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Badho Bahu 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kailash Scolds Kamla After Knowing Her Truth!


Badho Bahu 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 29th December 2017 Episode Start With Kamla ji calls Pinki a liar. I dint know you could lie too! Pinki accepts she said a lot in anger. Kamla ji asks her if she will say whatever will come to her mind. She tells everyone to resume celebrations. Pinki spoke rubbish! Payal asks her if everything is indeed a lie. She applauds Pinki for her bravery today. This is the best thing that you have done till date. Even if in anger, you brought truth before everyone! We surely need proof to prove truth. I have the proof. She calls out to Jitesh and addresses everyone to see the video. Jitesh and a guy keep a table there. She keeps laptop on it and plays the video.

People start gossiping about it. Kamla ji cast fake votes! Panch’s blame Sangram Singh too. they question Kailash ji too and accept that they misbehaved with Raghubir ji. We will have to apologize to him and bring him back in the village. They also apologize to Malti ji for their mistake. We will go to bring him ourselves. She tells everyone not to go anywhere. I just spoke to my husband. He is off to Vaishno Devi. He will be back in 3-4 days. Truth is out in front of everyone now. You know that he never thought ill of anyone. How can anything go wrong with such a guy? People suggest throwing Kamla Bhabhi ji out of the village. Other people also vouch for it.

Panch’s leave the decision on Raghubir ji to decide punishment for Kamla ji. Lucky requests everyone not to take any decision for 2 days. Badho’s match is due in 2 days. Let Babu ji return. Panch’s accept his request. They also request Kailash ji to make sure that the culprit cannot leave village till a decision is made. Malti ji and her family fold hands in gratitude. Everyone leaves.

Kamla ji apologizes to her husband. I did it all for you. I thought that it will be nice if you will become Sarpanch. He warns her to stop lying. You aren’t ashamed to lie continuously! I became my younger brother’s culprit because of you today! Everyone speaks to me with so much respect. I became Sarpanch but I dint know that I became Sarpanch because of you. She accepts that she fell greedy. I couldn’t realise what’s wrong and right. Please forgive me. He tells her she became blind. No one said anything against you till date, not even Raghu but you threw him out of the house! You separated both the brothers. Did you ever think how I will live without him? She promises not to do anything ever that will separate the brothers. I will apologize to everyone but don’t say this please. She turns to Lucky and Komal to apologize. Komal apologizes to her. I would have apologized to you if I could but you have hurt Babu ji. He is the one who can forgive you. Injustice happened with him only.

Lucky agrees with her. I wouldn’t have spared the culprit if someone had done it with Tau ji. Anyways, drop it. Babu ji will punish you. Kailash ji tells Kamla ji that she lost this family because of her plots. If I could, I would throw you out of this village but only Raghu can do this. He leaves.

Malti ji tells Kamla ji that those who dig holes for someone falls in them one day. I hope you would have understood it today. Kamla ji is about to say something when Lucky requests her to not cheat any of them again. Just tell us what you want. We will happily give it to you. We wont be able to bear it. Everyone leaves from there except Pinki and Kamla ji.

Pinki realises what she did. I should run if I want to save myself. She begins to go but Kamla ji tells her to stop. Pinki turns to face her. She acts to apologize to her. I don’t know what happened that I said all that. I will leave the house if you will tell me to. Kamla ji wipes her tears. You did get too angry. When it came to saving yourself you are ready to leave the house? You will not go anywhere. You have taken care of me till now. It is my turn now. You will see my real face now. I will neither let you live nor will I let you die! Raghubir ji will come and take his decision later but I will announce your decision right away. I will make your life hell. Get ready Pinki Maharani! Just wait and watch what will happen now.

Malti ji applauds Komal for doing what she promised them. You brought truth in front of everyone so easily. Komal gives credit to all 4 of them. Lucky calls them both great actors. We should be careful now. Payal jokes. Malti ji hopes her husband returns soon. Komal says there is still one more truth which needs to be told.

Kamla ji is with Malti ji. Say whatever you have to. Scold me, curse me but please forgive me. She thinks she will be able to melt Malti ji very easily. I wont have any problem pacifying Raghubir if she gets fine. She asks Malti ji what she is thinking. Forgive me. Malti ji asks her if she should forgive the one who dint leave any stone unturned to ruin her family and happiness. I have lost count of your misdeeds. I thought of you as my elder sister, ignore everything you did but you dint spare any member of my family. you got my husband out of the village! Kamla ji lies that she dint do anything intentionally. I feel someone did black magic on me. You are like my younger sister. Forgive me please. Malti ji tells her not to bind her in relations anymore. Till date, I did whatever you told me but not anymore. Relations and such stuff do not suit you. Drop it. Leave me alone for some time. Kamla ji goes.

Rana is standing by the window. Pinki cries. I need you very much in this situation. He asks her if she thinks he will support her after insulting his mother before anyone. He raises his hand to slap her but stops. She accepts she made a mistake in anger. You don’t get angry please. I assure you I will think 10 times before saying anything. He warns her to keep her words and anger in check after today. I don’t have to say anything further to you. She wipes her tears and leaves. Rana thinks it is good that she dint speak of the Iron Man Championship or I wouldn’t have been able to face anyone.

Lucky tells Badho he forgot the Iron Man Championship long back. It is my brother after all who won it. She reasons it was cheating. He says what matters is that Babu ji is coming home. Nothing else matters. She calls him her best wrestler. We have to get that Akhada back now. He reminds her of Babu ji’s wish. She agrees to give her best and win too. They look at each other sweetly.


Badho Bahu 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji blesses Komal for her match. Pinki hears Payal speaking to someone about sending both of them to police. Pinki hears it and tells her MIL.

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