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Badho Bahu 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal holds Lucky’s hand. I know you are really worried about Pragya. I will go to Bakriawal first thing in the morning and make place for her at my home. I promise I wont let a tear come in your eyes ever. He wipes his tears. Don’t talk like that ok. He stops by to check on his sister once and caresses her head with love. He covers her well before finally heading to his room. Komal observes him all along.

Komal comes to Bua’s room. Bua is wide awake. She acts to wake up from deep sleep. Who is it? Komal says it’s me. Bua gets tensed. Where were you? Komal shares that she went to drink water. Bua points out that she took long time. I thought you might have stopped outside to chat with someone. Komal doesn’t reply. Bua covers her face with duvet well. Komal thinks I look stupid but I am not. I know you want to know if I saw your lover or not. I wont discuss about that. Bua asks her what she is thinking. Komal shares that she just promised Lucky she will make place for Pragya in her home. Bua reminds her to do something different to trap her Bhabhi. She must have a weak point. Just use it against her and she will fall for it. Komal gets the idea. Can I take your BIL’s if you allow? Bua readily agrees. They will also go out for a while this way. Komal nods.

Vardaan wakes up and notices the time. It is 5 am. He wakes up Pragya as well and reminds her of her mother’s condition. She asks him if they will roam on the roads. Your Bhabhi has refused to let us in. Vardaan says I don’t know where my destiny wants to take me but Didi said she will take us home in the morning. Let’s get ready. Malti ji comes there. Pragya hugs her and asks about her mother. Malti ji shares that she was with Bhabhi only. She couldn’t sleep entire night. I woke up when she finally slept. I know she is upset as of now but don’t worry. A mother cannot be upset with her kids for long. She warned me not to meet you. She folds hands before Vardaan (in a greeting / requesting manner). He replies similarly. Pragya is crying. Vardaan tries comforting her but she shrugs his hand away. He asks her to come as they are getting late.

Two of Bua’s BIL’s are keeping the sacks of grains in the car. Komal thanks them for their help. Sorry for giving you this trouble. They don’t mind. We practised this way today. It is perfectly fine. Komal tells Lucky she is going to Bakriawal with Pragya and Vardaan. You can see them off if you wish to. Lucky refuses to see his sister off but Bua points out that he will accompany all of you instead. There will be two cars. Who will take Komal as my BIL’s will be in the other car? If you want your sister to roam on the roads then let it be! Komal suggests checking if driver is there. Lucky agrees to take her. I wont go inside though. Bua says no problem with that. Just drop Pragya and Vardaan there and bring Komal back with you.

Komal, Lucky, Vardaan, Pragya and Bua’s BIL’s reach Bakriawal. She tells Vardaan to take Pragya inside. Vardaan does as told. Komal asks Lucky if he wont come inside. He retorts that he wont. I came to do what I was told. Take care of my sister. She nods. I will be back soon.

Payal notices Vardaan and Pragya standing next to her. She confronts them as to how dare they come here again. Shankar and Jamuna ji also come there. She is about to hug her son but Payal stops her. They are still not welcome here. How dare you come here in my house again? Komal says they need to come. No one needs to be strong to come back to their own house. You will have to accept Pragya and Vardaan. Payal stays put. Be it you or anyone, this girl (Pragya) cannot stay here.

Lucky feels uneasy. Don’t know how Komal will manage Payal Bhabhi. Jamuna ji invites him in. Both Lucky and Shankar are uneasy. Lucky refuses to come in. Jamuna ji keeps requesting him to come inside. This house is yours only. Lucky points out that it cannot be as his sister is not getting accepted in this house. Jamuna jis tells Payal to stop being stubborn. Payal says now their daughter is also in our house. This is a balanced relationship. Payal is pleased with her drama. Hope Lucky doesn’t budge so they will have to end up agreeing to all my demands. Jamuna ji tells Payal to stop. Payal asks for the insult and disrespect that Pragya has caused to her. How will it be balanced? Komal seconds her shocking her mother. I am on Bhabhi’s side today as it is about Pragya here. We thought we will see her off respectfully in her home so we brought so many sacks of grains and gifts along with us. Som Singh and Mangal Singh enter with the stuff.

Payal looks tempted. Lucky asks Badho why she brought this much dowry when Bhabhi isn’t allowing Pragya and Vardaan. Jamuna ji agrees with him. Komal says I don’t want Pragya to be at unease while staying here. Don’t take it as dowry. It is for balancing the insult and disrespect caused to bhabhi. I have brought something else also. Lucky recognizes that they are her jewels. She nods. I don’t care about it. We can get them once again. Right now, Pragya’s happiness is of utmost importance for me. Please give them to Bhabhi if you agree. Lucky is in a fix but gives the jewellery to Payal for his sister’s sake. Payal falls for it. Don’t trouble Lucky ji for such small matters. She happily accepts everything. Komal points out that the gift will add up to 500 kgs. I have something else also that weighs around 50 grams. Would you like to see it? Payal nods. Komal shows handcuffs to her. Payal’s eyes widen in shock / fear.


Badho Bahu 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji tells her family members that Komal took everything to Payal’s home as dowry. If police comes then we will get arrested. On the other hand, Komal tells Payal that if she accepts all these items of dowry then she will surely get arrested.