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Badho Bahu 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Zalim Singh’s Refuses For Her Son’s Alliance With Titli


Badho Bahu 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 28th March 2018 Episode Start With Malti ji wonders why Ram ji wants this alliance to happen. Lucky is sure only Titli can help herself now. I am here. Don’t worry.

Teji and Pragya have come to a fake Baba. Pragya’s eyes are closed. Baba and Teji signal each other something. He next tells Pragya he will tell them about their kundli / future now. He looks at the kundli’s and speaks positively about Pragya. There is a Dosha in her kundli. I will find a solution also. Pragya gets tensed.

Lucky teases Titli that her Babu ji likes Zalim Singh very much. I think he will get you married to him at any cost. Say yes to him. You will become Zalim’s Zalima after marriage. Entire family will praise you. She asks him if he has gone mad. I will die but not marry that guy! He advises her to die then or her father will not accept anything. She walks away upset. Zalim Singh tells Titli he wont marry her if she doesn’t want to. She scolds him and heads out in a huff.

Baba tells Pragya and Teji that your kundli has the solution to the problems in Pragya’s kundli’s. If you both come together then all the problems in her life will be sorted. Teji asks him what’s so special about his kundli. Baba ji praises the planetary positions in his kundli. You will set the entertainment industry on fire. Everything will be good. Teji tells Pragya they got the final nod now. Get ready. We will set the stage on fire now. Pragya ges happy thinking that they are destined to be together. It has been proven too now.

Teji sends Pragya outside on some pretext. Fake Baba removes his wig the moment she steps out. Teji gives him a gold ring for his acting.

Titli starts the bike when Zalim Singh stands in her way. She looks at him pointedly.

Lucky tells Ram ji to think again. Zalim Singh and your daughter are equally hot headed.

Titli accelerates the bike but Zalim Singh proves out to be stronger. He stops the bike and switches the ignition off. She asks him if he has some problem. Return the key to me. She keeps repeating it but he instead lifts her on his shoulders and takes her inside carrying her like that. Titli questions him what he is doing. Let me go. Ahlawat family’s eyes widen in shock as he sees him thus. Zalim Singh puts Titli down. She asks him if he is trying to become a hero in front of her father. I will slap you! He does not mind it. No one will force you if you don’t wish to marry me. I request you not to get angry so much. I am saying this from my experience and everyone here knows where it took me. Think with a cool mind. It will be a very important decision of your life. She is not at all interested in his lectures but Ram ji is all the more impressed. Avinash proved that he is the best guy for my daughter. He asks Raghubir ji what he thinks but Raghubir ji does not react. Ram ji finalises the alliance. Zalim Singh seeks his blessings and hugs him.

Pragya thinks Baba seemed to be too knowledgeable. He looked at me and pointed out that Teji ji is made for me! Payal comes there. You are smiling when no one is around. Seems like you went out. Help Vardaan now. He is too busy with all the work. Pragya tells her not to worry as Vardaan is used to working so hard. Payal reasons that if someone helps him then it will wind up quickly. pragya makes an excuse that she has to something for Teji ji. Payal asks her about it but Pragya does not respond. She mentally apologizes to Payal. I must spend more time with my life partner. Payal gives up but knows Pragya is making excuses. I must think of something else.

Titli has locked herself in her room and cries. Lucky knocks at the door requesting her to open the door but she refuses. He reminds her he isn’t Badho. Open the door or I will break it. She tells him it is his home. He can do anything. Malti ji stops him and reminds him that he has to go to Delhi. He tells her to manage Titli. I cannot handle her anymore. Malti ji knocks at the door asking Titli to open the door.

Lucky keeps looking back. Rana reminds him Badho is not at home. Lucky tells him he is right. I was looking for Badho only. I still feel she will come running and give me sweetened curd along with a to-do list. I know that she will be back soon but I still remember how I used to trouble her but she dint used to say anything. Don’t know when I will be able to do it again. Rana assures him she will come back the moment her fast is over. He nods. I know she will come and I only will bring her home. They leave.

Next morning, Malti ji realises that aarti hasn’t happened till now. I forgot that Badho is not here. She mentally apologizes to God. Titli tells her not to worry. God never gets upset with his true devotees. Malti ji agrees. We do aarti every morning. Titli offers to do it.

Kamla ji is surprised at the change in Zalim Singh’s attitude. He has become Avinash. I will now speak to Ram ji and fix Zalim and Titli’s alliance. We will then bring Badho home asap. Pinki is lost in thoughts. Kamla ji shakes her out of her thoughts. Pinki says what if Titli refuses to marry Zalim Singh. Kamla ji says she has to follow that Avinash now. I wont listen to anyone now. She stumbles on the table. Pinki gives her her stick. You fall down because of this only. Kamla ji starts hitting it around to beat Pinki but she runs out of the room.

Malti ji and Titli are doing the aarti together. Kamla ji and Pinki join them. Zalim Singh comes with his mother just then and they see them thus. Pinki tells Kamla ji about their arrival. They tell the family members that they have come to meet Titli and her father. Titli turns. Zalim Singh’s mother sees her and goes quiet. Zalim Singh tells everyone that Ram ji must be coming soon. His mother announces that he cannot marry this girl. I don’t like her at all. She is very rude and arrogant. She is the same girl who I met in the temple that day! I wont let my son marry this mad girl! Titli smiles.

Komal prays to God to help her. Take care of my family too. I pray that you send me back home asap. Jai Bholenath! Chunnu and Munnu say that the day goes well if you think about God in the morning. We feel a different kind of peace since we kidnapped Badho!


Badho Bahu 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Zalim Singh’s mother too wants to test Titli. She has to cook that too 56 dishes. Komal diverts the attention of goons to mouse. They drop the phone on floor. She manages to dial a number using her foot.

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