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Badho Bahu 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Pinki Exposes Kamla


Badho Bahu 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 28th December 2017 Episode Start With Villagers and Panch’s applaud Kailash ji for spreading so much happiness around even when their family is going through such a rough patch. Komal says this is what our ancestors have taught us. Kamla ji thinks she is saying too much but it just added to my praise. Pinki calls out to her MIL repeatedly but

Teji finds Pragya in a corner and tries talking to her when Vardaan calls out to him. He takes the glass of juice from Pragya. You wont need it or anything else after what I am going to do just now. He stops Kamla ji as well. I wanted to say something important. Kamla ji sends her friend away. Vardaan tells Kamla ji that he feels that Jatta and Pragya look good together. It will be fun if they will do a movie together. Pragya calms down. Kamla ji advises Vardaan to keep his ideas to himself.

I am not saying anything today because of the situation but I will warn you that no woman from our family will work in films. You know me too well I hope! Vardaan nods. She leaves. Vardaan tells Pragya that Ma got so upset after knowing only filmy story. What if she finds out the truth? He gives her her dupatta to wipe her sweat. Vardaan leaves followed by Teji.

Malti ji appreciates Lucky on his act. You won everyone’s hearts. He nods. I wont the hearts of kids but I know what you are going through. You might smile but I know how pained you are. I am also missing Babu ji a lot. This celebration is incomplete. She tells him not to lose heart. I am sure he will return soon. He nods. I hope what we are thinking actually happens and Babu ji returns home today itself. She prays that his words come true. Change and come downstairs.

Komal and Pinki are taking care of the guests. Pinki sends Komal to a corner to look after some guests. Villagers praise muffin. Did you (Kamla ji) make it? She nods. I called that oven especially to make this. Pinki takes the name. Kamla ji says I might not know what to call it but I know how to operate it. She calls out to Komal who comes running to her side. She shows Kamla ji’s photos to everyone. Pinki is irked.

Kamla ji says this is no ordinary machine. It is foreign stuff. Komal says it is all Tai ji’s greatness. Pinki tells Rana that she toiled so hard to make everything but Ma ji is just ignoring me. She isn’t even talking to me. Why is she doing this when I worked so hard for her sake? I dint even get time to dress up. Look at me. He says you look decent. Is it my mistake that you dint get time? I am also messed up as I dint become Santa Claus. She is upset with me. Why am I telling you this when you are the one who would have asked her to do it! Drop it.

Lucky asks Malti ji and Payal what they are laughing at. Tell me also. Payal asks about chocolates. She ends up laughing over Pinki’s cake.

Kamla ji loudly asks Pinki to bring cake. Pinki feels insulted but Rana also signals her to bring it. People clap for Kamla ji. Pinki brings cake. Kamla ji asks everyone who will cut it. Kailash ji stares at her. Hesitantly, she asks Malti ji to cut it but Malti ji tells her to do it. you have done so much for this function. People also second her. Kamla ji cuts the cake and then asks Pinki to cut it in small pieces and distribute amongst everyone like Prasad. People complain about the taste of the cake. It messed up all the fun. Everyone spits the cake. They also say that their halwa is better than this. Lucky looks at Payal who shakes her head at him.

Kamla ji scolds Pinki. You couldn’t do one thing properly! You have done enough damage. Pick up the cake and go inside. You shouldn’t be seen here. Pinki asks her how she can speak to her like this before everyone. Kamla ji asks her if she is some queen who she cannot scold. You ruined everything and insulted me yet you are arguing with me? Pinki cannot take it anymore. You think I messed it up? I stayed up entire night and made everything. You are scolding me only! Kamla ji tells her to shut up and go inside. Pinki tells everyone that it was she who has baked every single thing that they are eating. My Ma ji likes taking credit of everything. She does nothing but knows how to boss over people! Kamla ji slaps her leaving everyone shocked. I told you to go inside or I will throw you out of the house today itself! Pinki asks her if she will throw her out. I am the one who followed whatever you said.

You want to throw the one who stood by your side when you sold the Akhada? Everyone is stunned. Pinki says I made Rana ji to agree practising in Stadium because you wanted it. You got the Akhada which was the pride of Ahlawat family! Do you remember that it was I who went to Banali village with you to make sure that Badho and Babita Phogat wrestle in which Badho loses! Who got you sleeping pills for Badho? I did! I supported you in your every lie, cheat. You have forgotten everything so soon? Upon your askance, I broke all the diya’s of Raghubir Babu ji for your sake. How can I forget everything? She tells everyone to listen. I helped her when Kamla ji forged votes to make her husband win the elections! You will throw me out of the house? Just remember that you became number 1 only because of me. If it wasn’t for me then you wouldn’t have become Sarpanchni or number 1!


Badho Bahu 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji says all this was rubbish. Payal asks her if everything is indeed a lie. She shows the video to everyone. Panch’s realise that they misbehaved with Raghubir ji. Let’s throw Kamla Bhabhi ji out of the village. People also vouch for it. Kamla ji later apologizes to everyone.

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