her FIL. No work is big or small. Intention matters. We did this following your lesson only. Kamla ji thinks Badho foiled her plans yet again. Just wait till evening. I will force both of you to bend down before me.


Badho Bahu 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky’s friends tell Lucky he might not be able to wrestle ever again owing to his shoulder wound. You are now a wounded tiger who will not be able to do anything ever. Pinki announces that the party has been organized in honour of her FIL and her husband. They both have achieved great milestones. Teji (aka Jatta Singh) dances near Pragya. She looks uncomfortable. Vardaan stands in between then. Teji takes a step back.

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