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Badho Bahu 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky reads a letter. Iron Man Committee has allowed the championship to happen again. Why so soon? Pinki says it is better if it is sorted out earlier or there will be disturbances in the house. Komal thinks to get Pragya’s pagphera done asap. Only she can stop the brothers from fighting.

Komal stops Pinki and talks to her about how she is confident that her Babu ji will win the elections. We made the diya’s once again after they were broken. Your axes cut the hands of people. My poster was burnt down and then I helped you guys put Tau ji’s posters in the village. Babu ji has a positive image while Tau ji gets upset on everything. He has made that kind of an image for himself. He will not allow Pragya to come here to complete her pagphera ritual. Pinki asks her about it. Komal says Ma called to talk about the same but I told her against it. I don’t think Tau ji and Tai ji will allow Pragya to come in the house again. She did wrong after all. Pinki thinks to do something to avoid the upcoming problem. Komal hopes her plan works out.

Komal comes to Chotto’s room. I completed half of the challenge. I made Pinki think about Pragya’s pagphera. Half of the battle has been won. Bua asks her why she is upset not. Komal says I am worried for Lucky ji. He got hurt on the shoulder. I told him to get an X-ray done but he is reluctant. Bua tells her to make sure no one else finds out about it. Opponents can misuse this information if they find out about it. Komal isn’t sure they can stoop so low. Bua says I only wanted to alert you. Rest is on you.

Kamla ji gets thinking after knowing what Badho has in her mind. We have to improve our image if we want votes. My husband will have to show his greatness. Pinki says we will have to do this as we have no other option. People might also think we are too soft. How will be get out of this dilemma? Kamla ji advises her not to think too much. She sends her away and thinks what she should do in this situation.

Lucky shouts in pain as Komal puts hot water bag on his shoulder. I don’t think you are ready for the fight. Get X-Ray done. He disagrees. It is natural for wrestlers. She insists upon him for X-Ray. He gives in. Pinki knocks at the door. Komal hides the hot water bag. Pinki tells Komal that Ma ji has understood her point. Tell your mother to send Pragya tomorrow morning for that ritual. Komal agrees to convey the message to her mother. Pinki leaves.

Kamla ji calls Sangram Singh and tells him something in mute.

Rinki comes to meet Pragya. Teji called me yesterday. He said he will come to Sirsa tomorrow. You must go there for pagphera ritual so he can meet you or it will be difficult. Lucky calls Jamuna ji. I will come tomorrow to pick her up for the ritual. Tell her to be ready. Jamuna ji agrees and ends the call. She tells Pragya about the same. Pragya holds her hands sweetly. Rinki nods at Payal. Payal thinks she can be as happy as she wants to but it will spoil your name for the rest of your life.

Lucky gets emotional thinking how Tai ji agreed to let Pragya come home. He tells Komal to continue. She keeps the hot water bag on his shoulder once again. Komal hopes everything happens smoothly.

Komal keeps trying to help Lucky wear his shirt but he doesn’t allow her. She repeatedly asks him to promise her he will get an X-ray done. Raghubir ji asks them what they are discussing. Lucky lies that Komal was only talking about Pragya. I wont be able to join practise today as I have to go to bring Pragya. Raghubir ji nods and goes. Lucky ends up agreeing to go for X-Ray. Rana and Pinki come there. Lucky asks Rana to come along with him to bring Pragya home. Pinki refuses to let either of them pressurise Rana to get out of the championship. I wont let it happen. She says it is one and the same thing if one brother goes or two. You can go if you have decided already. Let Rana ji go for practise. Rana seconds her. He tells Lucky to go ahead. Lucky says I made no plans. I will go alone to bring her though. Rana leaves with Pinki. Komal is upset to see what Pinki has made out of Rana. He cannot think anything on his own.

Pragya is super excited to go to Sirsa. Payal keeps staring at her. No one knows why she is excited to go there. Both the ladies think they wont see each other’s face ever again! Lucky comes just then. Pragya hugs her brother. Pragya gets emotional while bidding adieu to Jamuna ji. They share a hug. Pragya tells her she will miss her very much. Jamuna ji says are you going for forever. Don’t say such things. She bids goodbye to Vardaan too. Take care of yourself. Lucky and Pragya take everyone’s leave. Vardaan comforts his mother. Payal pities Vardaan mentally. He doesn’t know that Prayga will never return.

At Ahlawat House, People discuss about the step taken by Raghubir ji regarding the name plate. He gives credits to the kids for the same. Pragya and Lucky come home. A guy questions Kamla ji if her daughter has returned to her home. Sangram Singh is also there. Komal answers in yes. Tai ji is going to do her pagphere ritual. Kamla ji declines.


Badho Bahu 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal finds Lucky’s report. Did you get hurt really bad? You cannot fight this competition at any cost! He denies but she keeps his hand on her head to make him confess the truth. On the other side, Pragya overhears her mother plotting with Pinki and how her mother wants to use her (Pragya) as a pawn in this game. Pragya is shocked to hear her mother say that Pragya is dead for her.

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