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Badho Bahu 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bharpayi keeps thinking of Vardaan. She tells Komal she really likes Master ji. I like the way he talks to everyone. Komal seconds him. He is indeed nice. Bharpayi continues to praise him. Komal adds that he has taken all good qualities from Babu ji. Bharpayi points out that he seems upset / tensed these days. He never shares it with anyone. Komal says he is like that always. He never shares his problems with anyone. Bharpayi suggests her to call her brother right away. He will feel better. Komal agrees.

Vardaan comes home. He asks for Bhabhi. Jamuna ji tells him that she is acting to be tired and is resting right now. I know her too well. I will teach her such a lesson that she will think hundred times before asking for a loan (even if she needs it). I will get lunch for you. He tells her against it. Bharpayi ji gave me a treat as she topped her exams. Jamuna ji nods. Komal calls Vardaan and asks him what’s up with him these days. Are you worried over something? Vardaan is surprised. Why do you think so? Who told you that? Komal replies that no one has to tell her about her brother. Tell me what’s bothering you. He decides not to tell her about Pragya and Teji’s relation. She will go speak to Pragya ji who might speak badly to her then. He tells her the truth. Pragya isn’t focusing on studies because of Teji ji. she even failed in her exam. She started speaking badly to me when I pointed it out to her. Promise me you wont say anything to her though. She promises him.

Komal finds Lucky still looking at Rakhi’s. He speaks of the relation shared by a brother and sister. They see everything / face everything together. One day, a stranger comes to take the sister with him. Komal assures him Tai ji and Tau ji must have thought well before coming to a conclusion. He is worried if the guy is right for his sister or not. She says Pinki spoke really well of him. He is an only kid and very rich too. He only wants his sister’s happiness. Money and everything comes later. He should just love her and take care of her. It is really important to have a right partner in life. It makes the journey of life easier. You know how we don’t give girls a chance to select her life partner in our society. What’s the guarantee that the groom chosen by elders will be right for my sister? She reminds him how their relation was also fixed by elders. He goes quiet. I know what you went through during our wedding but I have come to understand it over time that marriage is like a car. Wife and husband are its wheels. Car wont move forward if they will move in different directions. They align when they get to know each other well over time. This is how life also moves forward. Lucky thinks I know she is right but I don’t know if we will be able to align our relation or not. Komal also understands what he is thinking right now. I am sure we will be on the same path real soon. She adds that elders are more concerned for us than anyone else. They must have thought of something before fixing the alliance. He nods. I only want Pragya’s happiness. She tells him to stop worrying. Have faith on God. I will pray that Pragya gets the kind of guy you want for her.

Kamla ji dances as she comes home. She excitedly calls out to everyone. Everyone gathers in the drawing room. Kamla ji shares that she has fixed Pragya’s alliance with that guy. Everyone smiles including Teji. Everyone congratulates Pragya. Kailash ji adds that the guy is really nice. His family and he himself is really nice. We fixed it as we dint see anything missing. Kamla ji speaks of their wealth. They don’t lack anything. Our daughter will be really happy there. I like the guy. Pragya tells her mother she doesn’t want to marry so early. Pinki reasons that the guy is really nice. Look at his photo once. Pragya says I am not of marriageable age right now. I anyways (she fumbles and stops). Kamla ji scolds her but Raghubir ji tells her to stop. Malti ji assures Pragya this is how every girl reacts in the beginning but it all falls in place later on. Stop worrying or fearing anything. Komal asks Kamla ji if they decided on engagement. Kamla ji denies. we will decide in time. I will dress my daughter in gold. Rana nods. We (brothers) will do our best too. Entire Haryana will watch the wedding in awe. Komal too tells her Tai ji to let her know if she needs any help from her. Kamla ji advises her to stay quiet, dress up and eat sweets. You do something wrong every time. Komal gets sad. Raghubir ji asks his Bhabhi what she means.

Kamla ji reasons that Badho is responsible for anything that goes wrong in the house. I don’t want any hindrance in my daughter’s wedding. Malti ji seconds her. She too tells Malti ji to stay out of their way. Kailash ji agrees with them whereas Lucky supports Komal. She has done everything that is right and has supported truth even when it came to her own family. Kamla ji tells him off. Don’t start preaching about your wife’s good deeds now. We all know what she has done and what’s needed to be done. Lucky replies that he isn’t taking anyone’s side. I only want Pragya’s happiness. We should also ask her what she wants. She is right that she is indeed young to be married off. Teji worries that things can go in wrong direction if Lucky wont stop talking. Kamla ji tells Malti to tell her son to stop talking like that. Malti ji says the same to Lucky. Rana says we should start with the preps now. Ma Babu ji must have made the right decision. Raghubir ji puts an end to their discussion now. We must get busy with the preps. Pragya looks at Teji upset and leaves from there.

Lucky comes to his room. He is worried for Pragya. No one is listening to her. I too cannot think of anything. Komal joins him. I feel Pragya is unhappy with this alliance. It is what I am feeling. You might be feeling otherwise. He shares that he too is feeling the same way. She advises him to speak to Pragya in private. We will be able to understand her feelings when she will speak her heart to you.


Badho Bahu 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky asks Pragya if she unhappy with this alliance. She shares that she loves someone else. Komal confronts Teji. Don’t come near her till the time Pragya is married. Both her brothers are wrestlers. They wont spare you otherwise! Pragya ends up telling Lucky that she loves Teji. Lucky gets upset.