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Badho Bahu 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kailash ji notices his brother sitting holding his head. He recalls all that happened today and goes inside to talk to his brother. Whatever happened with you today was really strange. I don’t know what to say. Do you feel bad about anything? Do you feel someone tried to intentionally insult you? Don’t hesitate to share anything. You can share if you feel someone tried insulting you. Raghubir ji denies. I cannot feel bad about anything till you are with me. I respect you very much. Kamla ji observes it from outside. They are back to the same track again. I don’t know how I miss my every chance.

Komal apologises to Mata Rani. Babu ji had to stand in the ceremony but no harm was done to him. The potholes are filled. Bless our family always and teach us something new daily. Jai Mata Di!

Raghubir ji welcomes all the guests in their home. Jamuna ji and Payal also come there. Malti ji looks at her husband. Jamuna ji shares that they were invited by Kamla ji. She insisted upon bringing Payal. She made a fresh start and we thought to support her in this. Raghubir ji and Malti ji nod and invite them inside. Pragya comes with Vardaan. She hugs both Rahgubir ji and Malti ji one by one. Malti ji compliments her. Are you happy? Pragya nods.

Komal praises Lucky on the arrangements. She next meets her family. Payal asks about Chotto Bua. Komal shares that they have gone for some important work. Pinki addresses everyone and welcomes them in the party. This party is being held to celebrate the victories of my FIL and husband. She next invites Rana on stage. Payal asks Komal whats happening. Komal tells her to keep mum and just watch. Pinki next invites Kailash ji. She intentionally points out at both the times that her FIL and husband have defeated their younger brothers in both the competitions.

Kamla ji comes there wearing a heavy lehenga, specs and lots of jewelry. Bharpayi follows her with a hand fan. Payal says she is overly decorated. Pinki ji requests both Lucky and Rana to give their medals to their mothers. Malti ji and Lucky go up reluctantly. Lucky and Rana make their mothers wear their medals. Malti ji keeps a straight face but Kamla ji seems to recall how bad she had felt last time when Lucky had won the Championship. Malti ji tells Lucky not to lose heart. This medal is as precious to me as the fold medal was. You are my son after all. Your success is important to me. Pinki gestures her to step down. Malti ji complies. Raghubir ji pats at her shoulder in approval. Pinki welcomes Jatta Singh.

Raghubir ji signals his brother to come in another room. Rana walks up to Lucky. Finally the celebration of my victory has happened. I am not interested to see this Jatta’s dance. Let’s go out. Lucky also seconds him. They both leave.

Jatta Singh aka Teji dances on Tung Tung Baje. He dances with Payal’s mother. Komal tells her mother she does not like this guy. Teji dances near Pragya but Vardaan steps in between. Teji dances around Bharpayi next who walks away immediately. Kamla ji and Pinki dance merrily with him.

Lucky’s friends offer him a drink but he refuses. One of the guy addresses him as Iron Man but then corrects himself. You were Iron Man once. Lucky declines saying that Badho is keeping fast. His friends still hand him a glass. Lucky angrily says I said no once so let it be. His friends say Rana Bhai can drink now as he is Iron Man. Rana remembers the last time when Lucky had celebrated after winning Iron Man Championship. Lucky says my brother never drinks.

Rana shocks him saying that he will drink to his heart today. Lucky asks him why he would do so. Rana says you too drank a lot when you became Iron Man. Lucky reminds him that being a devotee of Bajrang Bali, he had earlier refrained himself from all this. Rana says I don’t know what was there in my mind earlier that I had no dressing sense or taste. I would do everything now. He gulps down the drink in one go. Lucky recalls him refusing to drink last time saying that he has to go to Akhada early morning and pray. One of the guys tell Lucky he might not be able to wrestle ever again owing to his shoulder wound. I feel you wont be able to wrestle ever again. Now you are nothing but a wounded tiger who only eats the food one brings to him. Jitesh gets angry on him but Lucky tells him not to get into any mess today.


Badho Bahu 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Kamla ji invites Jatta to stay in his house till now. Rana confesses to Lucky that he got to know of his shoulder wound or otherwise he would have never won the championship. I am finally Iron Man now. Komal tells Lucky that Tai ji wants to this stranger (Jatta Singh) to stay in our house. Lucky tells her to stop. Tai ji is elder than us. She will be the one who will decide who will stay here and not you!

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