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Badho Bahu 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kamla ji allows Pragya and Vardaan to stay in Ahlawat House for the night. I am only listening to you Chotto but they wont get a room. Everyone should remember that they should leave the house before sunrise. I don’t want to see them here! Pragya cries. Komal understands that it was Bua’s plan. Everyone heads to their room one by one. Komal tells Pragya and Vardaan to wait in the courtyard. I will arrange for beds. They leave. Bua compliments her BIL on his work. He replies that it was really hard to convince the couple. Ajay and Jitesh have been also looking for her. I avoided them with great difficulty. Komal thanks Bua for her help. Bua tells her to remember that you cannot get everything done straight. Komal nods. I will also make place for Pragya in my home. Bua agrees to fully support her on this.

Bharpayi and Vardaan look at each other. Som Singh (Arvind) notices them thus. Komal brings bedding for them. Arvind tells everyone not to worry. Let me handle this. Komal suggests bringing another cot but Arvind says they are couple now. They will adjust. Pragya and Vardaan refuse to sleep on one cot. Komal tells Bharpayi to bring clothes for Pragya but Bharpayi refuses. Arvind points out that she speaks so bitter. You don’t listen to anyone. She asks him who he is to intervene. He challenges her to speak like that about her Bua. I will tell you then. Pragya tells them to keep fighting. I am going to sleep in the room. Lucky brings a cot for her. You will have to sleep here. She insists upon sleeping in her room but he reminds her of Tai ji’s words. She requests him to do something. He replies that he knows what she is going through and is with her but right now I am helpless. I will see what I can do. He tells Bharpayi to arrange Pragya’s bed with Arvind’s help. Komal shares that she will sleep in Bua’s room tonight. They all go in different directions.

Komal comes to Bua’s room. She is worried thinking about Kamla ji’s condition. Her thoughts are interrupted by Bua’s loud snores. She covers her face with a pillow.

Lucky is sleeping in his room but finds his bed empty. He keeps shifting in his bed and is wide awake. He sits up finally. I thought I will sleep happily when she wont be here but I am unable to sleep at all. She is a problem even when she is near and even when she is far. She is a problem!

Komal thinks of her tiff with Lucky. She leaves from the room quietly. Sad song plays in the background. Lucky picks the jug to pour water for himself but it is empty. He looks at his wedding photo. Komal and Lucky look out of their windows (at the moon). They both seem very much disturbed.

Someone comes in Ahlawat House at night discreetly. He gets inside Chotto Bua’s room. He caresses her face with a rose. She wakes up and is pleasantly surprised seeing her husband. I knew you would come to meet me. He removes the shawl from his face and gives the rose to her. She is all shy as she accepts it. He hugs her. I cannot spend a moment without you. I was waiting for night time when I could finally get a chance to meet you. Komal is on the way to Bua’s room. Bua asks her husband why if her BIL’s or Bhaiya Bhabhi had seen him. He replies that he doesn’t mind it. I only love you. I can fight with anyone for you. Bua says I am someone else’s wife and I am going to marry him in a few days. He nods. I don’t care about what’s going to happen. I only know that I love you. He hugs her. I don’t care about your husband. I only care about you. She gets worried but he hugs her tight. Komal comes in and hurries back outside seeing them thus. Chotto Bua notices that the door is open and gets tensed.

Bua asks him if he dint close the door. He replies that he did. She tells him to leave before someone sees him. He wants to stay longer but she stays put. He kisses her on the forehead before finally leaving the room. Komal tells the guy to stop. Aren’t you ashamed to be in the room of a married woman at this hour? I wont spare you! She is about to slip but Lucky holds her in time. He covers as she was about to shout. Vardaan coughs in his sleep. Lucky lets go of Komal. Are you a ghost that you appear anywhere? What are you doing here? She decides not to tell him anything about the guy who just came to Bua’s room. She lies that she came to drink water. I got scared seeing a mouse. What are you doing here? He taunts her on that. I came just like that. She notices tears in his eyes as he looks at Pragya. He lies that it is nothing. She says I know you are worried for your sister. He nods. She will have to leave the house by sunrise. What if they don’t accept her? Even I have no clue as to what will happen to my sister! She pats at his shoulder. He tells her to forget what he just said. She tells him not to worry about Pragya. I will go to Bakriawal first thing in the morning and make place for her. I wont let a tear come in your eyes ever.


Badho Bahu 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal tells Lucky she is going to Bakriawal with Pragya and Vardaan. You can see them off. Bua adds that he will accompany all of you instead. In Bakriawal, Payal confronts Pragya as to how dare she come here again. Komal says she has to come here as it is her right. Lucky also enters.

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