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Badho Bahu 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kailash ji seconds his wife. There is no place in this home for my daughter. Sangram Singh praises him. You proved that you don’t sway from your words. People change statements so easily these days. Komal asks them how Pragya’s pagphere will happen this way. Kamla ji suggests a solution. This Pragya isn’t just my but entire village’s daughter. She has insulted entire village. Now she must apologise to every single person of the village. If they forgive her then so will we. She will be allowed to come in the house then only. This is the only way. Pragya is upset hearing it. I thought I would meet my Teji ji but this has only landed me in problem. Kailash ji supports his wife again. Raghubir ji calls it injustice with Pragya. Do you want Pragya to go to every single house in Sirsa, fold hands and apologise? Will that be right? She understands his concern. Think about how big her mistake was. She wont become small by doing so. Why don’t you think that ways?

Sangram Singh comes up with another idea. Entire village knows that Panchayat represents the entire village. All of them are present here. If they will forgive Pragya then we will accept that she has been forgiven. If Kailash ji agrees then Pragya can apologise to Panchayat. Malti ji likes the idea. Kailash ji asks Panchayat if they will forgive his daughter. Pragya is worried how her parents will react when she will elope with Teji this time. Komal and Lucky advise Pragya to apologise to Panchayat. They seek Panchayat’s apology on Pragya’s behalf. Pragya tells her brother not to apologise. I will apologise to everyone myself if they will allow me to. Sangram Singh speaks in Pragya’s favour. Panchayat agrees. Sangram Singh asks Pragya to apologise to the Panchayat. She walks up to each member with folded hands and they forgive her. Panchayat points out that Sarpanch ji is not in the village at the moment. How will her apology be accepted then? Raghubir ji says he will be back by tonight. Malti ji asks him if Pragya will wait outside. Komal denies. She will apologise once he is back. Pragya suggests going to his home to apologise later in the day.

Sangram Singh leaves it on Kailash ji to decide if he would allow Pragya to stay in his home or not. Kailash ji forgives Pragya considering Panchayat’s decision. Sangram Singh praises him for no reason on his “greatness”. You went against your ideals without compromising on your dignity. Kamla ji suggests him and everyone to inform every villager about what happened just now. They should all know how generous my husband is. Pragya is in a fix. My mother allowed me to stay in the house. How can I meet Teji now?

Lucky checks his report. Komal comes in saying she is really happy today. Pragya is back here now. Lucky nods. Komal hopes Pragya clears the differences growing between the brothers. She notices his reports but is unable to understand it. Did you get hurt really bad? You cannot fight this competition at any cost! He denies but she keeps his hand on her head to make him confess the truth. He tells her it isn’t as worse as she thinks it to be. Doc said it is an internal wound. I should take care so as to not get hurt on the same place again. She asks him if he is lying. He declines. I cannot swear falsely in your name. She advises him to rest but he asks for peace instead. She agrees and leaves the room. Lucky looks at the X-Ray worriedly.

Kamla ji is happy with Pinki for pre-poning the competition. You are doing so well these days. Pinki ji applauds her moves instead. Kamla ji says Pragya died for me the day she left the house on her own. The doors of the house and my heart closed for her that day itself. I am doing this drama for my husband to gain votes. I was only looking for a chance and I got that in Pragya’s pagphere. I will accomplish what I want. Send her back the moment her pagphere is done. She doesn’t mean anything to me. She is dead for me. Pragya hears everything and gets upset.

Pragya calls Rinki. She asks her if she can come to Sirsa in sometime. I want to send a letter. I cannot break the pious relation between my MIL and me. On one hand, it is my mother who cheated me and rebuked me while on the other hand it is she who loved me with all her heart. I know I cannot go back in that home again but I want to give you that letter. Rinki agrees to come over. I spoke to Teji. He wont be able to come to the bus stand. He is embarrassed to even talk to you. He is in Delhi right now and is calling you there. I have arranged everything. Just reach station by evening. You will reach Delhi by tomorrow. Pragya thanks her for everything. You are a true friend. Don’t worry I will reach on time.

Lucky and Som are practising. Pinki notices them thus. He is practising so hard with Som. He got hurt. Was it nothing? It would be a problem if that turns out to be true. I must find out.

Komal extends her hand before Chotto Bua. I want my prize. You kept a condition which I complete successfully. Pragya’s pagphere will happen with Pinki’s help. Bua refuses but Komal says I already got it. Pragya is back in the house and everyone will be harmonious now. There cannot be a better prize than this. Bua calls her innocent. Your challenge is still incomplete. You promised to reduce the growing animosity between the brothers once Pragya is home and that you will stall the championship too. Komal gets thinking.


Badho Bahu 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Komal finds Pinki trying to scan Lucky’s report. She questions her as to how low she can fall. Pinki reasons that everything is fair in love and war. I will make Rana number 1 at any cost by making sure he wins the championship. Later, Pinki tells Rana about Lucky’s wound. Your chances of winning increases when your opponent is hurt! Rana notices Lucky applying ointment on his wound.

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