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Badho Bahu 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky asks Komal why she is crying now. I dint do anything wrong. Komal denies. It is tears of happiness. Bua is amazed to see the progress in their relation. I pray that they continue in this direction. Komal shows the care to Raghubir ji. He too is pleased that Lucky did this. Kamla ji thinks Lucky and Badho are coming closer. Bua advises the couple to keep the card in the puja as well. They happily do so. Pinki and Rana talk about their wedding card. Rana says it dint stand a chance before your beauty. She makes faces.

Puja starts. Kamla ji thinks celebrate as much as you want today. I will set everything once my husband will win the election.

Jamuna ji takes Vimla ji inside with her. I will send Pragya here. Rinki and Pragya can talk. Rinki is excited to talk to Pragya. I have heard a lot about her from Teji bhai. Atmosphere gets tensed. Vimla ji tells her to talk sensible things. Payal offers to make tea. Rinki tells her to rest. You have a SIL now. Payal knows she wont do anything. She goes to make tea.

Bua’s haldi ritual is going on.

Rinki notices Pragya walking angrily towards her. Seems like she will kill me today. Pragya keeps a knife in her hand. Go and kill Teji! Rinki tells her to speak low. Pragya doesn’t mind. I don’t care about anyone and I am not alive anymore. He dint look back even once when he left. He left me here to writhe in pain and die. Go and kill your brother just like I died. You both are similar after all. Rinki tells her to be quiet. I will slap you hard if you wont stop talking now. Payal hears them from inside.

Pinki pulls everyone for dance. Komal and Lucky look at each other during the dance. Sanjay’s brothers take him for a bath. Komal too asks Bua to come with her. Lucky ji got special rose water for you.

Rinki tells Pragya to look at her brother. You dint wait for him. You gave up so easily before Badho Bhabhi and Vardaan. This knife wont help my brother as he is already dead. You dint leave him good. He tried committing suicide many times but we saved him. He is only breathing now. You are alive and happy in your house. Your husband loves you. What about my brother? He has no one! Pragya is stunned to know this. Where is he? I want to meet him? Please take me to him. Rinki shares that she too doesn’t know that. She thinks Teji is the one who will kill others. He wont kill himself for someone like her. This was the only way to quieten her though. He must be partying somewhere. Payal is happy to find Pragya’s weakness.

Sangram Singh comes to Ahlawat House with Sarpanch ji. Sangram Singh says I only suggested Kailash ji to contest for the elections as we think alive. You are like my elder brother. I want you to guide our village which is why I have decided to withdraw my name from the elections. You will stand in the elections now. Kailash ji thanks him. Sangram Singh and Sarpanch ji leave. Kamla ji excitedly sends Badho to get sweets.

Komal is about to offer sweets to Kailash ji but Kamla ji tells her to give it to Raghubir ji first. He must be ecstatic today. He agrees and feeds sweets to her too. My brother will surely get into the elections. Now no one can stop him from becoming Sarpanch. Komal, Lucky and Malti ji ask him why he is saying so. Raghubir ji explains that they only wanted someone like Sangram Singh to back out from the elections. Now that he has withdrawn, I too have decided to withdraw my name from elections. He will win without any opposition now. Komal tells them it cannot happen.

Rinki acts all sweet with Pragya. I am happy to meet you but you are unlucky to not have a true lover in your life. It is too late now. You must have consummated your marriage. Pragya denies. I don’t even sleep with him in his room. I sleep here alone. I am still Teji ji’s and will always be his. I keep this mask before everyone. I lie and smile for the sake of the world. Only I know how much I yearn for Teji ji. Payal hears everything. Pragya turned out to be too smart!

Komal tells her Babu ji he cannot do this. Everyone asks her what she means. Do you want both brothers to fight against each other? Bua tells them to let Komal speak atleast. Malti ji tells her to let it be. You have spoiled her. She speaks anything that comes to her mind these days. I am sure she will speak wrong only. Bua reasons that they have heard a lot already. This wont do any harm. Komal says I feel Babu ji will have to fight the elections. He has no other option. It is ok for our family if either of them wins or loses but it is like a war for the villagers. Our family will be blamed if Tau ji wins without anyone else contesting for it. It would be wrong.

If Tau ji defeats Babu ji in elections then his victory will be respectful. It wont have any meaning otherwise. My Babu ji used to say that it is ok to lose after fighting honestly in Dangal than losing without fighting at all. We have earned respect after a lot of hard work over the years. We cannot lose it just like that. One becomes Sarpanch for 5 years only but if we don’t take part in it then it will be remembered as an insult to our family for life! I am sorry if I said anything wrong. I really think Babu ji should contest in the elections for our family’s sake. Everyone gets thinking. Kamla ji finds her logic right. Victory wouldn’t have been good if Raghubir ji had withdrawn his name from the elections. It would be fun to show him and his family down.


Badho Bahu 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bua suggests keeping a dance competition between Komal and Pinki. You have to wear sarees and your husbands will dance with you. Komal’s eyes widen in shock.

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