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Badho Bahu 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Payal asks Pundit ji about Vardaan and Pragya. Pundit ji shares that their kundli’s are a perfect match. Komal tells Lucky that her mother is happy with the alliance. Lucky tells her to call her mother at their house at 10. He thinks she can call anyone but nothing wont happen as my sister does not like Vardaan. Komal excitedly calls her mother over tomorrow at 10 am. Lucky smiles looking at her happy face. Smile as much as you want fattie. I will show your true face to everyone tomorrow. Komal is happy to see him happy. May Lord keep him happy always.

Lucky tells Kareena that both families will come at the same time. See what happens then! Kareena is happy to hear his plan. He wants to throw Badho out of his life and his family for forever. She congratulates him on his plan but he tells her to keep it on hold till he shows Badho her true place.

Kareena does something on Lucky’s phone. Sorry for giving you the trouble Bhai but I have to do something.

Next morning, Komal is in house temple. She thanks Lord for everything. Raghubir ji joins her. He tells her that Lucky is going away to the sports camp tomorrow in Delhi. What couldn’t happen in Chennai will happen in Delhi. Pack his stuff. She nods sadly.

Payal sees Vardaan getting ready. You should sometimes focus on yourself. Dress up well. He talks about studies and exams. She says I will make Chappan Bhog for you once you clear your exams. She gives him Kurta Pajama (a bit gaudy) to wear today. He refuses saying he has to go to library but she insists. You have to come to Ahlawat House at 10. He asks her about it but she does not tell much. She is happy thinking she will have lots of money once Pragya comes in the house.

All ladies are with Pragya. They compliment her on her beauty. Pragya is unhappy with the thought of marriage. I don’t want to ruin my life by marrying so soon. Her mother scolds her to keep quiet. You don’t have to say anything or I will hang you upside down on the tree outside. Komal comes there. She compliments Pragya on her beauty. KAmla ji says a family is coming to see her. Komal thinks Lucky might have told them about her mother and Vardaan coming to see Pragya. Komal appreciates the jewellery but Kamla ji tells her to keep her hands away. They will get dirty again otherwise. Komal nods. Bharpayi comes to tell Komal her family is here. Komal rushes outside. Kareena advises Kamla ji to see why they have come. Kamla ji goes out. Kareena is smiling to herself. Kamla ji calls out to Pinki who goes out too. Kareena smiles seeing Pragya upset.

Malti ji and Kamla ji greet Jamuna ji and Payal. They ask her how they are here. Raghubir ji also greets them. We are lucky to see you so often. Kamla ji murmurs to Malti ji if they have nothing to do. They come here anytime unannounced. Malti ji nods. I too am upset with their habit. Everyone joins them. Komal meets her mother. Lucky mentally apologizes to his father. But it is time to bring out Badho’s truth before everyone. She isn’t what everyone thinks her to be. Jamuna ji starts the convo. I know it isn’t right to come to your daughter’s home like this again and again but I have come to tell something important. Raghubir ji asks her to go ahead but they add that they are waiting for Vardaan.

Kareena asks Pragya what the matter is. She complains that she has to study, go to college and do a lot than marry. I will run away if this continues! Kareena says you know how Mami ji is but you need someone to run with. If you have someone then you should run right away! Jump out of the window and run. She sees the plan going against her and decides to do something asap.

Vardaan comes to Ahlawat House and meets everyone. Vardaan asks his mother what happened. Jamuna ji says I will tell. Kamla ji tells Malti ji it is time for the groom’s family to come. Malti ji asks Komal to check on Pragya if she is ready or not. Komal replies that she has already seen Pragya. She is ready and is looking beautiful. Payal tells her MIL that maybe Komal has told them everything already. Komal is happy thinking Lucky is happy with her decision.

Kareena hugs Pragya. Today is very important for everyone. Come downstairs for now. I guarantee you I wont let this wedding happen if this alliance is fixed. Tell me if you like someone. I will talk to Mama Mami. You know they wont say no to me. Pragya falls in her words. Kareena advises her to seek everyone’s blessings including Komal’s family. Pragya refuses to take the blessings of Komal. They are poor people. Kareena makes her agree to it.

Kamla ji asks Jamuna ji what she has come to say. Jamuna ji shares that I got the courage to say it from Raghubir ji and his open mindedness. I never thought I will be able to say this ever otherwise. Kamla ji is sure she has come to ask for everything. Malti ji agrees with her. Jamuna ji says Komal started it but now I am keeping this proposal before all of you. Lucky smiles thinking the blast will happen now.


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